Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 34 – The Mysterious Masked Warrior Appears

Kyuranger 34

Kukuruga and Akyanba have Champ in the lab where they underwent modification surgery. Akyanba flips a switch and Champ’s eyes light up.

Up on the ship, Naga asks Balance to get into his head to find the exact coordinates of Don Armage’s location. Balance uses a modified Kenbikyo Kyutama to shrink himself and hop into sleeping Naga.

The other Kyurangers decide to just hang out until Balance returns, but Kukuruga attacks the ship. Everyone except Commander Ronpo and Raptor head down to face Kukuruga, but are shocked when a large Kyutama arrives and reveals… Champ?!

This Champ attacks and Spada and Hammie get the brunt of it.

Kyuranger 34

Lucky, Tsurugi, Garu and Stinger try to get Champ to stop, but Champ shoves them aside. Before Champ can attack the rest of them, he is shot at… by Champ?!

A masked Champ appears and says his name is Yagyu Jubei. “My. Name. Is. Not. Champ.”

Garu can’t believe the masked Champ isn’t the real one. The others conclude that it is the real Champ, however, despite him denying it.

MaskedChamp says the other Champ isn’t the real one either and they shoot at each other. MaskedChamp sends a fireball at the unmaskedChamp and he reveals his true form.

Kukuruga explains that the whiteChamp is actually Unit 0, the prototype killing machine developed by Jark Matter.

Unit 0 attacks. Lucky tells Kotaro to take Hammie and Spada back up to The Orion II. Lucky, Tsurugi, Garu and Stinger morph, but Yagyu says to stay back as Unit 0 is his enemy.

Kukuruga wants to face off against Lucky and Tsurugi so Stinger and Garu follow the Champs. Lucky and Tsurugi learn Kukuruga can absorb and return any attack. Tsurugi says they should just retreat now.

Kyuranger 34

Unit 0 shoots at Yagyu and he suddenly goes berserk. He powerfully sends Unit 0 flying into a parking garage as Stinger and Garu arrive.

Garu and Stinger try to get Yagyu to calm down. When he is able get a hold of himself, he doesn’t remember anything he just did and realizes he’s gone berserk again.

Yagyu insists he is not Champ, but knew of a fellow robo wrestler named Champ. Garu thinks it’s cool Yagyu knew his Champ-dono.

Kyuranger 34

Yagyu repeats that they should stay out of his fight with Unit 0 and leaves.

The others call them to ask for an update, especially on Champ. Garu says they were all mistaken and that Yagyu isn’t Champ. Everyone else though is pretty convinced that it is.

Kyuranger 34

Kotaro calls Garu an idiot.

Stinger says Yagyu and Champ are “different people” and asks them to let him take care of the situation.

The Kyurangers on The Orion II wonder what could be up with Champ. Tsurugi recalls Kukuruga talking about “Unit 0” and assumes it is Champ’s prototype. Meaning, Jark Matter had originally developed Champ as a weapon of mass destruction.

Stinger and Garu follow Yagyu and ask him to tell them about his friend Champ.

Kyuranger 34

Yagyu tells the story. After Champ put Commander Ronpo to sleep, he set off to find Doctor Anton. Turns out Doctor Anton had undergone many cyborg surgeries to prolong his life. But Champ was unable to meet him. Instead, he was able to learn about the doctor through his journey.

Doctor Anton was a Jark Matter scientist. Stinger remembers his aniki told him that fact.

The more Champ researched, the more he realized that he wasn’t initially created to become a robot of justice. The berserk mode is proof of that.

Garu points out that it was Yagyu who went berserk. Yagyu deflects, to the satisfaction of Garu.

But Stinger remembers when Scorpio first killed Champ. The damage from it must have had an irreparable effect.

Stinger asks Yagyu why Champ has not come back yet. Yagyu says Champ could not face the others considering his true origins. Champ feels he has no right to fight with the Kyurangers.

Garu thinks that’s absurd and vows to punch Champ as soon as he gets back. He tells Yagyu to give a message to Champ, that they believe in his justice and he should rely on them.

Just then, Unit 0 and Kukuruga arrive and attack. Stinger and Garu morph. Yagyu tells them to stay behind, but they refuse. Both of them block a shot at Yagyu and are forced to demorph.

Yagyu tells them to leave, but Stinger reminds him of Champ’s words. “Who’s the one who said to not bear everything alone?!”

Kyuranger 34 Kyuranger 34

“The Champ I know is a man more passionate about justice than anyone else.”

Stinger asserts that it doesn’t matter who made Champ. If Champ goes berserk, then Stinger will risk his life to stop him.

Kyuranger 34

“So believe in me.”

Garu asks Yagyu to make sure Champ gets the message.

