Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Space (Episode) 15 – Saviors of the Ocean Planet Vela

Kyuranger 15

Rashinban Kyutama is recharged and Balance has found the location of the other two Argo Ship Kyutamas: Ho Kyutama is in the Vela Constellation System while the Ryukotsu Kyutama is in the Carina Constellation System.

Hammy suggests they go for the Ho Kyutama first because the Ocean Planet Vela has an amazing beach that they can enjoy once they find the Kyutama. Raptor is excited about wearing a bikini.

Commander Ronpo spins the Kyulette and the team this time is made up of Lucky, Hammy, Naga, Spada and Raptor.

They get to the planet Vela, but the tropical paradise is definitely not as advertised. It’s in bad shape and they figure Jark Matter probably has something to do with it.

As they walk down the beach, they find the planet’s Daikaan Goneshi enjoying some grilled fish with his Indavers. But their picnic is interrupted by a little girl from the village. Goneshi can’t have her returning to the village after seeing his “true form.”

The Kyurangers hurry over to her rescue. Hammy tells the little girl to get to safety and leads the others to morph. They take care of the Indavers, but Goneshi runs away into the ocean. Spada and Raptor go after him while the others continue looking for the Ho Kyutama. Hammy wants to make sure the little girl’s okay.

Kyuranger 15

Up on the Orion, Commander Ronpo, Balance and Garu wonder how Stinger and Champ are doing down on Earth. Stinger and Champ realize Scorpio really is on Earth now. They report to the Orion.

Stinger figures that it is very possible Scorpio is the Karo of the system because Jark Matter usually puts people in charge where they’re from. Stinger and Champ will go check it out.

Kyuranger 15

Back on Vela, Lucky, Naga and Hammy find the small village where the villagers seem to be working on their offering to their ocean god savior. Lucky, Hammy and Spada see the Ho Kyutama on an altar in the village, but Indaver suddenly appear.

Just as suddenly, a strange figure emerges from the ocean. This is the savior the villagers worship in the hopes of restoring their beautiful ocean and the seaside resort-style village.

Lucky and Hammy recognize the shape of the sea god is exactly like the head of the Daikaan Goneshi. Goneshi has tricked the people.

Goneshi shoots at the Indavers and takes the fish as the villages bow and praise and thank the sea god for coming to their rescue. Naga decides to join them for some reason.

Kyuranger 15

The little girl, Maasa, emerges. The elder tells her not to interrupt their worshipping. Naga steps forward and says she seems like she has something to say, but the elder says she never has anything worth saying anyway. Goneshi says he is angry and asks the villagers to sacrifice Maasa. The elder is more than willing to get her killed, but Lucky and Hammy step in to try and snap them out of their cultish insanity.

Goneshi turns the tables on Lucky and Hammy and says they are the real enemies who are polluting the sea. Naga says they are not, they are only here to take the Ho Kyutama. The elder says that is a treasure passed down through generations in their village. So if they want to take it, they really are the villains.

Kyuranger 15

Lucky and Hammy take Maasa and run to safety. Spada and Raptor meet up with them to report on what they found out about Goneshi. He uses some fog machine to make himself look bigger and the Moraimarz is underwater.

Hammy asks Maasa what happened to their village. She is a little shy, but goes on to explain how a big tower fell from the sky and polluted their water. That’s when the big savior appeared and promised to save their planet if they worshipped him.

The Kyurangers promise they will save them from the false prophet. They are the real saviors. Hammy has an idea on how to get the villagers to lose their faith in the false god. But when Hammy asks if she can help, Maasa runs away.

Kyuranger 15

Elsewhere, Don Armage contacts Scorpio to tell him he’s sending a Moraimarz fleet to Earth to suck up the Planesium and destroy it. Scorpio senses Don Armage seemed worried and he believes that must mean Earth has some hidden secrets. Madakko arrives and offers to be Scorpio’s subordinate so she can avenge Ikargen. Scorpio agrees as long as she tells him everything she knows about the Kyurangers.

