Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Christmas Special – "That was not awesome."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Christmas Special – Here Comes Heximas

Dino Christmas

It’s Christmas in Amber Beach. The dinosaurs are wearing their Santa hats and Shelby is overseeing decorating the museum. Riley and Chase are all tied up together in Christmas lights.

Dino Christmas

But they see presents for them saying they must open them now. They decide to open them early and they get lumps of coal. Something surges through their body.

Tyler arrives with wreaths, but no one’s at the cafe anymore. He sees the presents for him and Kendall, so he takes them down to the command cave.

Dino Christmas

Just then, a time portal opens up and Koda and Ivan hop through with Keeper and the Energems. Keeper says Christmas is the best time for a time travel gift.

Dino Christmas

Tyler opens his present and takes out the coal. The red power surge affects him too and he turns into an evil elf. “By george, he’s forgotten who he is!” ElfTyler says he works for his boss Heximas. Koda and Ivan quickly tie him up.

Keeper suggests Koda introduce the first clip package about the search for Papa Navarro to snap Tyler out of his elfiness.

After some music sampling Mystic Force‘s soundtrack, Tyler snaps out of his evil elf-ness.

“That was not awesome.”

Tyler remembers the others also opened their presents. Just then, Santa calls Kendall and says all his coal has been stolen. He sends them the location of the coal and Keeper gives the Rangers back their Energems.

Tyler, Kendall, Koda and Ivan head out to the location of the coals and they see Vivix are there. Heximas is busy cursing the coal presents while elfShelby, elfRiley and elfChase are packing them.

“We could use some evil Kiwi elves.”

Dino Christmas

The Rangers are able to capture elfIvan and elfRiley and take them back to the command cave. Now it’s Ivan’s turn to introduce the clip package. First is a recap of Chase and Kaylee’s love story.

For Riley, Kendall recaps his growth from swordplay in the barn to accepting who he really is and be true to himself.

Greece and Japan are safe from the magic coal. Keeper gives Riley and Ivan their Energems and says he will bring Philip, James and Zenowing to face Heximas.

The Rangers all face Heximas where Shelby is working.

Apparently, Heximas took the last pod out of Sledge’s ship before it flew into the sun. He’s been working on his plan for 65 million years.

elfShelby and Tyler fight while the other Rangers fight off Vivix. elfShelby forces Tyler to demorph and is about to kill him. But Tyler introduces Shelby’s clip package which consists of her standing up to Kendall being mean to her and wanting to be a popstar as well as Tyler and Shelby falling for each other.

Dino Christmas

Shelby is back and the Rangers turn their attention to stopping Heximas. Tyler and Shelby morph together and the Rangers deliver a Victory Maximum at him.

Dino Christmas

But Heximas has his own Magnabeam and embiggens himself. The Rangers hop into their zods and finish off Heximas for good.

Dino Christmas

The Rangers sing carols in the cafe as Santa arrives. Tyler falls on pies and they get thrown at everyone’s faces. But Santa has presents for them all.

Merry Christmas!

Episode Thoughts

Merry Christmas indeed! I thought this was fine. If anything, it should be fun to see fans reacting to all the continuity problems again lol

But it was alright as a cute Christmas epilogue. Dinosaurs wearing Santa hats and antlers and random time travel whenever they want.

I was more hyped seeing the Ninja Steel teaser in HD though. Dino Charge has been fine, but I’m excited and anxious for Ninja Steel. And we won’t have to wait long!

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3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Christmas Special – "That was not awesome."

  1. Gotta say, it was a really nice move in making this episode not only a Christmas special, but also a post-finale episode. As always, great amount of original footage.

    Now I can’t wait for Ninja Steel.

  2. I think Heximas was grown/more powerful by 345 times thanks to his version of Magna Beam. In the Japanese version, Debo Yanasanta has 5 quintuplets and fuse them for more power.

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