Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 22 – The Legendary Savior’s True Character

Kyuranger 22

The Kyurangers are happy to have found the Argo Ship, but are all weary of who this Tsurugi Ohtori guy is. He is apparently an Earthling, but otherwise, they have no other information. Spada suggests that Eris might know something.

Commander Ronpo rolls the Kyulette and it chooses Champ and Balance to go visit Eris. After they leave, Tsurugi suddenly pops up right outside the window.

They let him in and ask him many questions. But he only repeats that he is legendary, so they should be able to find out about him in any history book. Earthling Kotaro has never heard of him.

Kyuranger 22

Tsurugi proceeds to explain that he was the first Earthling to attempt to visit outer space where he eventually found a Kyutama. He then became the first president of the Space Federation.

He says he’s been asleep for 300 years and since things are so different now, he decided to come here for some guidance. First off, who is the current head of Jark Matter since he had defeated him before he was put to sleep. Stinger says there’s only ever been one leader of Jark Matter, Don Armage. Tsurugi says that isn’t possible, but he doesn’t elaborate.

Instead, he tells them that now that’s he’s revived, they are no longer needed. He commends them on their work up to now, but he’ll take over from here. Their reviving him is enough to get them in the history books.

But Lucky says they haven’t been fighting merely to revive him. They are here to save the galaxy.

Commander Ronpo, however, says it’s certainly taken a weight off their shoulders, though Tsurugi should’ve made his return much sooner. Anyway, he lends Tsurugi Raptor and Spada as his new assistant and cook.

Kyuranger 22

Tsurugi asks Raptor to find the Jark Matter educational center on Earth. She quickly does and he, Raptor and Spada head down.

Commander Ronpo tells Lucky that of course they aren’t going to just stop fighting merely because Tsurugi told them to.

Down on Earth, Tsurugi learns not a single Earthling has ever heard of him before. He suspects Jark Matter has written over his legend. They head to the Jark Matter University where various Jark Matter individuals are learning to become Daikans by Jark Matter University – Earth Campus Daikan Manabiru.

Tsurugi interrupts the class and Manabiru recognizes him as being on Jark Matter’s blacklist. Tsurugi figures Manabiru is the one who has written over his legendary history.

Kyuranger 22

Tsurugi morphs and he takes Manabiru outside to fight. Raptor and Spada both morph as well, but Tsurugi can’t believe an assistant and chef could possibly fight in battle.

Spada and Raptor try to show what they’re capable of, but Manabiru tosses them around. He then shoots at Spada and writes “Attacking me will hit Ohtori Tsurugi” in his history book. Spada shoots at Manabiru anyway, but his shoots indeed get redirected toward Tsurugi.

The other Kyurangers arrive and help drive Manabiru away for now.

Tsurugi says Spada, as a chef, is definitely not cut out for battle. Before the Kyurangers can protest, Stinger calls and tells them the nearby Moraimarz is in danger of exploding as the Planesium has started to flow backwards. Commander Ronpo tells them to shut off the valve.

Tsurugi tells Spada and Raptor that they will go after Manabiru. Lucky says the priority should be to ensure the people in the area are safe, but Tsurugi says he is more concerned with dealing with the one who wrote over his legendary history. Hammy tries to speak up, but he hands her the Hercules Kyutama to borrow.

Tsurugi leaves and tells Raptor to follow. She tries to tell him that she can indeed fight and has been doing so all this time. He corners her and tells her to be quiet. He goes in for a kiss and listens to her insides.

Spada sees the out of context scene and screams as he runs over.

Meanwhile, the other Kyurangers have arrived at the overheating Moraimarz. But Kotaro finds something interesting. This location seems to have once been the “Tsurugi Ohtori Science Laboratory.”

Kyuranger 22

Tsurugi explains, as he repairs Raptor, that he created the original version of her android model. But she is definitely different from the combat model so she must not fight again. Spada defends Raptor, but Tsurugi says a chef should be fighting either.

A Tsuyoindaver and Indaver attack the other Kyurangers. Lucky, Naga and Kotaro morph and take care of them while Hammy and Garu hurry over to the Planesium valve.

Tsurugi tells Raptor and Spada that a man who relies on luck, a girl (!), an emotionless guy, a child and a dog have no business fighting in battle. It’s a wonder how they’ve managed up to this point. Spada has had enough and he grabs Tsurugi’s collar. But Manabiru appears and shoots at them.