Kyuranger 15

Hammy finds Maasa and tells her how she was also shy as a kid like her. Even during ninja training, she would be alone. Then one day, she managed to see Jark Matter arrive in her village. She was the only one who could warn everyone so she mustered up the courage to tell them. They were able to flee Jark Matter because of her warning.

Hammy says Maasa is the only one who can save her village. And the Kyurangers will be here to back her up. Maasa agrees to help.

Kyuranger 15

At the village, Naga offers himself up to be the offering much to the bewilderment of Lucky and Hammy. But it doesn’t matter for now as the enact their plan. Lucky and Hammy put on creepy hoods and bring Maasa to the villagers to allow her to be offered up as sacrifice.

Goneshi appears again. Hammy assures Maasa that they will protect her. Lucky says she should speak up now if she has anything left to say. With more encouragement from Hammy, Maasa turns to her fellow villagers and bravely tells them everything she knows about the false god.

Kyuranger 15

Just then, Lucky gives Spada and Raptor the go signal. Raptor shoots at the Indaver holding the fog machine while Spada uses his pointy swordfish helmet to poke Goneshi’s butt. That forces Goneshi out of the water, revealing his true form to the villagers.

Hammy congratulates Maasa on a job well done and leads Lucky and Naga to morph. Raptor and Spada arrive to join them.

The Kyurangers make quick work of the Indavers before focusing on Goneshi. Hammy uses some Chameleon Ninpou to wear Goneshi down and Lucky uses some Yosha Lucky no Jutsu as well before the five of them use an All Star Crash finisher.

Goneshi embiggens and the Kyurangers hop into KyuRen-Oh. With a Super Galaxy Meteor Break, the Kyurangers finish off Goneshi and destroy the Moraimarz.

Kyuranger 15

The villagers thank the Kyurangers for saving their village and Maasa by giving them the Ho Kyutama.

Back on Earth, Stinger and Champ arrive at the Karo’s Moraimarz. They make their way inside by are greeted by Scorpio himself, though they don’t know that at first.

Scorpio uses his tail to attack and grab Stinger. That’s when Stinger realizes he has just come face to face with his aniki.

Kyuranger 15

Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty good episode. It was great to go to a new planet again as I thought they’d be based on Earth for most of the season. Even though it was the standard Toei seaside location without any fancy CGI to decorate it, it was still great to have them fly off somewhere new.

The cultish atmosphere of the villagers (all men except for Maasa, apparently) was kinda creepy and then Lucky and Hammy had to go and wear those pointy hoods. A little strange setup, but it worked out okay.

It was a sort of-focus ep for Hammy. The flashback felt a little forced and the idea of Hammy being shy as a kid was almost like a throwaway line in the grand scheme of things. If anything, it was just an excuse for some ninja action and to allow Hammy to use some ninpou at the end lol

It was good to see Raptor chosen by the Kyulette for once.

But I hoped Stinger and Champ’s buddy adventure lasted at least a few episodes before they found Scorpio. I guess that wasn’t going to be a prolonged plot, but even an episode or two of them having to work together and the awkwardness that would still be present would’ve been fun to watch.

That last scene though with Stinger and Champ finding Scorpio and Stinger’s absolutely horror/shock/surprise/relief? that he’s finally found his brother was very good. Kishi Yosuke sold that scene very well.

Elsewhere, I don’t know what the hell Naga was doing all episode. lol Like, I guess I understand his personality. But at the same time, What?! Lol

Loved that final fight scene at the end against the Indavers. It was too short. They were doing some fun things with the fight choreography.

I very much enjoyed Goneshi’s design. The masked face type of deal combined with the Lochness monster motif was very fun and creative.

And about the opening credits, why not include all Kyurangers in the opening narration instead of just the first nine? It’s already been established that both Commander Ronpo and Kotaro are official members of the team. So why not tweak that to reflect the in-story developments. I liked how Nininnger changed their opening narration to fit what was going on in the story.

Anyway, overall this was a good, enjoyable episode.

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