Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 12 – The 11 Ultimate All-Stars

Kyuranger 12

The Kyurangers review Ikagen’s beat down of Lucky, trying to figure out how to overcome Ikagen’s predictive power. Commander Ronpou thinks it must be the crystals on his head and shoulders. This next mission will test his theory in the hopes of finding a weakness.

Commander Ronpou spins the Kyulette and chosen for this mission are Stinger, Balance, Naga, Hammy and Garu. Everyone is shocked Lucky is not chosen.

Kyuranger 12

Lucky feels defeated, but wishes everyone luck. Garu can’t believe Lucky would give up so easily.

Kyuranger 12

The Kyurangers immediately find Ikagen and Madakko and morph. They quickly charge at them and battle. But the Kyurangers have no answer for Ikagen’s inexplicable power. Hammy says it’s like Ikagen has eyes on the back of his head. That gives Commander Ronpou an idea and he sends Naga the Hebi Kyutama.

The Kyutama sends out dozens of serpents to analyze Ikagen. Commander Ronpou gets the info he needs and tells the Kyurangers to return to the Orion for now.

Kyuranger 12

Commander Ronpou says Ikagen must have ten eyes on his body. Garu says that would allow Ikagen to defend attacks from ten different people. But if the 11 of them can attack at once, they could possibly defeat him. Commander Ronpou spins the Kyulette and out comes the Kyuranger Kyutama, a sign that they will all deploy.

But Lucky says he cannot and leaves to be alone. Commander Ronpou approaches him and reminds him of his promise to save the galaxy.

Kyuranger 12

Lucky tells Commander Ronpou that he wasn’t always lucky. When he was a child, he was separated from his parents during some kind of disaster, put into an escape pod and eventually grew up on the planet Luth.

“In other words, I was born unlucky. Yet they call me ‘Lucky’.”

Commander Ronpou says it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s actually lucky. Lucky says his luck is the reason he became a Kyuranger. Commander Ronpou says it’s not luck, but Lucky’s positive outlook and believing he has luck is what makes him lucky.

Lucky is not convinced. But Garu walks in and literally knocks some sense into him.

Kyuranger 12

He punches Lucky to the ground and reminds him that it was Lucky that convinced him to fight again.

Kyuranger 12

Everyone in the bridge watches as Garu says they all believe in Lucky’s luck.

Meanwhile, Don Armage contacts Ikagen and Madakko and tells them he has sent the Chief Karo of the Scorpius Constellation System to Earth.

Kyuranger 12

Lucky is alone on the bridge. He plays with Kyulette with his own Kyutama and remembers Garu telling him to try his luck again.

The others head down to Earth to face Ikagen, all ready to attack at once. But Ikagen is ready. He shoots at every single one of them and knocks ’em all down. The Kyurangers get back up, only to get ravaged by Ikagen, forcing them all to demorph.

Kyuranger 12 Kyuranger 12

Ikagen acknowledges they were smart to figure out that he has multiple eyes. But he actually has dozens of eyes all over his body.

Kyuranger 12

Before Ikagen can kill them for good, Lucky arrives. Ikagen says one more person won’t change a thing, but Lucky says he’ll give it a shot anyway.

Lucky uses the Futago Kyutama and he is able to multiply himself over and over. Garu gets a rise out of all the Luckys.

Kyuranger 12

The circle of Luckys all fire at Ikagen to destroy every single one of his eyes.

Kyuranger 12

Lucky says the galaxy will never be lucky while Jark Matter is in control. That’s why he will ALWAYS say it until it comes true for the galaxy… “YOSHA LUCKY!!!”

Garu is excited to see the guy who moved him to fight again back.

Kyuranger 12

The others join Lucky and they all morph.

The 12 Kyurangers attack Ikagen from all sides and use everything they’ve got. They eventually have him surrounded and Lucky says they are fighting for the hopes and dreams of everyone in the galaxy longing for freedom the oppression of Jark Matter.

The Kyurangers deliver a KyuRen All Star Crash.

Kyuranger 12

Lucky catches the Tomo Kyutama as it pops out of Ikagen. Ikagen embiggens himself and the Kyurangers all hop into their Voyagers.

The Kyurangers form KyuRen-Oh and RyuTei-Oh with Balance, Naga and Raptor on their own. Ikagen makes it rain and the battle resumes.

Kyuranger 12

Stinger realizes the rain is extremely acidic. Balance and Naga take care of the rain. Suddenly, their Voyagers begin glowing. Lucky tells Commander Ronpou that they should all combine. With a Super Seiza Docking, the Kyurangers form RyuTei KyuRen-Oh.

They charge at Ikagen and deliver a Super Galaxy All Star Scramble Break to finish him off for good.

Kyuranger 12

Back on the Orion, Commander Ronpou places the Tomo KyuTama in a special case and it glows in the dark. The Kyurangers are excited about their big progress as well as Lucky’s luck being back.

Elsewhere, Madakko goes to welcome Scorpio to Earth. And Scorpio is looking forward to seeing his little brother.

Kyuranger 12

Episode Thoughts

This was a great episode. That OT12 roll call was what I was waiting for. That was pretty epic.

When they started fighting Ikagen it almost felt like a crossover ep since there were so many people. lol But it was great. With so many characters, I think they’ve balanced them pretty well and it hasn’t felt crowded or claustrophobic so far. And this episode was a nice little mini-climax to their assembling of the team. And of course coupled with the debut of RyuTei KyuRen-Oh.

With Lucky’s story in this episode, I was kinda hoping for more of his backstory. But at least we know more about where he came from and he’s not just some rich guy traveling the galaxy in his own ship. I do like the connection they threaded through the needle about why Lucky won’t stop saying “Yosha Lucky!” It’s a great sentiment and motivator and makes sense.

Also, like I mentioned with other pairings in previous episodes, this one touched on Lucky and Garu’s relationship. Lucky of course helped Garu out of his self-pity and got him back fighting. So touching on that in this ep was great.

With Ikagen, I guess this wasn’t a bad way for him to get killed off. Much better than many multi-episode villains in recent years. And it helped that the rest of the episode felt a little more epic and cool than usual. Him having many eyes wasn’t a surprise. I kinda assumed something like that with all his squid suctions. But it was still creepy when he showed them all his eyes. lol

Loved the rain during the mecha battle. Made it feel “bigger” than a regular mecha battle of course. Very cool to have fresh visuals and I think they tried some different, rarely used angles for it.

And I loved both battles with all 11/12 Kyurangers. It was awesome action without being too much of a clusterfrak that it could’ve been.

Overall a great episode and definitely getting very excited about the prospects for this season.

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