Tsurugi says they are all too weak to face Don Armage. But Spada and Raptor are determined to show that they do have what it takes to fight. They are Kyurangers after all.

Kyuranger 22

Tsurugi tells them to show him their power then. The three of them morph.

Meanwhile, Garu is struggling to shut off the valve. Hammy remembers she has the Hercules Kyutama which Tsurugi gave her earlier. She uses it and immediately gets super strength, allowing her to shut off the Moraimarz.

Tsurugi is impressed by Raptor’s moves against Manabiru. But Spada’s shots still ricochet back to target Tsurugi per Manabiru’s history book. Spada has an idea, however. He takes on Tsurugi, who understands the plan.

They are able to work together to knock Manabiru around and break his Manabeam stick. Spada says Tsurugi is wrong about the Kyurangers. Tsurugi says he’s looking forward to be proven wrong.

Tsurugi turns to Manabiru to ask why Don Armage is still alive. He refuses to answer so the three Kyurangers deliver finishers at him. He embiggens alongside an activated Moraimarz robo. The others arrive, but Tsurugi says he’ll show them what the Argo Ship is really capable of.

Kyuranger 22

The Argo Ship appears and it turns into Houou Base, allowing for the launch of Houou Voyager into space where it docks with Houou Station to form Gigant Houou.

Tsurugi lands back on Earth to make easy work of both Manabiru and the Moraimarz.

Kyuranger 22

Back on the Orion, the Kyurangers are amazed by the power of the Argo Ship and think maybe Tsurugi was telling the truth about his history being erased by Jark Matter.

Lucky says he dosen’t care who Tsurugi really is and will continue to fight to save the galaxy no matter what.

Spada and Raptor are still with Tsurugi and ask about what he meant when he asked Manabiru how Don Armage was still alive. Tsurugi explains that before he entered his deep sleep, he defeated Don Armage with his own two hands.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the galaxy, Don Armage welcomes three Vice Shoguns.

Kyuranger 22

Episode Thoughts

So this wasn’t as amazing an episode as we’ve had recently. But it was certainly a very work-like episode to shift us into the next arc of the season.

It was sort of the Getting to Know You episode for Tsurugi, but we actually didn’t really learn much. If anything, this episode made him even more mysterious. I definitely hope that develops into something a little more than what we were told here.

The timeline is kind of weird. I assume Kyuranger takes place in the future if Tsurugi’s been sleeping for 300 years. And I don’t think space rockets existed in the 1700s.

Anyway, Don Armage being the walking dead basically is an interesting concept. But I think there’s a lot of different possibilities when it comes to identities and such.

Very interesting that Eris is not just a one-off character and that we’ll likely see her again in the future. Though how she would know of Tsurugi when she’s on some far away planet, who knows.

Also, Spada’s scream was amazing. Kudos to Tetsuji Sakakibara. He’s got some strong vocal chords there, though I think he can sing too! What a great cast.

Definitely enjoyed the fresh ending theme dance video.

Overall, it was a good, solid episode. But the next episodes should be much more interesting because of it.

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5 thoughts on “Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 22 – The Legendary Savior’s True Character

  1. I’ve been hearing that this show’s pretty neat after the initial ten episodes.

    Do you think that statement holds up, 22 episodes in?

    1. Absolutely! The story really gets going and the characters all get a chance in the spotlight, which is a big accomplishment considering the size of the team and cast. I’ve really been enjoying this season very much.

      1. Really?

        I’ve heard that Sentai’s trash. And that the characters are really the only reason people watch anymore. At least, that’s what my friends on Discord say.

        1. Well, I enjoy it very much. Definitely a lot more than the last two seasons at this point of the year. The characters are definitely great, but I also have enjoyed the story very much. Both fun and exciting. They’re starting pretty much the 2nd main arc of the season right now, so we’ll see if they can maintain the momentum that I personally think it has.

          It’s been more character-driven, for sure. But I think part of that is also the basic, straightforward endgame: Liberate the galaxy from the villains. They’re literally rebels/part of the rebellion who are slowly, but surely liberating people one city or planet at a time. I think that allows more character stuff to be a focus.

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