Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 25 – Planet Toki! The Boy’s Determination

Kyuranger 25

Tsurugi says the Tokei Kyutama can indeed go back in time. Kotaro wonders if that means you can meet someone who has died… like his mother. Kotaro says his mother died shortly after his little brother was born.

They arrive on the planet Toki and just in time too as Spada and Raptor face Tecchu. All 12 Kyurangers appear to be too much for Tecchu so he leaves.

Spada and Raptor explain how the planet works. Toki is shaped like a clock and at each number is a key that must be turned within 30 minutes otherwise everything resets. Turning all the keys will release the Tokei Kyutama.

Kyuranger 25

Since there are 12 of them, they all split up and head to a key. But Lucky, Stinger, Hammie and Spada all encounter previously defeated enemies (Eridoron, Scorpio, Goneshi and Madakko) at the keys. Tsurugi encounters Quervo. He realizes they are all facing a memory from their past which they must overcome to get to the keys.

While the others have no trouble taking care of their revived memories, Spada has to deal with Madakko’s usual quick revival.

Commander Ronpo comes face to face with Big Bear, Garu comes face to face with ladyGaru and Balance meets Naga.

Champ finds his key and is met by Doctor Anton and two Tsuyoindavers who somehow paralyze him. Stinger arrives just in time to help.

Kyuranger 25

Balance finds the real Naga and asks who he met. But Naga says no one appeared for him. “Perhaps, I have no heart.”

Kyuranger 25 Kyuranger 25
Kyuranger 25 Kyuranger 25

For Raptor, she gets love proposals from Lucky, Spada, Tsurugi and Commander Ronpo and she can’t choose.

Lucky, Garu and Hammie join Spada to help out. But Tecchu has just revived a 2nd Madakko. This one is actually in love with Hammie.

Kyuranger 25

Meawhile, Kotaro finds his key and he is stunned to see his mother materialize right before him. She runs over to him and hugs him. He tells her Jiro is with grandfather and is fine. Kotaro goes to turn the key, but then sees that as he does, his mother slowly starts to disappear.

Naga and Balance find Commander Ronpo and Big Bear enjoying some drinks and stories together. Commander Ronpo excuses himself to turn the key which of course causes Big Bear to disappear. Commander Ronpo salutes his former superior.

Everyone else has turned their keys except for Kotaro who doesn’t want his mother to disappear. Tecchu arrives and threatens the mother and son. Stinger, Champ and Tsurugi arrive to fight Tecchu and allow Kotaro the chance to turn the key. Tecchu disappears and Kotaro wants to run after him. He asks his mother to wait for him here while he goes to fight Tecchu.

Kyuranger 25

Tsurugi follows him. Kotaro admits he doesn’t want his mother to disappear and asks Tsurugi want to do. Tsurugi says only Kotaro can decide that. Kotaro says he wants to defeat Jark Matter and bring about a peaceful galaxy. His mother could have survived if she had been able to go to a hospital. Kotaro decides he will say goodbye to his mother and then turn the key.

But Tecchu arrives and fires at them. A fangirly Madakko comes running as the others chase her here. Stinger and Champ are with Kotaro’s mother. Kotaro tells his mother to watch him as he fights to save the galaxy.

Kyuranger 25

The Kyurangers, all 12 gathered, morph together for the first time.

Kyuranger 25

After a roll call, they all work together to first take on fangirlMadakko before going full force against Tecchu. Kotaro’s mother watches as her son delivers the major blows to Tecchu.

Kyuranger 25

The Kyurangers form a star and deliver an Ultimate All Star Crash at Tecchu.

Kyuranger 25

Tecchu then embiggens. The Kyurangers hop into KyutamaJin and finish Tecchu off for good with an Ultimate Meteor Break.

Kyuranger 25

Kotaro’s mother thanks the Kyurangers for having her son’s back. He goes to turn the key and before she completely disappears, he says goodbye to her and promises to save the galaxy.

Kyuranger 25

As all 12 keys have been turned, the Tokei Kyutama appears in front of Kotaro.

Meanwhile, Don Armage informs Kukuruga and Akyanba of Tecchu’s demise. The remaining Vice-Shoguns are eager to take the Kyurangers on.

Kyuranger 25

Episode Thoughts

This was another great episode. I definitely liked the plot even though it wasn’t completely fleshed out. But I definitely think they could’ve done a lot more with the concept. Maybe even stretch it out to two episodes even to have maybe one or two more stories like Kotaro’s. Since we don’t know a lot about most of their pasts, using the “guardians of the key” plot device to explore the pasts of even one or two more Kyurangers in addition to Kotaro would’ve been interesting and fun to see.

Though I will assume Naga not having a memory pop up is foreshadowing for whatever happens to him in the next episode.

It’s interesting though seeing what materialized for each Kyuranger. I guess there really wasn’t a specific explanation as to what popped up and why. Since some got past enemies, others got good memories like Commander Ronpo and Balance and of course Kotaro. A plot involving the reasons behind what appeared before each Kyuranger would’ve been great as well.

I honestly though Kotaro’s mom popping up would be like how Yamato was tortured with the memory of his mother last season. But no, she was the real deal here I guess. The story was done well. It’s great to have a Kotaro-focus. Sometimes, it’s like the show only wants to emphasize the “original” nine Kyurangers. But Commander Ronpo, Kotaro and now Tsurugi haven’t been shortchanged yet. Except for in the opening credits of course. They really need to edit that.

Overall, a great episode. It worked very well.

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