Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, King (Episode) 2 – Come On, New Warriors!

Dino Force Brave 2

Canderilla gives Juyong, Hyunjun and Sechang spiffy new jackets making them feel more like a team. But Luckyuro points out that there should be more than three members. Canderilla suggests they go out and look for them.

Dino Force Brave 2 Dino Force Brave 2

Canderilla runs, literally, into Yun Dohee as she is shopping. Dohee gets knocked into the fountain, getting all her clothes wet and annoyed by Canderilla and all her pinkness. Luckyuro, meanwhile, meets Lee Pureun, a rich young man who wants to offer him millions of won just for a colorful lollipop.

Dino Force Brave 2

Juyong, Hyunjun and Sechang meet them downtown. Dohee is excited to recognize Sechang as an idol star. Hyunjun doesn’t think either Dohee or Pureun look very Brave. Sechang thinks Pureun must be some spoiled rich kid. But Juyong knows they must be their new teammates.

Just then, Arashu appears and recognizes both Canderilla and Luckyuro as the ones who betrayed Deboth. Canderilla shoots hearts at him and he has no problem fighting. But Juyong, Hyunjun and Sechang step in to morph.

Dino Force Brave 2

The three of them fight off Zorima before the morph. Dohee, Pureun, Canderilla and Luckyuro try to get to safety, but Canderilla has injured her leg. Dohee wraps her leg in a splint and says despite of how she looks, she’s actually a nurse.

Dino Force Brave 2

Arashu suddenly pops in and vows to finish off the traitors first. But Dohee and Pureun step up to protect them. Both try fighting Arashu who shoves them aside. Arashu ends up slapping Pureun and ripping Dohee’s jacket. That riles them up and they get an extra burst of power, allowing them to kick Arashu back.

Juyong arrives and hands them their Gaburevolvers. Parasaizer and Raptorax appear confirming Dohee and Pureun are the right ones. Juyong hands them their Dino Cells and they morph.

Dino Force Brave 2

Juyong, Dohee and Pureun team up to take on Arashu. Dohee and Pureun deliver a Dino Brave Slash which forces Arashu to retreat. But not before summoning a Sashinma.

Dino Force Brave 2

Juyong, Dohee and Pureun summon their Power Dinos to form Brave Tyranno King Western. They deliver a Brave Finish to quickly finish off the big robo.

Dino Force Brave 2

Brave Gold Dino Kwon Juhyeok scoffs at what he’s just watched before walking away.

Back at the Spirit Base, Juyong introduces Dohee and Pureun to Torin. Torin tells Sechang and Hyunjun to train them.

Dino Force Brave 2

Episode Thoughts

Another fun episode.

What’s funny about this show is that it basically shows that half of each Sentai or Power Rangers episode is basically unnecessary. Both the premiere and this 2nd episode have told solid stories while still including all the toys needed to be promoted. And all in just 12 minutes. lol

Anyway, each of the Rangers has a basic personality that I doubt will be expanded upon with the limited time we have. Maybe except for Juyong (who coincidentally? has the same last name as Juhyeok) who we might see how he came to train with a small dinosaur in the mountains. So with really no time for deep character exploration, the basic personality traits for each of the Rangers is fine. And all of the cast are doing well too.

The most interesting difference though between this series and a regular Sentai or Power Rangers is the lack of MOTW. And that means the lack of embiggening said MOTW for the mecha battle. The summoning of the same Sashinma robo every week is definitely different from the norm. Though it’s similar to Go-Busters, I guess. And of course, Go-Busters tried many different things as well.

Would be interesting to see if Toei tries more fresh ideas here and later use those ideas in a Sentai. Maybe like a test run.

I like the designs of the NeoDeboth. And again, them not gettingg picked off each week is a refreshing change and would be great in a full, regular series.

Overall, another fun and enjoyable episode.

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