Good Ol’ Review: Surprising Twists in KBS Drama Special “You Are Closer Than I Think”

Very minor spoilers.

The KBS Drama Special You Are Closer Than I Think (당신은 생각보다 가까이에 있다) is the biggest surprise of the four episodes I watched from this season so far.

Starting off telling the story of Ujin (Lee Sang Yeob) being left at the altar by his bride-to-be Seoyeon (Kim So Eun), it moves into an almost supernatural-kind of vibe. In trying to find the reason why Seoyeon would become a runaway bride, we are immediately presented with a logical supernatural explanation. (Interestingly enough.) And KBS Drama Specials have certainly presented a few fantastical stories in the past.

But what was most interesting and enjoyable was the twist that this isn’t supernatural or fantastical at all. And that instead there is a very real explanation for what happened and what is going on. We then are plunged into a relatively intricate chess game of emotions that includes some fascinating emotional and moral dilemmas.

You Are Closer Than I Think is really a romantic thriller. The story developed and unfolded in a perfectly paced way where every new development and twist made sense and was impactful in shifting the story forward.

Our four lead actors in Lee Sang Yeob, Kim So Eun, Im Hwa Young and Kwak Hee Sung all turn in some great performances that really helped solidify the basis for such an intricate story.

Now, it was a happy ending for all. But if you were fully invested in the story and the characters leading up to the climactic reveal, then the ending is more than justified.

You Are Closer Than I Think is representative of how KBS Drama Specials can present unique, fresh and engaging takes on some common and sometimes overused Korean drama plots. It is a story that is definitely more than you think when you first approach it. And it leaves you very satisfied once it’s over.

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