Recap: The Amazing Race 29, Episode 7 – "Sometimes you gotta get your big girl panties on."

Recap: The Amazing Race 29, Episode 7 – Have Fun and Get It Done


The remaining clique… I mean teams will now be making their way to Venice, armed with $150, on one of two charter buses. Once in Venice, they must take a water taxi to Piazza San Marco and find a streetsweeper who has the next clue.

First bus teams Tara & Joey, Becca & Floyd and Matt & Redmond arrive in the piazza and open the clue to reveal the Detour: Sing It and Bring It.
In Sing It, teams must learn an Italian song and perform it on a gondola. In Bring It, teams must stack a cart with suitcases and deliver them through the narrow streets to a nearby hotel.

TAR2907 TAR2907

The second bus teams arrive. London & Logan find the streetsweeper first and decide not to help Liz & Michael or Brooke & Scott who take that as a slight against them.

Matt & Redmond, Tara & Joey and London & Logan are first to get started with the luggage. Becca & Floyd, Liz & Michael and Scott & Brooke choose the singing.

Matt & Redmond finish the Detour first followed by Tara & Joey, London & Logan, Becca & Floyd, Brooke & Scott and Liz & Michael. Teams must head to Ca’ Zenobio where they find the Road Block: Who has masked intentions?

For this Road Block, teams must recreate a mask.

TAR2907 TAR2907

Redmond finishes first just as Tara arrives. Floyd and an excited Liz are close behind. Outside in the waiting area, Michael vents about helping everyone and getting nothing in return.

Matt & Redmond head to the Pit Stop at Campo San Vio and officially check in as Team #1. They win a trip to Granada. Becca & Floyd are Team #2. Tara & Joey are Team #3.

The previously excited Liz is now feeling the pressure when her first attempt gets the thumbs down. London had seen her mistake, but wasn’t going to point it out. Brooke, meanwhile, is able to calm herself down and finishes before both of them. London is close behind and she and Logan team up with Brooke & Scott to find the Pit Stop.

TAR2907 TAR2907

Liz is able to get the thumbs up on her second try and she and Mike hurry on foot. Just after Brooke & Scott and London & Logan check in as Teams 4 and 5, Liz & Michael come running to the Mat in last. But this is a Non-Elimination Leg.

Episode Thoughts

Well, definitely a much better Leg than last week. The buses to Venice are unavoidable, but again imagine the wonderful chaos of having all six teams side by side.

Venice is a beautiful city of course and I think this Leg definitely did much better to showcase it than the last Leg did for Lake Como. The water taxis were definitely interesting little spoilers throughout the Leg. But I appreciate the moving on foot much more. Definitely adds to the drama of the competition.

The Detour was solid. The luggage side of the Detour was better than what I remembered from TAR18’s. The gondola Detour might have been even better if they also had to play an instrument. Hehe.

The Road Block was also good. Certainly not the worst task one could do. Typical, but good. I think this Leg needed an extra task though, maybe between the Detour and Road Block.

One nitpick, the writers (I guess) have lately made Phil say “Team #1 will be the first to visit…” at the start of the Leg to introduce the next destination. But it’s kind of false when all the teams are most of the time on the same flight or train to said city. In this case, it was two buses. But since it’s such a repeated line, it’s glaring when no, Team #1 wasn’t really the first team to arrive in the new city. Just a nitpick.

Overall, a good Leg and episode.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Well, after last week, I wasn’t in too much of a mood to actively root for any of the teams left. Though I wasn’t rooting for anyone specifically before, anyway.

I still like Tara & Joey. They’ve really ran a great Race so far. Joey can be a little Mike-lite with the negativity sometimes. But they’ve overall been a good, solid team. London & Logan are still pretty boring as a team, but I do keep them in this slot as kudos for basically not handing out answers to other teams. They made the right decision at the start of the Leg.

This spot is for Liz who has really done great in spite of Mike’s negativity and last week’s harsh comments. It’s too bad she messed up at the Road Block, but they’re lucky they get a 3rd! chance.

Becca & Floyd were a little more controlled and calm this Leg, which is much better than the forced #TeamFun stuff. The rapping though was not good. lol But a good Leg for them as a team and in being less annoying.

Scott & Brooke are probably going to fall forward the rest of the Race. I can feel it. Brooke wasn’t as whiny this week and she had no one to pass judgment on anymore, so she was alright. Matt & Redmond were also much more tolerable this week.

Mike though, just felt really whiny this Leg. Especially after the blowup the last two weeks. I think it’s awesome that he’s doing this for his daughter. But I do think he needs to step it up a little, especially when Liz is doing so much and is very motivated for him.

Episode Quotes

Brooke: “I don’t feel good about any of this, but I guess I’ll do it.”

Liz: “Sometimes you gotta get your big girl panties on.”

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