Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Episode 6 – Hyung! Howling Crying Soul!

Dino Force Brave 6

The Rangers are shocked to hear Juyong call Juhyeok his hyung. But Juhyeok says he has no dongsaeng and turns to walk away. Juyong calls out to him, but Juhyeok vows to finish him off next time.

Deizarus’ men question why he continues tolerating Juhyeok. They think it’s because Deizarus believes Juhyeok has the Dinosaur King’s power. Deizarus says he’s not sure. Raimein and Homuras decide to go down and find out for themselves.

Dino Force Brave 6

At the Spirit Base, Juyong says he is not sure Juhyeok is his brother, but he feels a familiarity in the way he fights. However, Juyong’s memories of training with Juhyeok-hyung are fuzzy.

Pureun doubts Juhyeok could be Juyong’s brother. Dohee says she couldn’t regard someone who sold out to Deboth for money as her brother. Sechang proposes they make a bet on whether Juhyeok really is Juyong’s brother. But Hyeonjun stops and scolds them for making light of Juyong’s situation.

Juyong asks them to stop arguing since this isn’t any of their business anyway. They’re not involved so he will go find out the truth himself.

Dino Force Brave 6 Dino Force Brave 6

Juyong heads down to the river where he and Juhyeok would train as kids. Just then, “Gold Dino” appears. Juyong thinks him being here confirms that they’re brothers. But Juhyeok wants to fight.

Juyong frustratingly obliges to the battle and they both morph.

At one point during the fight, Juhyeok stops himself from delivering a big blow to Juyong. Juyong thinks that really does confirm the truth, but Juhyeok still denies it.

Dino Force Brave 6

Juhyeok attempts a Lightning Afterglow at Juyong, but he deflects it and sends it right back, forcing Juhyeok to demorph.

Juyong says he couldn’t handle that attack first time it was leveled at him. But now he can because he knows Juhyeok is conflicted. Juyong begs Juhyeok to admit the truth, but he just says he is Neo Deboth’s mercenary.

Dino Force Brave 6

Just then Raimein and Homuras arrive, ready to make Juhyeok pay for being a traitor. They shoot at Juyong, but Juhyeok blocks it, some kind of power allowing him to withstand the attack.

“Make no mistake. My job is to eliminate you. I’m not letting these guys steal that from me.”

Dino Force Brave 6

The other Rangers arrive. Hyeonjun reinforces the idea to Juyong that they are a team and they share the burden of any problems they may have. So Juyong should never say it’s none of their business. Because it is. Juyong apologizes for not being Brave enough back at the Spirit Base.

Pureun and Dohee approach Juhyeok and say they will help him as a favor for how he protected Juyong just now. Juhyeok says that’s fine and he will repay this debt as well. The six Dino Force Rangers morph together for the first time.

Dino Force Brave 6

The Rangers fight off Zorima in various cool ways while Juhyeok takes on Raimein (who says the contract has been terminated) and Juyong takes on Homuras.

Dino Force Brave 6

Sensing they are outnumbered, Homuras summons the Sashinma and the Rangers hop into Brave Tyranno King. Juhyeok hops into Pteravolt to help out and the Rangers combine their zords for the first time to form Brave Raiden Tyranno King. They easily take care of the Sashinma with a Lightning Brave Finish.

Dino Force Brave 6

Juyong tells Juhyeok that he doesn’t have to admit being his brother, but couldn’t they at least fight together as a team? Juhyeok says he cannot unless they hire him as a mercenary. Juhyeok gives Juyong his business card before leaving.

Dohee still doesn’t have a good feeling about Juhyeok. Hyeonjun says a guy like Juhyeok couldn’t possibly be his brother

Juyong doesn’t know what to think.

Dino Force Brave 6

Episode Thoughts

Ooo! Some nice acting from Seyong and Seyoung! I feel like in a full episode they’d have gotten even more of an opportunity to stretch their acting chops. They were very effective here. I even almost teared up at Juyong calling Juhyeok “hyung” at the start.

Again this episode just felt like a recap of several episodes. It definitely leaves me wanting more. Like, with every ~10 minute episode, it makes me even more sad that this isn’t a full, regular series. =(

This episode got me thinking how each of the Rangers are so different from each other, we could have some great focus and backstory eps for each. But we never will. *sigh*

Anyway, should be interesting to see what the deal is with Juhyeok. I feel like this series does draw a lot from Kyoryuger, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s possessed in some way or being manipulated by some power even if not in a malicious way.

I very much enjoyed that morphed battle with the Zorima. That was most extensive fight scene of the series so far and it was lots of fun. The mecha battle was probably the least exciting, even with the new combo. But the dynamic between Juyong/Juhyeok and Juhyeok/the other Rangers was the most important aspect of this episode anyway.

Overall, another enjoyable ep. And another ep that really makes me think “What if?”

Dino Force Brave 6

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