Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 41 – The First and Last Chance

Zyuohger 41

Azarudo wonders where Naria could be since she’s usually not this absent. He goes to look for Cubaru too since he wants an audience when he plays. Cubaru believes this is his best and only opportunity. Ginis, meanwhile, says “it’s time.”

Yamato smiles as he watches Micchan jogging in the park. But Ginis meets Misao in the fog, wanting him to come back to him and make him stronger. Misao has horrifying memories of being tortured by Ginis before morphing and charging.

Zyuohger 41

Misao throws everything he’s got at Ginis, but it doesn’t even leave a scratch. One wave of the hand by Ginis and Misao gets hurled across the field and is forced to demorph, bloodied and bruised.

The Zyuman4 arrive and Ginis tells them to come to Galie Castle if they want to save Misao. Ginis takes Misao and disappears.

Amu calls Yamato who is shocked to hear what’s happened.

Cubaru is in some abandoned place… with Naria! She’s tied to a pillar and the Ginis who attacked Misao was actually materialized from her memory. Cubaru hopes the Zyuohgers will fight the real Ginis with even more passion and fire than usual, based on what he’s learned from Earth. And luring Ginis to Earth will weaken him, as Cubaru has learned from scanning Naria’s memories.

Cubaru scans Naria to materialize an Azarudo.

Zyuohger 41

Back at the treehouse, Yamato is upset as he feels guilty for not even calling out to Misao when he saw him. If he had, he would’ve been able to protect his Micchan, especially against Ginis whom he knows must make Micchan feel alone and afraid.

The Zyuman4 follow Yamato to the castle. Sela hears Misao’s voice inside. They run in, but run into locked doors and barriers. Yamato goes gorilla and tries to force his way through.

Azarudo tells Ginis that the Zyuohgers have captured Naria and are demanding Ginis appear before them to save her. Cubaru suggests the Zyuohgers are looking for a duel. Ginis makes a fist and says he feels underestimated. He stands.

The Zyuohgers are able to break down the barrier and run up the stairs to find Misao tied to a chair. Yamato runs over to unchain him.

Yamato apologizes, but Micchan smiles and says he’s fine and knew they would save him. The others are surprised Misao is perfectly fine and not depressed.

The Zyuman4’s tails go as hard as they’ve ever been as Ginis blows a hole through the side of the castle.

Ginis says he’s here after hearing what the Zyuohgers have done to Naria. Misao says he wants payback for what Ginis has just done to him. Neither side knows what the other is talking about.

Zyuohger 41

The Zyuohgers morph and jump down to face Ginis.

Cubaru materializes six past MOTWs and have them surround Ginis. He also reveals this Azarudo is a fake and that he has Bangurei’s hand.

Cubaru says he knows Ginis probably doesn’t even remember the name of the planets he’s destroyed or the people he’s committed genocide against.

“So you’re saying you had me fooled?”
“I suppressed my fear and hatred. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment? Today, this planet will become your grave.”

Zyuohger 41

Cubaru asks the Zyuohgers to work together to kill Ginis. Misao and Yamato are more than willing to go along with Cubaru’s plan.

#TeamCubaru and the Zyuohgers all shoot at Ginis, but it does nothing. Ginis takes the data collected from Cube Whale and inserts it into himself. A huge explosion reveals his new form powered by the energy of Earth. He now has feet. And can now freely move about without needing the energy of the Sagitariark.

Cubaru is horrified to realize Ginis knew about his plan all along. Ginis comments that this has been a fun game.

Ginis zooms back and slices both sides of Cubaru’s face before making him taste the sweetest fear. Cubaru orders #TeamCubaru to take on Ginis. Misao is also ready to attack, but Tusk says it’s too dangerous. Misao says they must defeat Ginis even more now that he’s become more dangerous.

Zyuohger 41

Tusk and Amu reluctantly join their teammates and #TeamCubaru in attacking Ginis from all sides. But Ginis’ new form just wrecks everyone. He is able to destroy all he materialized forms, including, as it turns out, Misao.

