Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, King (Episode) 1 – The Birth of a New King!

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, King (Episode) 1 – The Birth of a New King!

Torin senses evil energy as NeoDeboth has arrived in Earth’s orbit. Leading the NeoDeboth is Commander Deisaurus who hopes to acquire the power of the Dinosaur King on Earth.

Homuras and Jinarik are sent to Earth to seal GigaBragigas. Torin appears in the Spirit Base, where Canderilla and Luckyuro are, which shakes from the evil power of the NeoDeboth affecting the Earth. Torin separates the Spirit Base from GigaBragigas to keep it safe and says they need new Rangers.

Dino Force Brave 1

Meanwhile, a little argument between idol star Kim Sechang and police officer Jeon Hyeonjun is interrupted when Homuras appears. He orders Zorimas to inflict pain on humans to draw out the one with the Dinosaur King’s power.

Sechang and Hyeonjun both decide to fight the Zorima, but just get thrown around.

Suddenly, a mysterious young man (Kwon Juyong) arrives and he and his little dino friend make quick work of the Zorimas. Torin, Canderilla and Luckyuro arrive just in time to see the amazing display.

Juyong introduces himself to Sechang and Hyeonjun as a “child of dinosaurs.”

Homuras summons a large Sashinma robo which comes flying down from their spaceship. Juyong tells his friend Cannontyra to take care of it. It embiggens itself and takes on the Sashinma.

Dino Force Brave 1

Torin approaches Juyong and presents him with a Gaburevolver and a Dino Cell which positively reacts to its new owner. Juyong inserts the Dino Cell, is compelled to dance and morphs into Brave Red Dino.

Dino Force Brave 1

Juyong finishes off the rest of the Zorima and takes on Homuras who quickly retreats.

Juyong introduces himself to Canderilla and Luckyuro and says he’s been training in the mountains since he was little to develop his great strength. He grabs Gaburevolvers and Dino Cells from Luckyuro’s pouch to hand to Sechang and Hyeonjun. Stegotop and Forkkera appear and Torin is pleased to see the two guys also being accepted.

Dino Force Brave 1

Sechang and Hyeonjun morph and the three new Dino Force Rangers Brave In to form Brave Tyranno King.

Dino Force Brave 1

They are able to quickly destroy the Sashinma with a Dino Force Brave Finish.

Dino Force Brave 1

Episode Thoughts

I hadn’t even finished Kyoryuger yet. (Still haven’t!) But when news of a Korean sequel first came about, I was intrigued. Korean Power Rangers? Yes please!

And then all of a sudden, the cast photo gets unleashed on the internets and ZOMG! Is that MYNAME’s Seyong?! And CROSS GENE’s Seyoung?! And Injun from DGNA/The Boss?! I was shocked. I was looking forward to meeting the cast, but I never thought I would have already known them. Even the other two guys (whom I would later find out were from Apeace fka DoubleB21) and the one female member of the team looked familiar.

And not only that, MYNAME is one of my all-timefavorite K-pop groups. I also definitely regularly listen to Cross Gene and DGNA. And have checked out Apeace from time to time since they first debuted with 21(!) members. So if I was intrigued before, I was immediately excited as soon as I saw that first cast photo.

Having already been engulfed in the Hallyu Wave for almost a decade now, this was very exciting. My being a fan of Power Rangers/toku and being a fan of K-pop colliding in the most unexpected way. Cross Gene’s
Shin Wonho guest starred on an episode of Ninninger, but that wasn’t a surprise since he and the rest of Cross Gene are all signed to the same agency that Toei grabs all their Sentai and Kamen Rider actors from.

I’d originally expected Toei to cast some rookie Korean actors. But I soon realized it made A LOT of sense to cast K-pop idols who were, not only active in, but more popular in Japan. Korea apparently loved Kyoryuger so much, which is why this sequel even exists. So there’s a built in audience there. But getting Japan interested by casting maybe their favorite idols? That’s clever.


I really don’t know how Kyoryuger ended other than what was implied in the ToQger Vs. movie. So I only know basically that Torin is dead and Canderilla and Luckyuro switched sides. Really though, I didn’t even need to know anything about Kyoryuger to watch Dino Force Brave.

It’s a brisk 12 minute runtime. Surprising at first, but typical for a Korean web/mobile drama and most children’s programs. It definitely played out like the Korean web dramas I’ve watched.

Everything moved very fast, but it didn’t necessarily feel rushed. We met every single one of the NeoDeboth members and even got to the five Rangers + Torin, Canderilla and Luckyuro too. I guess maybe since I’m familiar with Kyoryuger, I didn’t feel lost. But even for people just coming to the show cold, I think it was a fun, enjoyable little show with lots to still look forward to.

Seyong was awesome and Sungho and Sehyun of Apeace were great as well. It’s also fun to watch in Korean with all the Korean-isms in their speech and stuff. Torin-nim!

So overall, I enjoyed the premiere. Excited for the rest of it and it’s got me hoping for a full on Korean toku series even more.

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