Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 19 – The Price of Disobeying Orders

Sakuya saves a young woman from a sex offender who turns out to be Gangler Sudaru Urukyu. The Gangler vows revenge.

RecapSakuya gets to the GSPO and Jim Carter briefs the Pats on strange occurrences of cars in the city being sliced to pieces. The video footage doesn’t show anyone in the area, but there are reports of a sudden gust before each incident. For now, they believe it might be a natural phenomena.

Just then, Deputy Director Yanagami walks in, calls Hilltop “Hilton” and complains that the Lups are getting all the media attention. Sakuya says, under his breath, that they are not fighting to become celebrities.

Yanagami hears. He approaches Sakuya and zips up his uniform. Sakuya says sorry, but Yanagami thinks he’s talking back. Commander Hilltop tries to diffuse the situation by offering to buy him lunch at Jurer. Yanagami invites the Pats along as well to teach them how to be like him.

Keiichiro and Tsukasa advise Sakuya to keep his cool even if Yanagami is a douche.

Sudaru spots Sakuya walking into the bistro and decides to get back at him right now.

Yanagami says he can’t imagine how someone like Sakuya was able to get himself into the elite fighting division. Kairi and Umika serve them their French soup. Sakuya waves hello to Umika which Yanagami thinks is fooling around.

Sakuya tries to say he wasn’t messing around, but Yanagami scolds him for talking back. It appears Sakuya has had enough. He takes his bowl of French soup and pours it over Yanagami’s head.

Tsukasa says she warned him about stooping to the Deputy Director’s level. Commander Hilltop tells Sakuya to just apologize. But Sakuya says this is a misunderstanding. Keiichiro yells at Sakuya that he has gone too far which prompts Sakuya to punch him in the face. Tsukasa tries to get Sakuya to stop it, but he headbutts her instead.

Sakuya then flips the table onto Commander Hilltop’s face and Yanagami says he’s fired.

Commander Hilltop and Sakuya return from his punishment hearing and Sakuya’s only suspended for two weeks and cannot leave his home. Sakuya maintains his innocence, but Keiichiro yells at him. Tsukasa says maybe Sakuya is overworked and needs this break from the GSPO.

Commander Hilltop asks Sakuya for his VS Changer. He warns Sakuya not to leave his house or he will really be fired.

Keiichiro visits Jurer to apologize for Sakuya’s antics and gives them a gift of Patranger manju.

Keiichiro leaves and Good Striker flies in to say he smells a Gangler. The Lups don’t believe it since they would’ve seen it. Good Striker insists that one was here. Tooma realizes it might be possible, so they decide to visit Sakuya to get more information.

Sakuya is in his apartment, unsure of what to do with himself since he hasn’t had this much free time in a long time. The doorbell rings and he sees that it’s Umika. He makes himself presentable and opens the door only to find all three of the Jurer crew is here.

They give him Keiichiro’s manju box as a present and ask him what happened yesterday. Sakuya says it felt like something grabbed his hand and made him do those strange things.

After leaving, Tooma believes it was a Gangler who can make itself invisible. The Lups wonder how they can find it to grab its Collection Piece.

The little meeting with the Lups has Sakuya thinking the same thing about an invisible Gangler. He turns on the news and sees there are more incidents of strange slicing around the city.

Jim Carter alerts Keiichiro and Tsukasa about it and they decide to drive over and investigate. Yanagami thinks it’s foolish for them to be chasing phantom winds. Just then, Sakuya calls Jim Carter to ask where his partners are. Commander Hilltop takes the call and Sakuya asks for his orders to deploy. He tells them about his Gangler suspicions.

Yanagami thinks Sakuya is just making things up and gives him an ultimatum. He leaves the house, he’s fired. Commander Hilltop tries to reason with Yanagami, but the director says he Hillton will be responsible if Sakuya disobeys his orders.

Sudaru sees the Pats driving toward him and decides to slice them in half. Keiichiro and Tsukasa are able to jump out of the car before it explodes.

Sakuya struggles, but ultimately decides that he can’t just stay here knowing his comrades are in danger. He runs out and is surprisingly met by Commander Hilltop.

Commander Hilltop reminds Sakuya that he’s done for if he disregards his suspension. Sakuya says he doesn’t care. “It’s not my job that I’m fighting to protect!”

Commander Hilltop understands. He takes Sakuya’s VS Changer from his car and hands them back to him. Sakuya salutes his commander and hurries off.

Keiichiro and Tsukasa have no idea what they’re up against. But Sakuya arrives just in time. He was able to notice that Sudaru’s safe box glows before he uses his Collection power. It was Sudaru who controlled Sakuya’s actions yesterday. Keiichiro apologizes, but Sakuya says not to worry. What they must focus on now is to take care of the Gangler. They morph.

The Pats take on Sudaru who decides to go invisible again. The Lups show up and splatter paint on him to enable them to see him even if invisible. They swoop in to retrieve the Collection Piece. Tooma tells Good Striker to team up with the Pats today.

The Pats combine and take care of Sudaru. Goche shows up and embiggens Sudaru and the Pats hop into PatKaiser and then swap out the arms to form PatKaiser Strong Biker. They finish off Sudaru for good.

Back at the GSPO, Sakuya and Commander Hilltop await their sure dismissal by Yanagami. But instead, he is ecstatic that Sakuya’s actions have got them on the front page of the papers and all over the news. He also enjoys the acknowledgement from HQ in France.

Yanagami says he always knew Sakuya was something amazing. He tickles Jim Carter before leaving.

The Pats, Commander Hilltop and Jim Carter have no idea WTF is going on.

Episode Thoughts

I don’t get it either! lol

Just kidding. This was a solid episode. A nice little episode for Sakuya and I think a better focus ep for him than the gender-swapping one. The episode also gave Commander Hilltop some focus too as he supported Sakuya and defied the annoying director’s orders.

Speaking of, Yanagami is definitely one of those one-note authority figure characters. Definitely a jerk and just there to be some sort of comic relief even though he wasn’t any bit funny. Hopefully we don’t see him often and he was only used here to help give Sakuya and Commander Hilltop a reason to step up and show what they’ve got.

Also, tickling Jim Carter was very creepy.

I question though how Commander Hilltop can keep a close eye on Sakuya, but they couldn’t keep a close eye on the suspicious trio at Bistrot Jurer. Hmm…

Overall, a solid, if standard filler episode. Some nice moments. But I really want to see more plot after all those teases with Zamigo.

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