Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 33 – The Final Weapon, Evol

Build 33

Soichi calls Sento with an offer. In exchange for Papa PM, Soichi wants the Evol Driver. He explains that the Driver is a one-of-a-kind object Katsuragi’s father was involved in creating. Before Sento lost his memory, he found it and hid it somewhere. Now, Soichi wants it within 24 hours or Papa PM will die.

ReSento tries searching the database for anything on the Evol Driver, but the only thing that pops up is an error saying “Nobody knows.” Sento inserts the USB containing the data on Ryuga Sawa found. He enters “Nobody knows” as the password and it works, revealing Evol Driver’s blueprint.

Build 33

Meanwhile, Gentoku insists to his father that Seito will reunify the country. But Papa PM does not believe any one person will be able to do that, but the entire peoples. Nariaki doesn’t want to hear any more and tells Gentoku to kill Papa PM once they get the Evol Driver.

Nariaki is sure Gentoku wants to get revenge on the man who banished him from Touto.

Build 33

Back in the lab, Sento reads through the research data and finds the Evol Driver was created to allow Evolto to obtain his ultimate form. And Evolto is Isurugi Soichi.

Sento clicks on a link and it tells the story of how Soichi discovered Pandora’s Box on Mars and was possessed by Evolto.

Elsewhere, Evolto tells Soichi that he will soon leave his body after a long time in which Soichi has influenced Evolto’s way of thinking.

Sento continues reading the information which goes on to explain how Soichi resisted the possession by Evolto, though futile. And how Evolto tried to open Pandora’s Box at the ceremony, hoping to destroy Earth, but instead erecting the Skywall.

Evolto was taken to the hospital, but escaped and came into contact with Papa Katsuragi. The Evol Driver was damaged, so Evolt got Papa Katsuragi to repair it.

The Evol Driver can fully utilize the power of Pandora’s Box and allow the user to rule the universe. Katsuragi Takumi learned of this information and hid the Evol Driver. But where?

Build 33

Across town, Gentoku releases his father from the prison. He explains that Papa PM’s method would not reunite the country, so he created Faust which would create a borderless country of smiles. But his desire warped his thinking and there’s no turning back now.

Gentoku tries leading his father out, but Nariaki stops them in their tracks.

Gentoku says Nariaki is foolish for knowing he’s on the wrong path, but unable to break free of Nanba’s indoctrination. Nariaki says that is nonsense and he pushes the button to shock Gentoku. Papa PM shoves Nariaki into a wall, causing him to drop the controller. That gives Gentoku time to henshin.

Gentoku takes on a Clone Smash and finishes it off with a Crack Up Finish. Before Gentoku can set his sights on Nariaki, Stark arrives and uses his own controller to zap Gentoku out of his henshin.

Stark says he realizes why Gentoku wanted to unify the country. The light of Pandora’s Box warped Gentoku’s thinking. But the effect of that disappears when someone is injected with Nebula Gas to become a Kamen Rider. That means Gentoku is no longer the same person who was overflowing with ambition before.

Now, Gentoku made himself the villain so Papa PM would be able to rule the reunified country himself. Stark kicks Gentoku, saying his fate is out of his hands.

Nariaki takes Papa PM and they leave with EvolStarIchi. Gentoku grabs the controller dropped by Nariaki.

Build 33

Meanwhile, Sento continues looking at the blueprints and realizes it might be in the conversion device. He digs through and finds it hidden in the inner workings of the device.

Sento gets to work to reassemble the Driver. But he also gets a mysterious phone call.

Build 33

Next morning, Misora and Sawa wait by the car while Sento and Ryuga head inside the wharf to make the exchange with Stark. Sento demands the PM be released first, but Stark says he can just kill Papa PM now if he wants.

Papa PM says not to hand over the Driver. Stark knocks him aside.

Sento approaches Stark, but Gentoku comes leaping down from the rafters. He jumps in front of his father.

Stark flips the switch on the controller, but nothing happens to Gentoku. Turns out he asked Sento to find a way to change the chip’s signal, rendering it useless. Gentoku wanted to save his father.

Sento hands Papa PM the Evol Driver and tells him to hurry outside to the getaway car. A group of Hard Guardians appear, but so does Kazumin.

Sento and Ryuga henshin and the battle begins. Ryuga unleashes his anger and frustration on Stark and sends him flying into the wall, most impressed.

Gentoku tells his father to run outside. Stark manages to snake his way outside as well. Gentoku pursues.

Build 33

Papa PM runs over to Misora and Sawa. He hands them the Driver. But before they can get in the car, EvolStarChi plops down in front of them.

“Long time no see, Misora!” he says. He demands she hand over the Driver. Gentoku swats him away and says he will be his opponent now. They battle.

Gentoku uses a Crack Up Finish on Stark and forces him to dehenshin.

Misora tries to run away, but Nariaki grabs her. He takes the Driver and throws her on the ground.

Build 33

“All for Nanba Heavy Industries!!”

Nariaki tosses the Driver to Soichivolto and he uses it to henshin into Evolto’s ultimate form… Kamen Rider Evol.

Build 33

Gentoku tries taking him on, but he is no match. Evolto unleashes on Gentoku and delivers an Evoltec Finish that force Gentoku to dehenshin. Evolto prepares the shot that will kill Gentoku for good, but despite Sawa holding Papa PM back, he runs over and takes the shot himself, protecting his son.

Build 33

Papa PM collapses to the ground in front of Gentoku. He takes his father in his arms.

Papa PM tells Gentoku to atone for his crimes and rebuild the country. “You can do it. I am counting on you… my foolish son.”

Gentoku cries in aguish as his father takes his final breath.

Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode. Definitely lots of exposition.

I’m not a fan of possibly chalking up Soichi’s deeds as all being Evolto or just being possessed by Evolto. It takes a little bit away from the gravity of the situation and makes things too neat which I think Build has avoided very much. Things are not neat for our Build friends and that’s really one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed the season so much so far.

I kinda wish Soichi did some of the stuff of his own volition. But we’ll see.

Nariaki has definitely become an interesting character. I liked Gentoku pointing out Nariaki merely can’t break free from Nanba’s indoctrination. And indeed, the Nanba childrens are almost robotic. Which makes Sawa’s turnaround that much more impressive. (I do still hope we get more of the repercussions of her “enlightenment,” even if to just endanger her for an episode or two before ultimately being saved of course.)

The father/daughter reunion was a great moment. Very fleeting, but it owed to the fast-paced situation. Things were happening a mile a second. But it helped set up the moment where Papa PM jumps in to save his son.

Now, I regret being spoiled of that last week. I haven’t been able to keep up with the show the last few weeks, but I came across that spoiler pic of Papa PM in Gentoku’s arms. So while I knew it was coming, the moment still worked for me. It was poignant after the episode really did a good job of setting up Gentoku’s current frame of mind. And we understand where he’s come from before this point.

It was also interesting that Papa PM didn’t disintegrate into sparkly dust like the other deaths. That made this death that much more real, I guess. At least, it felt more real and impactful.

Overall, a packed episode with lots of information and good action.

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  1. Got back into Build. Really forgot how deep the show was. I can imagine how Saban would adapt Kamen Rider.

    1. Yeah, I think Build has been able to have the depth that has been lacking in recent seasons.

      How do you think Saban would’ve adapted something like Build?

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