Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel Christmas Special – “I’m like a Mega Ranger!”

Recap: Power Rangers Ninja Steel Christmas Special – Past, Presents, and Future


With Galvanax dead, the Rangers are ready to celebrate a very Merry Christmas. At school, Sarah has gifts for everyone and they’re exactly what each of them wanted as she’s been keeping notes in her diary.

Sarah is excited to see what they got her for Christmas, but none of them don’t seem to have anything. Sarah says it’s okay.

But suddenly, Cleocatra appears ready to avenge the death of her favorite cousin Cat O’Clock. She recaps how the Rangers killed him. The Rangers forget they no longer have any powers. That allows Cleocatra to freeze them. But Sarah manages to leap out of the way.


Sarah knocks Cleocatra over and she grabs the time control device. Sarah runs through the shop and outside where she literally stumbles upon Santa and his sleigh.

Santa says he’s here to check out Victor and Monty for the naughty list. Cleocatra comes running out and Sarah pushes the buttons on the device, opening a time portal.

Santa and Sarah are speeding through the time tunnel and she realizes she can go back in time to grab all their Power Stars. She looks through her diary and decides to try the day she cloned herself.


Sarah pushes a button and zaps herself into the command shop where pastSarah is working alone. currentSarah proves who she is and pastSarah gladly hands her the Power Star.

currentSarah zaps back to Santa’s sleigh. Next up, she hopes to get Levi’s Power Star on the day they first met him. She is able to chance on the moment Brody left Levi alone. Levi willingly gives her his Power Star even though he hasn’t met her yet.

Next up is Calvin and Hayley at the Ribbon Tree who don’t even hesitate to toss her their Power Stars.


Sarah then goes to the election food fight for Preston’s Star. Santa asks for a snack, but Sarah says this is serious stuff. She zaps back and grabs Preston’s Star from his bag while he dodges flying cupcakes.

Last up is Brody’s. She decides to go to the finale when they were captured by Galvanax. She kisses Santa before zapping to Brody and Mick at the cliffs.

Brody doesn’t want to give her his, the last Power Star. She is able to convince him that they’re in the same boat. Before she leaves, Brody asks how they will defeat Galvanax. Sarah says she can’t tell him as it would change the future. But she assures him that he will know what to do.

Sarah returns to Santa’s sleigh and they head back to the present day.

She arrives right at the moment Cleocatra freezes everyone.


currentSarah allows now-pastSarah to leave to Santa’s sleigh before heading to unfreeze the others. She hands them their Power Stars and they morph.

Cleocatra comes back, but runs off once she sees the Rangers are there. They chase after her.

Brody goes Lion Fire and then presses a button on the device that embiggens him. Cleocatra embiggens herself too.

“I’m like a Mega Ranger!”

Brody and Cleocatra battle. RoboRed arrives to join in the fun. They defeat Cleocatra.

Later, Sarah is able to return the Power Stars where they belong in time. She then pops the time device in a pot and she proclaims the time stream restored.


Sarah apologizes for being upset that the others didn’t even get her a present because them being alive is the best present of all. Christmas isn’t about presents anyway, it’s about being with the people you love.

They group hug.

But the others have a surprise for her. They bring her outside to Santa’s sleigh. That is her present and that’s why Santa was here in the first place. Since Sarah loves a fast ride, they got her a ride with Santa’s sleigh.


Episode Thoughts

This was a nice Christmas episode. Overall, a fun plot even if there are certainly plenty of questions if you want to take everything seriously.

But you don’t have to. It’s a Christmas special and they got the message pretty clear. It’s better than Robo Knight boring African kids to sleep at least.

The best part though was getting currentSarah into those past scenes. Certainly some extra effort to tie that all in together. And the short flashbacks didn’t feel too forced or annoying. currentSarah in the past was fun.

The “zord” battle was actually the least exciting part of the episode, tbh. I don’t even seem to remember that from Ninninger. Must have been an unmemorable episode for me. lol

Of course, the biggest question about the episode, if taken seriously, is how easy it was for Sarah to convince the others to give her (or in Preston’s case, just take) the Power Stars. I mean, she could have just as easily been a Galvanax monster or trick. But it’s okay.

Again, this was a simple and fun Christmas special. (I refuse to regard this as a Season Finale lol Come on now.)

The second half of Ninja Steel seems to be coming very soon. So it won’t be too long a wait!

Oh, and I see you Peter Adrian!

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