Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 7 – The Devil’s Scientist

Build 07

Ryuga has been hounding Sento about the possibility that it was he who killed Katsuragi Takumi. Sento says they can’t be sure until they find proof.

Misora finishes a Panda FullBottle.

Build 07

Sento heads to the Institute to talk to Gentoku to find out more information about Katsuragi. Apparently Katsuragi had suggested trying Nebula Gas on humans to see how they would evolve. But human experimentation would never be allowed by the government. Despite that, Katsuragi began human experiments on his own, but was stopped by the Touto government before he could do any damage. He was then fired that same day.

Later, Sento looks through Katsuragi’s research and doesn’t see any information regarding human experimentation. He then figures out that Katsuragi used an anagram in his last journal entry to say “I give everything to mother.”

Sento thinks Katsuragi must have hid the research data with his mother who lives in Hokuto now.

Build 07

Sawa says they can’t use the smuggling ship, but one possibility is the Skyroad. There are rifts along the Skywall, but there is one the governments do not know about and that is the Skyroad.

But they’ll have to fork over a lot of money to pay the proprietor of the Skyroad. None of them have any money to lend Sento so Misora turns to Miitan’s fans to cough up what they need.

Sento and Ryuga who is dressed as a clown head to the Skyroad. The man in charge of the secret tunnel rift allows them to go through.

Meanwhile, Katsuragi meets with Blood Stark who tells him about Sento trying to sneak into Hokuto. Blood Stark reminds Katsuragi about his hope to turn the Kamen Rider into a government weapon. But they won’t be able to if he is captured by Hokuto.

Gentoku says he can stop Sento, but asks Blood Stark to come with. Blood Stark says he is no one’s lackey.

Build 07

Gentoku pulls out a FullBottle and henshins… to Night Rogue! He eventually convinces Blood Stark to join him after going at it a little.

Back at the Skyroad, a family has just snuck through from Hokuto. But they don’t have enough money to pay the guy who tells them to just turn around and go back instead.

The family is desperate to leave Hokuto and be free. But Guardians suddenly appear and shoot, followed by Night Rogue.

Gentoku calls Sento to come out. Sento henshins before facing Gentoku while Ryuga tries to get the civilians to safety.

Night Rogue seems a little more powerful than Sento. But Sento is able to summon his bike so he and Ryuga can speed away. Blood Stark arrives and tries to deliver a steam attack at Sento and Ryuga. Or does he? The guided missile seemed to turn around and land at Night Rogue’s feet.

Build 07

Sento and Ryuga head through the Skyroad and arrive in Hokuto which looks to be very poor. Sento explains that Hokuto changed after the Skywall tragedy. Their crops suffered from poor soil and Hokuto went fell into financial crisis.

They walk the rural town and get to a home where they find Katsuragi’s mother Kyoka teaching some local children.

Kyoka recognizes Ryuga and asks he and Sento to leave, refusing to talk to them.

Three kids from earlier approach Sento and Ryuga and ask if they are Takumi-oniichan’s friends. They say that Kyoka teaches them reading and writing since they have no money to go to school.

Takehiko, the main boy, says he wants to become a teacher when he grows up, teach for free and then become a scientist like Takumi-oniichan. He adds that Kyoko talks about Takumi often, saying he was so smart and how proud she was.

Build 07

Takehiko says Kyoko makes tamagoyaki every day so Takumi can eat it whenever he returns. Which is strange considering he’s dead.

Kyoko approaches them and tells the kids to go home. She then asks Sento and Ryuga what they want. Sento admits he might be Takumi’s real murderer.

Before they can talk more, Blood Stark appears and turns Takehiko into a Smash using his new invention that can spray Nebula Gas anywhere, anytime.

Build 07

Sento henshins to NinNin Comic and doubles himself to take on both Blood Stark and the Smash. Sento makes quick work of the Smash and tosses the an empty FullBottle to Ryuga to collect the elements.

Takehiko is weak and in pain. Ryuga assumes the effects are greater on him since he’s just a kid.

“Am I going to die?” Takehiko asks.

Build 07

Ryuga says not to talk like that and to keep fighting. He wants to grow up to become a great scientist like Takumi right? Ryuga asks Takehiko to make sure to teach him when he grows up.

Ryuga carries Takehiko and takes him, Kyoko and the other kids to safety.

Sento uses the Panda FullBottle to take on Blood Stark. But Blood Stark also has a FullBottle and fires a missile at Sento, forcing him to dehenshin.

Ryuga hurries back and takes on Blood Stark. The little dragon flies in to help, taking the Panda FullBottle and using it to shoot out flames at Blood Stark.

Ryuga manages to pull out the FullBottle Blood Stark used earlier and tosses it to Sento with the Panda FullBottle. Turns out the new FullBottle, Rocket and Panda are a Best Match.

Build 07

Sento is able to henshin to Rocket Panda. He is able to deliver a Vortec Finish at Blood Stark who compliments Sento on his continually increasing power.

To reward Sento for a fun time, Blood Stark reveals that Katsuragi Takumi is the creator of the Smash and of Faust.

Blood Stark leaves. And Kyoko has heard everything.

Build 07

Episode Thoughts

Wow I really enjoyed this episode very much. I think it was more of a world-building episode than anything. Getting to visit Hokuto was awesome. Getting to see just a completely different place from Touto was very interesting. And I hope we get to do more of that as a season progresses. Part of that also is getting to use a new location, or at least a location not often used and very familiar on either Sentai or Kamen Rider. It really helped to illustrate what Hokuto is supposed to look like. I also hope they explore the idea of refugees from the different districts too. That’s very interesting.

The episode was being billed as the big reveal as to who Night Rogue was. It’s certainly not a surprise that Gentoku was Night Rogue. But now the question is who Blood Stark could be. Very interesting.

I think the mystery is unfolding very well as to learning about Sento’s past. As well as the origins of Faust. Learning Katsuragi might be a bigger part of the overall story possibly is good especially involving his mother and using that to introduce another example of the lengths Faust and its people will go for their gorl. That is, seeing Blood Stark turning kids into Smash. Putting kids in danger is always going to be a very effective way to do that.

This episode also again did a nice job of further developing Sento and Ryuga’s relationship. I very much liked Ryuga’s moment with Takehiko. Ryuga’s character development has been really great so far.

The various cracks in the Skywall are also an interesting concept. You might wonder if maybe they’re there intentionally for some reason.

Overall, a great episode.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 7 – The Devil’s Scientist

  1. My gut’s on Souichi being Blood Stark. Stark was well aware that Sento is heading to Hokuto, and he talks about Build with obvious familiarity. Souichi mentioned earlier that he was the one who convinced Sento to become Build. Though, how Souichi manages to hide that secret (if Im right) is still a mystery.

    It seems that Hokuto is a slight jab at North Korea if you consider the walled city and refugees premise.

    Wow, the twists are coming out fast. Hopefully, the series doesn’t lose steam in the middle part.

    1. Yeah Soichi is certainly being set up as at the very least involved more than he already admitted. I’m hoping if he is Blood Stark, it’ll be a big reveal.

      I definitely thought about North Korea too. Including how the people of Hokuto are apparently suffering in poverty and in a very rural setting while their leaders are comfortable and playing around with holograms lol

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