Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 5, Episode 7 – “The suspense, bro.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 5, Episode 7 – Break Time for Korey


Teams will now fly to Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador with $450 on their BMO cards.

At the airport, Ivana tells Andrea & Ebonie that U-Turning them was nothing personal. Ebonie later says she can’t bring herself to be fake around fake people. Adam & Andrea then apologize to Andrea & Ebonie about not using the U-Turn on Korey & Ivana.

Once in Deer Lake, teams must drive brand new Chevy Sparks to the town of Corner Brook and find the local BMO branch for a special clue from their loved ones.


Teams must now drive to Discovery Centre at Gros Morne National Park.

The clue there reveals a Detour: Find Your Dory or Family Story.
In Find Your Dory, teams must row a dory along the shore to find lobster traps with their clue.
In Family Story, teams must reconstruct a Norse family tree based on stories from three Viking gods.

Sam & Paul and Kenneth & Ryan choose the dory as do Korey & Ivana. Adam & Andrea and Karen & Bert choose the Vikings.

For Andrea & Ebonie, they must use bow and arrows to score 25 points for their Speed Bump. They then choose the dory for the Detour.


Sam & Paul arrive back on shore and open the clue to reveal a Face Off.

For this Face Off and #150Challenge, teams will play five pin bowling. Sam & Paul and Adam & Andrea are first to face off. Sam & Paul just beat them by a few points and can now move on to the Road Block: Who’s da bomb?

For this Road Block, teams will head to Swirsky’s Comedy Club where they must memorize 12 jokes out of 40 to perform to an audience. They’ll get the next clue when they don’t bomb.


As Sam gets started, back at the Face Off, Adam & Andrea beat Kenneth & Ryan who beat Karen & Bert.

Andrea starts memorizing jokes as Sam absolutely kills his routine. He and Sam can now head to Captain James Cook Historic Site Lookout to find Jon at the Pit Stop. They officially check in as Team #1 and win a trip to Rio de Janeiro.

At the Face Off, Korey & Ivana beat Andrea & Ebonie who now have to wait out a penalty.

As teams arrive at the Road Block, Kenneth gets the thumbs up and he and Ryan head to the Pit Stop as Team #2. Andrea finally gets the thumbs up after her fourth set and she and Adam check in as Team #3.

Bert is on his 3rd attempt and gets the clue. He and Karen are Team #4.

Ebonie goes up on stage for her first attempt, but she gets the tomatoes. Ivana goes up for her first set and she kills it. She and Korey head to the Pit Stop and check in as Team #5.


That means Andrea & Ebonie are last and eliminated.

Episode Thoughts

So this was a very lackluster Leg. I might even call it boring. And it’s never really the fault of the little town because I’m sure it’s a great place to visit. But the Canada fatigue over these first five seasons has increasingly begun to set in. When bowling and stand-up comedy are the main tasks with the Detour feeling like we’ve seen versions of both sides on every single season previously, you know things are wearing very thin.

The BMO message from home too felt so overused and no longer fun or special. Special for teams, I’m sure. But not really the best use of 5 minutes for TV viewers.

Like I said, the Detour was just recycled from previous TAR Canada seasons. The listening to stories and memorizing them to assemble something. Or the very basic rowing down the river. Then the Road Block is basically every memorize and perform task TAR Canada has done too.

The Speed Bump was simple archery, but it only filled maybe 2 minutes of the whole episode.

But the Face Off again fails for TAR Canada. They need to realize Face Offs can be more than just sports. They can come up with more creative ideas for Face Offs. (Just watch TAR Israel or something.) BUT! They also need to not put Face Offs anywhere past the halfway point of a Leg. They should be at the start of the Leg.

Anyway, this had to be the blandest Leg and episode of the season so far. But thank goodness they’re getting out of the country next week.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Korey & Ivana were great this Leg. Maybe not Racing-wise, but they were lots of fun with many great moments. Not the least of which being them at the Detour and Korey’s neverending pee coupled with Ivana’s commentary. I definitely hope they can finally get themselves out of the bottom.

Karen & Bert continue to chug along. I feel like they need to step it up a little bit more. They feel like they’re on cruise control and I feel like they could really make a move if they can step it up. Adam & Andrea, on the other hand, have stepped it up at the right time. They’re Racing very strong lately and that’s good momentum going into the finish.

Sam & Paul have been a little back and forth the last few Legs. But this Leg could be the start of their move towards the finish as well. They’ve got a lot of motivation now.

It was a disappointing Leg for Andrea & Ebonie. But the Leg really wasn’t designed to allow them any room for mistakes. I also didn’t like them saying they didn’t regret anything on the Race. Like, I think I would go back and change not quitting. That wasn’t a good way to start the Race. Though they were able to make it this far without repeating that mistake (which deserves kudos), their Starting Line faux pas was just not good.

If only Kenneth & Ryan were this subdued the entire Race.

Episode Quotes

Ivana: “How much did you drink?!”

Ivana: “Just cut it off!”

Korey: “The suspense bro.”

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