Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (14) 34 – "Your turn to hold the banana mic."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (14) 34 – Silver Secret


Shelby is freaking out because Chase is mates with Rata from her favorite boy band N-Zed. And he’s here at the cafe to hold auditions for a new member. He says Shelby should try out as they’re thinking of adding female members.

Kendall calls the Rangers and tells them to head to the forest where the Silver Ranger has sent a distress signal.


They hurry over and find the Silver Ranger stumbling toward them. But they realize the Silver Ranger seems to be brainwashed by Arcanon. After the Silver Ranger attacks, he starts to get a headache and demorphs. It’s Doomwing, but he suddenly turns into Torin Zenowing. He says he’s a friend and explains that Arcanon forced him to share a body with Doomwing.

Doomwing takes over the body again and pins Tyler against the cliffside. Doomwing puts a listening device on Tyler’s Dino Com, which he sees and makes sure to silence while the Rangers think of a trap.

Kendall and Riley easily come up with a device that separates. But in the meantime, Kendall will help Shelby with singing lessons while Tyler hopes to impress Shelby by auditioning as well. Chase helps him, but says it might be better if Tyler just admits his feelings for her.


It’s time for the audition. Shelby is pretty awesome. Tyler is up next, but he has stage fright. Shelby hops up on stage to sing with him and suggests Tyler think of the judges as pineapples apple plens.

That absolutely helps Tyler and he and Shelby have a great performance together.

Kendall calls the others to the forest as they are ready with their plan to split the -wingers.


While waiting, Tyler and Shelby have a nice talk about their auditions. Tyler admits that he did the audition just so Shelby would like him as much as Rata. Shelby says Tyler is pretty awesome even if he can’t sing or dance.

They look into each other’s eyes, move in closer… And Koda interrupts.

Kendall says it’s time to enact their plan. They attract Doomwing to the spot with Tyler being bait.

Both Tyler and Doomwing morph and battle. Doomwing demorphs and Zenowing is able come to the surface. Kendall activates the splitter and is able to split the two –wingers.


But Doomwing still has the Silver Energem. Kendall takes Zenowing to safety and Arcanon embiggens Doomwing. The Rangers hop into the Ultrazord and are able to downsize Doomwing.

Doomwing heads back to the ship and Arcanon tells him he’ll never be able to morph into the Silver Ranger because he’s not good like Zenowing. Arcanon says he has no more use for Doomwing.

Back at the command cave, Keeper welcomes his friend Zenowing back.

Up in the cafe, the results of the audition are announced. The newest member is Marla Stevens.

Rata says asks Shelby out on a date, but she says she’s busy. “I’m already hanging with the rockstar.” Shelby and Tyler hold hands.


Episode Thoughts

This was definitely a much better episode than recent ones, especially since coming back from hiatus. It wasn’t perfect, but at the least the in-episode plot made sense. The lead up to this episode was messy, but this episode worked fine.

I think they could’ve easily made this a two-parter and eliminated one of the recent fillers. There’s plenty of material left untouched there, including with Heckyl/Snide as well.

The boyband aspect of the Shelby/Tyler subplot was a little weak, despite dropping the little bit about Shelby being a fan episodes ago. But we got the payoff at the end I guess.

Overall, a much more solid and enjoyable episode.

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