Good Ol’ Review: Amazing Chemistry in KBS Drama Special Let Us Meet, Joo Oh

Very minor spoilers.

Let Us Meet, Joo Oh is the first KBS Drama Special I watched this season. And it was definitely a great one to start off with.

Let Us Meet (만나게 해, 주오) is a little more lighthearted than the ones I would watch immediately after. But it wasn’t any less enjoyable or exciting.

Son Ho Joon plays matchmaker Cha Joo Oh in 1930s Gyeongseong, the capital of Japanese-occupied Korea. He meets countrygirl Lee Soo Ji (Jo Bo Ah) who comes to the big city hoping to find the man of her dreams. She meets Joo Oh and gets him to take her on as a client and help her find someone who will be good husband-material.

Son Ho Joon and Jo Bo Ah’s amazing chemistry tells us early on that maybe they are each other’s best match. So that is not a surprise. But their chemistry just carries the episode, getting the us to root for them immediately and gladly hopping along for the hour-long journey to both characters’ realization of that.

With the backdrop of the Japanese occupation, the story is lighthearted yet engaging. With a little bit of comedy thrown in, Let Us Meet is a sweet romantic journey as well as a little glimpse into this era of Korean history that has certainly been depicted many times in various forms and genres before.

There is a sort of whimsical nature to the direction of the episode that helps keep things light. And again, the performances and chemistry of our two leads really carries the episode. But Let Us Meet is a sincerely enjoyable and fun story and a refreshing alternative to the usual longer-length Korean dramas other might be more used to.

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