Just then, Lucky, Tsurugi and Kotaro arrive, shooting at Kukuruga and Unit 0.

Yagyu decides it is time to reveal his true identity. He pulls of his mask and demorphs to reveal… he’s Champ.

Kyuranger 34

None of the Kyurangers are surprised, except Garu who is absolutely shocked and then upset that he was the only one who didn’t know.

They turn their attention back to Kukuruga and Unit 0 as they morph.

Kukuruga summons two Moraimarz robos. Commander Ronpo, Hammie and Spada hop into RyuTei-Oh to take them on.

Champ, Stinger and Garu take on Unit 0, but Champ starts to go berserk again. Garu kicks him in the chest to get him to snap out of it. Garu says Stinger isn’t the only one who can stop him from going berserk. Champ thanks him and they return to fighting Unit 0.

Lucky, Tsurugi and Kotaro try to take on Kukuruga, but his deflection power is too much for them. Lucky decides to go Orion and the three of them give it all they’ve got.

Kotaro and Tsurugi can’t give any more power, but Lucky apparently has infinite power with Leo and Orion. He unloads on Kukuruga which allows an opening for Tsurugi and Kotaro. They destroy Kukuruga’s deflection ability and can now take him on fair and square.

The others toss Unit 0 at Kukuruga and the Kyurangers reunite to take on Kukuruga and Unit 0 together. Champ gives a double punch to Kukuruga and Unit 0, knocking them to the ground. They all then team up to deliver an Infinish Blash and All-Star Crash at Kukuruga and Unit 0 while Commander Ronpo, Spada and Hammie finish off the Moraimarzes.

Kyuranger 34

Kukuruga embiggens himself and Unit 0. The Kyurangers all hop into their Voyagers and Lucky activates Orion Battler.

With the full power of all their mecha, the Kyurangers finish off Unit 0 and more importantly, Kukuruga with a big Ultimate Galaxy Big Bang Cannon finisher.

Kyuranger 34

Back on The Orion II, Naga wakes up and sneezes Balance out of his body. Balance has the exact location of Jark Matter’s home base on the planet Southern Cross.

While the others are excited to finally get a chance at Don Armage, Stinger stops Champ from telling them about his berserk mode. Stinger says it would unnecessarily worry others, so they should just keep this a secret between them and Garu until Champ is fixed. Champ agrees to the plan.

Kyuranger 34

Episode Thoughts

So I definitely enjoyed this episode more than last week’s sort of messy episode. It was definitely nice to see Champ get his backstory episode. I don’t think it was surprising in any way. But I do like the way that they presented it.

I’m still kinda meh about how they pretty much forgot about Champ last week. But it was very important that they made Stinger a very important part of this episode. And it was also very interesting that they included Garu as well.

First of all, I enjoyed or at least was amused by the way they introduced Champ at the beginning of the episode and none of the Kyurangers except for Garu actually thinking it was anyone other than Camp himself. But I do kind of question making Garu the most dense he’s ever been this season. I don’t really remember him being this way. Maybe except the episode where he met Doggie Cruger. But still I like the payoff at the end where only he, Stinger, and Garu would keep that secret.

The three of them keeping that secret is just another example of how Kyuranger has been really good on playing around with the different relationships within the 12-person team. Each Kyuranger has distinct relationships with one another.

I do question Kotaro calling Garo an idiot. That was really awkward and strange. And pretty mean-spirited. Probably the most mean-spirited thing I’ve seen all season long. And from Kotaro of all people.

Anyway back to Champs backstory, it’s a very interesting concept to have him actually have been developed initially as a Jark Matter weapon. I think maybe that story deserved more than just this one episode. But I guess the story is technically not over. So we will see.

About Stinger and Champ, I really hope the Stinger movie really does show some adventures between the two of them when they went off together for a few episodes. I think the series itself has established their relationship pretty well to have made this episode work. But I really think that they will miss an opportunity if they didn’t show them going on adventures and really establishing that pardnership. It should really be a lot of fun and a lot of possibilities for material.

Elsewhere I think the new launch pad for the voyagers on The Orion II was very cool. And I’m still amused by The Orion standing up and everything inside basically falling over as we saw with Raptor grabbing hold of sleeping Naga to keep him from falling over.

I’m a little disappointed though in the way Kukuruga was basically offed in the most unceremonious way possible. On one hand I’m happy that Akyanba is the last Vice Shogun standing. But I would have really liked to see Kukuruga and his ruthlessness more.

I also like the episode starting off with the theme song without any narration or recap. It gets you going immediately; the theme song is that good.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode. I think it was executed well enough. While I do think it would have been nice to go a little deeper into Champs story. We might see a little more soon.

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