Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 27 – The Counterattack Hero

Build 27

Fu Washio transforms into Hell Bros, a combination of Engine and Remocon. Sento references a movie half the audience hasn’t watched yet. Seito PM commends Nanba for having this trick up his sleeve.

Ryuga tries to regain his focus and he henshins. The second battle begins.

Meanwhile, Kazumin is stumbling down the hallway, exhausted from his battle. He wonders about Miitan coming to him, but instead gets a call from Sawa who has a favor to ask of him.

Back in the battle gym, Hell Bros explains that the Kaiser system is more than what Ryuga may think it is. And he shows exactly what the system is capable of. Ryuga refuses to lose here. He flashes back to earlier in the week.

Build 27

He and Kazumi had been deep in their one-on-ones to raise each other’s Hazard Levels. During a break at the café, Ryuga asks Kazumi what he is fighting for. Kazumi says he’s fighting for his country and for the families and friends of his dead comrades.

Ryuga compares Kazumi to Sento, saying they both fight for others instead of for themselves. Kazumi asks how Ryuga is different.

Ryuga says he only fights for those he believes in and who believe in him. Kazumi assumes Ryuga means Sento and says that’s gross and creepy. Ryuga says it’s not like that.

Kazumi adds that he understands though because he would never be able to fight for people he doesn’t know. Ryuga says Sento doesn’t enjoy fighting, rather he is fighting because of his guilt in creating the Smash or Rider system. Kazumi says it’s pretty unfair for Sento to take the blame for something he doesn’t even remember doing. He thinks Sento will go off the deep end at any moment. But Ryuga says he will end this war before that ever happens.

Build 27

“He made me into who I am today,” Ryuga says. “I can’t let him suffer anymore.”

Remembering that conversation energizes Ryuga and he is able to gain the upper hand on Hell Bros. Sento and Misora are amused.

Hell Bros says he cannot give up because if he loses, his brother will be executed by the government. Seito has detained him and they usually discard of weaklings like garbage.

Build 27

Ryuga begins to hesitate. Sento and Misora head into the gym, unsure of why Ryuga has stopped fighting back.

Ryuga feels compassion for Hell Bros’ predicament and decides to just absorb the finisher which forces him to dehenshin. Hell Bros Fu Washio is declared the winner of fight 2.

Build 27

Meanwhile in the Seito suite, Sawa walks in and presents Nanba with the USB of data she stole from the lab. Nanba hands the USB to Nariaki who says he will upload the data into the Sclash Driver. Nanba commends Sawa on the good work. Nariaki and Sawa share a look.

Build 27

Fu Washio laughs at Ryuga for falling for his trick. Bro Rai Washio was actually never detained or even in any danger. They are Nanba Heavy Industries’ newest and best weapons. They would never be discarded that easily.

Ryuga can’t believe he fell for it. But it’s okay because he knows Sento will win for him in the last battle.

Build 27

Alone, Nanba again commends Sawa on her good work as he gets ready to enjoy a taiyaki. Sawa pours him some tea and asks about him keeping his promise. He says after they verify the data she stole is correct. Sawa understands. She smiles and starts to walk out the door. But Nanba warns her not to do anything unnecessary. “You cannot escape me.”

Build 27

Gentoku is waiting in the locker room when Nariaki comes in with the Sclash Driver now with the new data installed. Nariaki says this is Gentoku’s perfect chance to get revenge on Touto. But Gentoku says he is only interested in the greater cause and will defeat anyone who gets in the way.

Build 27

Nariaki lets out a smile as Gentoku leaves to the gymnasium.

Ryuga apologizes for hesitating and being compassionate, but Misora is not surprised as that’s Ryuga’s nature. Sento is happy that Ryuga, a supporting character, was able to set up his big moment in the spotlight so perfectly. It’s time for him to clinch the victory.

Sento walks out into the gym vowing to win for all of them.

Build 27

Misora wonders if they’re forgetting something. Kazumin thinks Misora is lonely without him next to her. But he’s got something to do. He slaps his Driver on and storms into a building.

Anyway, it’s time for the final battle between Sento and Gentoku. Gentoku says Seito will win so they can reunite Japan. Sento says he cannot allow that to happen. Gentoku points out Katsuragi always wanted to see people fighting it out for the top spot. Sento says the Rider system is not a weapon. They both henshin and the battle begins.

While facing off, Gentoku tries to remind Sento of Katsuragi’s ideals while developing the Rider System. Katsuragi believed science has helped humanity evolve and will be what helps it continue to evolve in the future. That’s why he is committed to furthering science, even if it means selling his soul to the devil.

Build 27

Gentoku says it is Katsuragi’s fault as he knew science brings about war, yet still proceeded with the Rider System. Sento says no scientists want war, science is used for peace and happiness.

Gentoku brings up Hazard Trigger, but Sento says he should have never created it. They why did he?! Gentoku asks as he shoots Sento into the electrified goal line.

