Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 7 – Advent! The Commander of Neo Deboth

Dino Force Brave 7

Dohee notices Juyong deep in thought looking at Juhyeok’s business card. She asks if he still thinks Gold Dino could be his brother, but Juyong says he is just wondering if he could fight with them since he’s got lots of Brave.

Torin pops in with a strange feeling. That feeling is Deizarus himself making his way to Earth. He confronts Juhyeok to try and draw out the great power out of him.

Juhyeok has no idea what he’s talking about. The others arrive and Deizarus introduces himself before they morph. But none of their attacks work on Deizarus, not even a scratch.

Deizarus says he’s only here for Gold Dino and swats the Rangers aside. But Juhyeok manages to slip away.

Dino Force Brave 7

The Rangers head back to the Spirit Base and Torin says they will need to unseal Giga Bragigas and use his power next time they face Deizarus. Pureun suggests they help Gold Dino since Deizarus is after him, but Hyeonjun says it’s his own fault for getting into bed with Deizarus for money in the first place.

Sechang watches Juyong continuing to stare at Juhyeok’s business card. He gets up and tells the others he’s just stepping out, but instead he goes and finds Juhyeok.

Dino Force Brave 7

Sechang says his plan is to take Juhyeok alive and surrender him to Neo Deboth just so Juyong won’t come apart. Sechang knows Juyong still hopes Juhyeok is his brother.

Just then, Tsuraira appears. He would love to settle the score with Sechang, but today he is here to deal with traitor Gold Dino. Juhyeok says he’s not in the mood to fight so he just tosses the gold coins at Tsuraira who picks them up. Sechang morphs.

Dino Force Brave 7

Back at the Spirit Base, Torin asks Juyong if he does still believe Gold Dino is his hyung. This sulking Juyong is not the Juyong Torin knows and he reminds Juyong just what his hyung had taught him.

Juyong gets up and runs out. The others follow.

Dino Force Brave 7

Tsuraira forces Sechang to demorph. Juhyeok jumps in to help as the others arrive. They are surprised to see Sechang with Gold Dino. Dohee asks if he made a deal with Juhyeok. Sechang says no, but Juhyeok says with the five coins he picked up off the ground, he will help them five times.

Juyong laughs. He apologizes for worrying them. But remembering his brother’s words about Brave, he realizes that he can overcome anything. Juhyeok smiles and says they should all fight together.

Dino Force Brave 7

The Dino Force Rangers all morph together and take on Tsuraira. Sechang delivers a Dino Brave Slash at Tsuraira forcing him to embiggen. The Rangers hop into Brave Raiden Tyranno King. With a kick and a Lightning Brave Finish, Tsuraira is dead.

Back at the Spirit Base, Sechang says maybe Juyong is right about Gold Dino Juhyeok being Brave. Juyong is happy he’s come around. Torin turns their attention now to unsealing Giga Bragigas.

Dino Force Brave 7

But! Jinarik is already working on doing that for Deizarus.

Episode Thoughts

This week in What Could Have Been… this would totally have been Sechang’s focus ep where we learn he isn’t just some self-absorbed idol but smart and caring as well, or something like that. =(

Anyway, this episode definitely doesn’t add any clarity to whatever is going on with Juhyeok and why he’s not admitting he’s Juyong’s hyung. There were times where his smiles were obviously some kind of “Yeah, that’s my dongsaeng!” look and other times where he legit has no idea who Juyong is. I don’t even know.

What I do know is that the eventual reveal will certainly be interesting.

With the short episodes, we haven’t gotten to see Torin, Canderilla or Luckyuro very much. I mean, we barely get to see the other Rangers who aren’t the pseudo-focus of the eps anyway. I guess I’m still not used to the 10 minute runtime, but at the same time I think they’ve done okay with how the story is going. Unlike a regular season, we’re really only focused on one plot here so they’ve done that well. I mentioned in an earlier episode how this would really make for a great full length movie.

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