Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 13 – Who Takes Off the Veil?

Build 13

Sento doesn’t tell Ryuga, Misora or Sawa (or us) about what Nabeshima has just revealed to him. He asks to be alone and heads downstairs to the lab, locking the fridge door behind him as Soichi arrives home from his part-time job.

“This sucks,” Sento says to himself.

Build 13

Elsewhere this evening, Gentoku is with Nanba and compliments him on his idea of having Nariaki take the fall for creating Faust. But Pandora’s Box is still missing, so Gentoku asks Nanba if the government can implement the Rider System as soon as possible.

Nanba says he’s back to square one on entrusting the Rider System to Gentoku as there is too much risk. Instead, Nanba has found a new partner to work with.

Build 13

Back at the café, the others manage to lure Sento out from the lab with the smell of his favorite grilled fish. He finally tells them that Nabeshima confessed about following the orders of Blood Stark to frame Ryuga.

The others assume Stark is Katsuragi so him framing someone else for his own murder is very strange.

Build 13

Blood Stark meets with Gentoku in the forest. Gentoku demands to know where Pandora’s Box is, but Blood Stark won’t say anything. Gentoku goes Night Rogue and they battle. But Blood Stark is too powerful and he forces Gentoku to dehenshin.

Before leaving, Blood Stark admits that he is Nanba’s new partner. Which means Pandora’s Box can only be in one place. Blood Stark suggests Gentoku uses someone not in government to swipe Pandora’s Box to avoid war.

Build 13

Sento is alone in the café as Soichi arrives from his part-time job. He says he’ll be gone tomorrow too. Sento jokes that it’s hard to tell which is Soichi’s full time job considering how he divides his time.

Sento says it should be easier to close the café down. But Soichi says this is their special place. He initiates a flashback to when he first found Sento in the alley, took him in and asked him to become a Kamen Rider to help defeat the Smash.

Build 13

Sento remembers his first henshin and first fight. And also the first time he returned to the café after that first henshin and fight. He was welcomed by Soichi to his new home.

Soichi says he likes welcoming him back home after a battle, like they’re family.

Next morning, Sento meets with Gentoku who tells him about Pandora’s Box being in the hands of Nanba Industries and asks for his help.

Sawa tells Sento about a highly guarded storage area of the Nanba compound and says she knows the shortest route and all the passwords. Misora says this sounds like a trap for Build, but Sento says that’s exactly what they need. Whatever the reason for telling them this information, this is their opportunity to meet Blood Stark.

Ryuga is eager to go.

Sento asks Misora to purify the FullBottle of elements he collected from Sawa. This will be the 20th and final purified FullBottle. Misora doesn’t want to and says going up against Nanba and Blood Stark will not be easy.

Sento says there is something he wants to check.

Build 13

Next day, Sento and Ryuga henshin and charge right into Nanba Heavy Industries. They fight their way through and reach the secured storage room. Sento tries the password, but it doesn’t work. While he and Ryuga argue, the door suddenly unlocks and opens.

They walk in and see Pandora’s Box… and Blood Stark. They battle.

Blood Stark is able to counter every attack either Sento and Ryuga fire at him. Sento even Builds Up to Hawk Gatling and NinNin Comic, but nothing seems to catch Blood Stark off guard.

Build 13

Sento decides to try two new FullBottles: Octopus and Light, a Best Match. Sento Builds Up to Octopus Light, seemingly taking Blood Stark by surprise.

All of Sento’s new attacks also take Blood Stark by surprise. Sento and Ryuga are able to team up and deliver a decisive blow to knock Blood Stark down.

Sento dehenshins and says he knew Blood Stark wouldn’t know what to do with the new Octopus FullBottle. Blood Stark says it’s fine because his goal of having all 20 FullBottle purified is complete. He disappears.

Build 13

On the way home, Ryuga wonders why Sento isn’t happy they have Pandora’s Box. Sento mentions that Soichi isn’t around, but Ryuga says of course he’s at his part time job.

Build 13

Back at the café, an emotional Misora welcomes Sento home.

Later that evening, Soichi arrives to see they have Pandora’s Box as well as Sento, Ryuga and Misora enjoying a delicious feast on the café’s dime. Soichi joins them for dinner.

Build 13

Later that night, while Misora and Ryuga are asleep in the lab, a mysterious person collects all the FullBottles and a complete Pandora’s Box.

This person is… Soichi! Before he leaves the café, Sento asks where he’s going this late.

Soichi says his part-time job excuse probably won’t work now.

Sento flashes back to Nabeshima revealing that the mastermind behind framing Ryuga was Blood Stark whose real identity is the astronaut Isurugi Soichi.

Build 13

Sento points out that Blood Stark had been able to read all his attacks, like he knew of Sento’s plans. But not with Octopus Light. Soichi realizes Sento asked Misora to purify the FullBottle without him knowing.

So what is the truth? Sento demands Soichi tell him who he really is.

Soichi turns to Sento, but then runs out the café. Sento chases after him.

Build 13

Episode Thoughts

Well well! So that certainly was not a surprise. Soichi was definitely the leading candidate to be Blood Stark. Of course, it might only be 99.9% at this point. But barring a last minute twist, it would appear this was Soichi plan all along. Why he had this plan is our next mystery I suppose.

Whatever it is, I thought this was a great reveal. The show has been dropping hints from the beginning, but they still left little openings for the possibility that it wasn’t Soichi. The show went hard with some of the more obvious and direct clues. But it still worked. This episode worked well.

Another question I have though is how much does Misora know? I’m not sure how to read her emotions this episode. Was her uncertainty from Sento telling her that her father might be Blood Stark? She wasn’t too willing to purify that FullBottle at first and then when they returned home, her being emotional almost felt like “I sold out my father, but it was the right thing to do.” We’ll see how that plays out next episode. Who knows, he might not even be her real father! lol

The flashback to Sento’s first henshin and all that also added a lot to the plot as well as a little bit into Sento, Soichi and Misora’s characters, pre-show of course.

Elsewhere, have they mentioned anything about 20 FullBottles before? I didn’t know they had a cap on FullBottles. At least, until they get more in the future for more Build Ups of course.

Nice to see Sawa very much involved. I do hope her role grows as the season progresses.

The Octopus design is very interesting. Certainly something you see on a MOTW or something, but it looks very different (in a positive way) on a Rider.

Overall, I thought this was a great and exciting episode. The way the big reveal played out definitely did not disappoint.

Now about the Movie War, I definitely would be more excited if Haruto and Shinnosuke were included here. I’d prefer them here instead of the Pac-Man movie, tbh. Since this is like a big Heisei celebration, it would’ve been nice to have them complete, at least since they’re starting with OOO.

But especially for me, since I started watching Kamen Rider with OOO (binge) and Fourze (live). So having all the Riders I “grew up” with in one big movie would’ve been amazing for me.

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  1. So…… Would you recommend Build?

    I’ve skimmed through the first six episodes and have been on the outside looking in up till episode 13 because it hasn’t interested me.

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