Build 27 Build 27

Gentoku asserts that Katsuragi knew it would all lead to war from the beginning. Sento does not believe that. He knows the pain and cost of war. So if the Katsuragi he was before he lost his memory was a warmonger, then he as Kiryu Sento now will be the one that puts an end to it. Right now.

Sento tries to deliver a finisher at Gentoku, but it doesn’t work. He sends Sento flying and says Sento doesn’t come close to Katsuragi.

Sento sees Ryuga’s face and remembers Ryuga’s words to him before. That Sento is not Katsuragi or Sato Taro. He is Kiryu Sento who fights to protect others.

Sento says Ryuga has made him who he is today. Along with everyone else’s feelings, he was able to turn the Rider System into something used for justice.

Sento says he will surpass Katsuragi Takumi in his own way. He inserts the Hazard Trigger. But he pulls out his new creation which allows him to double up and Build Up to Rabbit Rabbit.

Build 27

Everyone is shocked by the new power up. Sento is able to gain the upper hand over Gentoku who notices that this is the same amount of power as when Sento loses himself. But now, Sento is able to control himself and control the Overflow power fully.

Nothing Gentoku can do is able to counter Sento’s new strength. Sento summons the Full Bottle Buster and delivers first a Full Bottle Break then a Rabbit Panda Just Match Break. He then goes with a Rabbit Panda Taka Miracle Match Break that sends Gentoku flying before finishing off with a Hazard Rabbit Rabbit Finish kick. Gentoku smashes through the wall and out of the arena to the ground below.

Build 27

The referee says the match is over only if the opponent surrenders, dehenshins or is incapacitated. The match will continue outside.

Seito PM is freaking out, but Nanba says not to worry. Nariaki has input the data from Rabbit Rabbit into the Sclash Driver and it is ready for Gentoku to use.

Nanba declares the real main event is about to begin.

Build 27

Episode Thoughts

Again! The bromance saves the day!

I very much enjoyed this one. I’ve repeatedly said how I love how Sento and Ryuga’s relationship has evolved and grown since episode 1. Bromance, romance, brotherhood, friends… whatever you want to call it. But the bond that Sento and Ryuga have formed really has been the strongest part of this season. They’re both flawed people, yet they have been able to raise each other up in ways they probably never expected. And they’ve slowly come to acknowledge how much the other has meant to them and who they have become today. They’re certainly different people now than they were before they met.

And it’s that mutual respect and friendship and love (whatever kind of love you want to see in them) that has allowed them to come this far in the battle. And it’s only going to get harder moving forward, I would imagine. Of course, Misora (and for a time, Sawa – hmph) are important to their relationship and to the whole team as well.

But the way the show has continually gone back to Sento and Ryuga’s influence on each other’s growth really has been great.

Now before we get to anything else. I definitely have to point out that very awkward moment during the Ryuga-Kazumi flashback. After Ryuga talks about wanting to fight for Sento, Kazumi makes a comment about Ryuga’s feelings for Sento being creepy or gross (depending on translation). Ryuga responds with a “It’s not like that” and in a calm, nonchalant way. Not overly defensive or anything. So, we know the implication. It could easily just be a joke on Kazumi’s part, but the implication of it, regardless of interpretation is definitely awkward, at the very least. Hurtful and offensive, at most. And that’s definitely on the writers.

As fans, we can always joke about shipping and pairing people up. But it’s certainly something else when, even in a passive joke, the idea of Ryuga merely caring for Sento is somehow wrong or different or not normal. It’s sad. We can only hope that changes very soon.

I’ll also point out thought that even before the season started, but especially after the first episode, people were saying we had the first gay Rider. And only because of the way Ryuga rode on the back of Sento’s motorbike. I had no idea where people were getting any of that.

Anyway, moving on…

Could Sawa have her own agenda? Nariaki? It’s something I hadn’t considered before this episode. But it’s definitely a possibility. And certainly not unexpected. We don’t know how the Nanba Kids were chosen or anything. So it’s logical to think some of them would want out. Yet Nanba, of course, is not going to let them do that. More North Korea references!

But if Sawa and Nariaki have something on the side there, I would love to see that become a whole story as well. I like both characters so it would be awesome to have them with something big to do moving forward.

I liked the creative directing during Sento and Gentoku’s battle. It worked very well as a face off and to heighten the drama. The Rabbit Rabbit uphenshin looked very cool as well.

Ryuga falling for the Bros’ lie was very much in his character, especially relating to his development and growth thanks to Sento.

It was very interesting to see them pointing out the differences between Katsuragi and Sento. It’s obviously a very clear distinction. And it maybe even opens up some possibilities in the future as to identities and all that.

Overall, this was a great episode. Action was awesome, but the character moments are what I loved. And I think that’s been the case all season so far for me. We have some great, strong characters this season.

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