Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (13) 33 – "You can't even make a pavlova?!"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (13) 33 – Recipe For Disaster

Keeper explains how the Dark Energem was created and how it is the one thing that can cripple the other ten. The Energem was hidden on the planet Sentai 6, but a mysterious warlord destroyed that planet just to get it.

Kendall has transferred all their data to the Silver Ranger who is trying to stop the newly resurfaced Dark Energem.

Wrench introduces Heckyl to Fortress who will become his own personal monster megazord.

Over at the Dino Cafe, the Rangers are trying to impress Ms. Allister, a fancy food critic with pavlova. But it explodes in the critic’s face and she storms out. The Rangers bring all their supplies to the command cave, much to Kendall’s annoyance, to try and figure out how to correctly make pavlova.

But Chase realizes his Energem fell in the pavlova and must now be in Ms. Allister’s designer handbag.

Just then, a spaceship crashes into Amber Beach, carrying Singe, Lord Arcanon and Doomwing. Heckyl, Wrench, Fury and Fortress go to meet them.

Lord Arcanon says he hired Sledge to capture an army for him. Wrench confirms. Lord Arcanon is here to collect his prisoners and ship. And that includes Heckyl and Snide. Heckyl gets knocked back and Snide takes over.

Snide calls for the Magna Beam to embiggen Fortress and hops in. But Lord Arcanon has stolen the Rangers’ technology. Doomwing is able to summon T-Rex zord.

The Rangers are shocked to find zords are being activated.

Lord Arcanon, Singe and Doomwing hop into Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy Rex Formation and they battle Snide. Snide is able to force the Megazord to separate and Lord Arcanon, Singe and Doomwing are ejected.

Lord Arcanon summons all the other zords.

Chase finds Ms. Allister. She lets him look in her bag and he finds the Energem. Just then, the out of control zords attack and Chase manages to knock Ms. Allister out of the way of falling buildings.

Before Ms. Allister gets to safety, she gives Chase some tips on making pavlova.

The Rangers are powerless as they have zero control over their zords. Snide has no problem countering anything Lord Arcanon, Singe and Doomwing throw at him. Doomwing suggests trying the Titanozord, but Lord Arcanon has no time for that.

Lord Arcanon says he has another plan, so they leave. The Rangers reunite, morph and hop into their empty zords.

Chases suggests trying a new combination, like Ms. Allister suggested. Kendall prepares a new formation while the Rangers form the Titano Charge Megazord.

Kendall joins them downtown to help form the Dino Charge Ultrazord.

Heckyl takes over, but the Rangers deliver an Ultra Plasma Final Blast. Fortress is destroyed.

Heckyl is ejected. Lord Arcanon captures Heckyl and tells Singe and Doomwing to lock him up.

The Rangers conclude the Silver Ranger is in trouble if Lord Arcanon was able to get all the info they sent over.

Back at the Dino Cafe, Ms. Allister is back and Chase is finally able to make a good pavlova. Ms. Allister says to expect a wonderful review.

Over on the ship, Heckyl is thrown back into solitary confinement as Lord Arcanon takes over and vows to kill all the Rangers.

Episode Thoughts

The last few episodes have been interesting. While mostly okay to solid, I feel like there’s been very little in terms of build up. This episode, on paper, was supposed to be pretty big. Heckyl gets thrown back in a cell while a brand new villain arrives.

But it kinda felt a little underwhelming. Like it should’ve been much more epic and exciting than it was.

The Silver Ranger build up is also lacking for me. A couple of random seconds at the end of episodes aren’t really the most effective set-up for future developments. They almost feel like they were tacked on last minute.

This episode was also a new toy introduction, but that too was very underwhelming.

I don’t want to saw Dino Charge is losing steam after such a hot start last year. But we’re heading into the final episodes and it feels like we’re in episodes that would be better placed earlier in the season when we’re only still getting to know the Rangers.

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