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Good Ol’ Review: Another Thought-Provoking and Genre-Bending KBS Drama Special: “Dreamers”

Another KBS Drama Special, another excellent and thought-provoking hour of television. The 2018 episode Dreamers (도피자들) is another in the long line of stunningly genre-bending entries in the anthology series. Dreamers presents an imaginative treatment of real world struggles, which in turn results in an introspective and eye-opening look at love, loss and healing.

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Good Ol’ Review: Charming, Thought-Provoking “Expiration Date of You and Me”
Good Ol’ Review: KBS Drama Special “To My Assailant” Offers a Unique Perspective on Familiar Themes

The KBS Drama Special has been home to some of Korean television’s most envelope-pushing and experimental storytelling. And being on a national public broadcast network as opposed to a cable network, that’s a pretty big feat to accomplish. The 2020 slate of the KBS Drama Special again features some unique stories. And To My Assailant (나의 가해자에게) is one of them. Though tackling a familiar theme, the episode brings to light a different side of an all too familiar issue in a way that is enlightening and engaging.

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Love of a Buzz Cut" title="Good Ol’ Review: Beautiful and Poignant Love of a Buzz Cut" decoding="async" loading="lazy" data-lazy-src="https://dryedmangoez.com/images/dryedmangoez/buzzcutlove.jpg?is-pending-load=1" srcset="" />
The Reason We Can’t Sleep" title="Good Ol’ Review: Engaging Slice of Life in The Reason We Can’t Sleep" decoding="async" loading="lazy" data-lazy-src="https://dryedmangoez.com/images/dryedmangoez/cantsleep.jpg?is-pending-load=1" srcset="" />
Madam Jeong’s One Last Week" title="Good Ol’ Review: Ra Mi Ran Shines in KBS Drama Special Madam Jeong’s One Last Week" decoding="async" loading="lazy" data-lazy-src="https://dryedmangoez.com/images/dryedmangoez/madamjeong.jpg?is-pending-load=1" srcset="" />
Dancing the Waltz Alone" title="Good Ol’ Review: Beautiful, Heartbreaking KBS Drama Special Dancing the Waltz Alone" decoding="async" loading="lazy" data-lazy-src="https://dryedmangoez.com/images/dryedmangoez/thewaltz.jpg?is-pending-load=1" srcset="" />
Slow is Strikingly Impactful and Important" title="Good Ol’ Review: KBS Drama Special Slow is Strikingly Impactful and Important" decoding="async" loading="lazy" data-lazy-src="https://dryedmangoez.com/images/dryedmangoez/slow.jpg?is-pending-load=1" srcset="" />
If We Were a Season a Realistically Ethereal Love Story" title="Good Ol’ Review: KBS Drama Special If We Were a Season a Realistically Ethereal Love Story" decoding="async" loading="lazy" data-lazy-src="https://dryedmangoez.com/images/dryedmangoez/ifwewereaseason.jpg?is-pending-load=1" srcset="" />
You Are Closer Than I Think" title="Good Ol’ Review: Surprising Twists in KBS Drama Special You Are Closer Than I Think" decoding="async" loading="lazy" data-lazy-src="https://dryedmangoez.com/images/dryedmangoez/closerthanithink.jpg?is-pending-load=1" srcset="" />
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