Good Ol’ Review: KBS Drama Special If We Were a Season a Realistically Ethereal Love Story

Very minor spoilers.

The KBS Drama Special If We Were a Season (우리가 계절이라면) is a wonderfully realistic fairy tale of a love story.

The excellent chemistry of Chae Soo Bin as Hae Rim and Jang Dong Yoon as Ki Suk really add so much to bring the story of two friends since birth to life. They grow up as friends and neighbors with windows opposite each other, connected by a string phone. But as they prepare to step into adulthood and maybe come to admit their true feelings for each other, a handsome new guy (Jung Jinyoung as Dong Kyung) threatens to come in between them.

If We Were a Season is a very relatable story. Not relatable so much that I have personally experienced such a friendship/romantic relationship like Hae Rim and Dong Yoon’s. But relatable in that it is a very affecting romantic story, accessible without being cheesy or corny. It is a full and well-developed story that is simple, yet very meaningful.

One of the best aspects of the story is that the characters all felt very real. They weren’t stylized or stereotypical depictions of today’s youth. They were realistic, from their emotions to their personalities and everyday actions.

The episode has an almost ethereal aura to it. I honestly felt like I was watching a live-action Makoto Shinkai film. The final scene especially was just pitch perfect.

The fairy tale-like atmosphere gives it a sense of being some kind of epic love story. And that works in an interesting way as it, again, presents a realistic and really a slice of life story with a touch of romantic grandeur. A feeling, certainly, that the two main characters would feel in real life. (If only we could all be so lucky to experience such a relationship! lol)

Powered by excellent performances by Jin Young and especially our two rising leads Chae Soo Bin and Jang Dong Yoon, If We Were a Season is really a wonderfully romantic and emotional episode.

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