Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 6 – What to Protect

Dogranio asks Destra about working with Bundoruto on obtaining Collection pieces. Destra thinks it was Goche who told the big boss. But Dogranio says he isn’t disapproving. He’s just interested in whether or not Destra worked with Zamigo as his informant.

A man wearing a loud hat whistles as he walks downtown.

Destra confirms it was Zamigo who has an extensive operation in the human world. Dogranio says he’d be amused if Zamigo were to throw his hat in the ring to be the successor.

Over at GSPO, Commander Hilltop tells Tsukasa and Sakuya that the Ganglar takes priority over retrieving the Collection pieces. Jim Carter uses facial recognition to look for Bundoruto in the city.

Tsukasa notices Keiichiro isn’t at his desk.

Keiichiro sits in the park, fuming over Kairi one-upping him the other day. Kairi, out and about just to avoid working at the bistro, spots Keiichiro and decides to approach him to try and get info on Bundoruto.

Keiichiro jumps up, vowing to win against the red thief next time. He starts to walk away, but Jim Carter calls to say he’s found Bundoruto.

The Pats are able to surround Bundoruto who decides to morph out of his human disguise. The Pats morph as well and take him on. Keiichiro tells Sakuya and Tsukasa to draw out the battle with Bundoruto to lure the Lups here.

What the hell are you talking about? Tsukasa asks.

But as they are talking, Bundoruto is able to leap away, saying he’d rather fight the Lups instead.

The Pats demorph. Keiichiro is upset they missed their opportunity to face the Lups. Tsukasa walks over and slaps Keiichiro right across the face.

Keiichiro asks what that was for. “Have you come to your senses?”

Meanwhile, Bundoruto shifts back into his human disguise when he runs into Goche. She says Destra is angry for failing his job and running away. He pleads with her to help him. She says her help will cost him.

Keiichiro follows Tsukasa and asks what the slap was for. She asks him to remember the day they were assigned to their current post. They flashback. Keiichiro takes pride in being on the front lines against the Ganglers. But Tsukasa is more interested in the great pay and pension.

Keiichiro asks Tsukasa why she joined the GSPO. “I have my reasons,” she answers. Keiichiro acknowledges that earning a good living is important. But, “Don’t forget the responsibility of accepting the power of the Global Police.”

“Is that all?” Tsukasa says she’s kept all his words in mind ever since. She walks away, leaving Keiichiro to think.

At the bistro, Kairi tells Tooma and Umika about Keiichiro being super pissed at him. Just then, Sakuya enters and happily greets Umika before taking a seat. Kairi points out he’s alone today and Sakuya tells them about Tsukasa slapping Keiichiro. The Lups think it’s a lovers’ quarrel, but Sakuya says it was for work. He stops himself from saying any more.

Downtown, Bundoruto begins rampaging. Jim Carter alerts the Pats. Sakuya pays for his cake, promises to take care of the Gangler and hurries out. Umika hopes they don’t defeat the Gangler before they can take the Collection piece. But Kairi and Tooma think Keiichiro will be reckless enough to allow them time to do it.

The Pats confront Bundoruto who says he wants to face the Lups. But the Pats quickly morph anyway. Bundoruto summons Podamans and they battle. Just then, the Lups arrive to join in.

Tsukasa reminds Sakuya that the Gangler is their priority, but Tooma tries to stop them while Umika takes Bundoruto on herself.

Kairi tries taunting Keiichiro. Tsukasa calls over to Keiichiro and says not to let Kairi provoke him. Keiichiro thinks about everything since that factory battle the other day. Kairi attacks and they battle.

Bundoruto knocks Umika aside and fires at Keiichiro and Kairi. Umika and Tsukasa tell them to look out and dodge the attack. Kairi is able to dodge out of the way, but Keiichiro takes the direct hit. He struggles to hold it before he waves it off above him. That causes damage to the stone walkway above him. Parts of the walkway fall and he catches one heavy piece and tries to keep it from falling.

Turns out, Keiichiro was protecting a mother and daughter cowering behind a stone pillar form the falling debris.

Tsukasa and Sakuya hurry over to help him and usher the people to safety.

Keiichiro says he remembers the rest of his words to Tsukasa. “What we have obtained is power meant to protect the people. We must not abuse it.”

Keiichiro says he shouldn’t be protecting his pride but ensuring the peace and safety of the people. Tsukasa is happy to see Keiichiro really has come to his senses.

Good Striker comes flying in, amused by Keiichiro this episode. He whips around Kairi to take the motorcycle Collection piece from him and hand it to Keiichiro.

Keiichiro locks the motorcycle onto his VS changer and fires a Biker Repulsion Cannon shot at Bundoruto. Kairi and Tooma hurry to take Bundoruto’s Collection piece before he is finished off.

Sakuya and Tsukasa catch Keiichiro as he collapses to the ground, worn out by what he’s just endured.

Tooma asks Kairi if they will take the bike back, but Kairi says not today.

Dogranio asks Goche to help Bundoruto out. She embiggens him.

With Sakuya and Tsukasa taking Keiichiro to safety, it is the Lups who Good Striker helps to combine into LupinKaiser. They finish Bundoruto for good who apologizes to Destra before he blows up.

Zamigo laughs at Destra’s fail even after he gave him information. He bites into a piece of ice.

At the bistro, Kogure allows Kairi to keep the helicopter Collection piece and says there’s no rush in taking the bike Collection piece from the cops.

At the GSPO, Keiichiro bows his head and apologizes to Commander Hilltop. But Hilltop says it’s alright since they got one of the pieces back. He hands Keiichiro a treat. Tsukasa and Sakuya wonder why the thieves didn’t take the bike piece back while Keiichiro was unconscious.

Keiichiro remembers Kairi telling him they are thieves because they have no other choice.

Episode Thoughts

This might be my favorite episode so far. Still not the right balance I keep looking for. I think they really shouldn’t be afraid to have one team take the spotlight in an episode without needing to squeeze in stuff for the other.

But anyway, I really enjoyed what they did with the Keiichiro focus this episode. Keiichiro and Tsukasa’s scene was excellent. I really loved how they used the flashback there and of course later on after Keiichiro saves that mother and daughter. It worked so well to give us insight into both Keiichiro and Tsukasa. But especially Keiichiro’s strong sense of justice and integrity. He isn’t just a reckless, hot-blooded cop. He’s someone who knows the immense responsibility he has as a GSPO officer. A great leader too. Tsukasa obviously looks up to him, in a way, for getting her to refocus in the job as well.

This episode definitely showed the Pats are not fools who will always be one-upped by the Lups. And that’s a step in the right direction.

Zamigo should be an interesting character. I see he is played by Jingi Irie whom I remember from the Kikaider reboot. He was pretty good, but Zamigo seems to be a very different character from Jiro. It seems like there’s a lot of potential for Zamigo to be a great villain or foe and as a human/face character too.

I didn’t realize until that little drawing of the Lups that the colored part of their helmets were their thief masks. lol

My only nitpick with this episode would’ve been having the Pats finish the job at the end with the mecha battle. Keiichiro losing consciousness was just a convenient way to get the Pats out of the way and allow the Lups something to do. And again, I don’t think they really need to find ways to force participation from either team if the focus is on the other.

Overall, a great episode. I think the first one that I truly, fully enjoyed so far. Hope this continues!

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