The Zyuohgers realize how Cubaru’s tricked them all. But Yamato wants to know where the real Micchan is. Cubaru runs off, but Ginis embiggens the three remaining #TeamCubaru members and orders them to take care of Cubaru.

The embiggened #TeamCubaru rampage in the city. Yamato wants to look for Micchan, but they must take care of the rampaging Deathgaliens first. They hop into ZyuohKing, ZyuohWild and Dodekai-Oh

Bado is in the woods collecting small Cubes, but sees the Zyuohgers fighting and is about to join. But Azarudo runs into him. Bado notices how Azarudo is made of cubes.

Zyuohger 41

The Zyuohgers finish off the embiggeneds and Yamato hurries out to look for Micchan who is tied up under a bridge at the river

Zyuohger 41

Episode Thoughts

Finally!!! Things are happening on Zyuohger. It’s definitely been a rough 2nd half of the season, honestly. Things have just been all over the place with some truly annoying and infuriating story decisions, dropped balls, missed opportunities and worst of all, boring episodes!!! No!!!

But Zyuohger has a chance to redeem itself in this final stretch. And this episodes was certainly a promising way to start.

I very much enjoyed this episode.

First of all, I really thought Naria was dead. lol I mean, Cubaru shot her right in the boobs, you know?! But it ends up making sense. All Cubaru wanted to do was to memory scan her to get his plan going. And it was a solid plan.

I was kind of cringing when you could see Tusk and Amu hesitating to join Cubaru in fighting Ginis. Like, seriously? Because they made it seem like it was so horrifying that Cubaru would turn on his boss. But um, no. Cubaru’s entire race was murdered for Ginis’ sh-ts and giggles. I would think that’d be enough to want to just wreck Ginis in this situation.

Of course, Cubaru using Misao in that way and actually hurting him bad like that is horrible. Cubaru could care less what happens to the Zyuohgers as long as Ginis is dead as well. So there’s that.

But Cubaru’s story has been the most interesting of the Deathgaliens, no doubt. I wish it was teased out a little more that it has been, but it was good enough for us to get this moment.

Elsewhere, I really wish they touched on Misao’s inner struggle a little more. Maybe in a more serious way coupled with his feelings of being alone and depressed instead of being the butt of jokes or ridicule by the others.
That would have made a face-off against Ginis even more impactful, especially when paired with Cubaru’s own pain from having his planet completely wiped out.

Maybe the season’s biggest dropped ball is with Misao’s story possibility. Such a good, deep story there ready to go but instead the show goes with lazy stuff.

Anyway, Yamato and Misao are one of the few non-annoying things about this season. At least, when Yamato has been sincere. There have been episodes here and there where Yamato came off as being fake and plastic instead of sincerely caring about his Micchan.

(And yes, I’m onboard that ship. This must be the most direct, blunt “bromance”/bordering on actual romance between two guys on Sentai I’ve seen! lol)

I hope next week’s episode continues this good, though late, development of Misao’s story and inner struggle. I see the three headZyumans return as well.

Also this episode, Bado points out Azarudo’s design. I’ve definitely wondered about his cubed design. At first, I had been confused between him and Cubaru thinking Azarudo was more of a CUBE-aru than Cubaru was lol Anyway, the last minute twist could be very nice. Let’s see what’s going on there.

And speaking of design, I’ve been intrigued by Ginis’ design. His large, bottom-heavy form was so strange, yet interesting. We rarely saw him move from what originally looked like a simple throne, but was actually part of his body. Kinda sad that it’s gone now in favor of a more traditional body. But I guess if he’s going to be battling the Zyuohgers now, he’ll need a more mobile body.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode very much. I hope, really really really! hope this is the start of a truly great final stretch going into the finale. Recapture that great start they had.

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  1. Yeah there has been tons of hints between Yamato and Misao in this episode, if this continues Zyuohgers could end up being the first sentai to have a gay couple.

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