Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 31 – When the Great Beast Rises

Zyuohger 31

While the others try to help Sela and Misao recover from the poison, Yamato is out looking for Cube Whale.

Up on the Sagitariark, Ginis is explaining how he planned to take control of the great beast Bangurei was hunting all along. He wanted to spice up the Blood Game. Naria tells Ginis that the tracker she shot at Cube Whale has revealed its location.

Because of that, Ginis gives Naria Gift.

Next morning, Yamato has also found Cube Whale. Tusk, Amu and Leo head out to meet Yamato while they tell Sela and Misao to stay home and recover.

Zyuohger 31

Misao apologizes for getting in Sela’s way earlier and says he’s useless. He doesn’t even know much about Zyuland, let alone been there, that’s why he feels so inadequate. Misao only wants to be helpful. Especially to the first friends he’s ever had.

Sela says she actually appreciates that side of him.

Over in the forest, Cubaru meets with Bangurei to tell him Cube Whale’s location. But Bangurei gives Cubaru a piece of advice and tells him maybe he should keep a closer eye on Ginis if he really wants to get his revenge.

Zyuohger 31

Yamato arrives at the lake where Cube Whale is floating around. But Cube Whale “shuts out” Yamato by cubing itself and engaging its waterfalls.

Sela tells Misao that while he gets worked up over little things, she recognizes that he works hard and puts a lot of thought into whatever he sets out to do. She says she also wanted to become stronger as she was looking for acknowledgement.

Sela hasn’t reached her goals yet, so she wants to keep working hard. Misao understands and gets fired up. So much that he realizes he’s back to normal. Sela too. They head out.

Just then, Naria arrives with some Moebas, ready to capture Cube Whale. But Leo, Amu and Tusk also arrive. They fight off the Moebas, but they are shocked to see Nari has another Gift!

Yamato tries talking to Cube Whale, asking why it doesn’t accept them. He wonders how Ketos-san was able to befriend Cube Whale. The Great Mark gives Yamato a glimpse of Ketos and Cube Whale’s lifelong bond.

That’s when Bangurei arrives. He shoots at Cube Whale, but Yamato quickly morphs and deflects it. Misao and Sela arrive and morph to help.

Zyuohger 31

Naria activates Gift and hops in. Sela fills Misao in on Gift as the others join them. Naria explains that this is Gift Custom, created specifically to capture Cube Whale. Ginis is amused as Naria shoots at the Zyuohgers and Bangurei.

As Naria approaches Cube Whale, Bangurei gets up to try and stop her from capturing his prey. Yamato goes Gorilla to stop him and tells the others to go take care of Gift.

The Zyuohers hop into Wild Tousai King and they battle Naria in Gift Custom. She shoots arrows that easily weakens them and allows her to zap them to the ground.

Bangurei seems to have gotten the upper hand on Yamato, but Yamato gets up and blocks more of Bangurei’s shots toward Cube Whale.

The Zyuohgers don’t give up. Yamato says if they can’t protect Cube Whale, how in the world can they protect Earth. The Zyuohgers’ resolve appears to reach Cube Whale and spirit of Ketos.

Zyuohger 31

The Kai-Oh Spear appears in front of Yamato who takes it and uses its great power to send Bangurei flying way off into the mountains.

Yamato then sends Kai-Oh Spear flying into the air, making it embiggen. It’s scrapes past Gift Custom before inserting itself into Cube Whale. The Great King’s Mark glows, signaling Yamato to hop in.

Yamato goes Whale and hops into Cube Whale which transforms into Dodekai-Oh.

Zyuohger 31

Naria is not backing down from the fight and the big battle continues. But Yamato and Dodekai-Oh are just too much for her and Gift Custom. With a Dodekai-Ocean Splash, Yamato is able to seriously damage Gift Custom.

Ginis tells Naria to remove the Memory Device and return to the Ship. She reluctantly does as told before Gift Custom is destroyed for good.

Yamato thanks Cube Whale for accepting their feelings.

Bangurei is even more fired up after experience the power of his prey.

Zyuohger 31

Back at the treehouse, the other Cube animals get to know Cube Whale. Micchan feels good about being of help today. Sela says even Cube Whale felt his efforts. Misao grabs Cube Whale, but it floats away. Leo slaps Misao upside the head and he becomes sad again.

Up on the Sagitariark, Naria presents the Memory Device to Ginis who says with it, they no longer need to capture Cube Whale.

Zyuohger 31

Episode Thoughts

Another exciting episode! I really enjoyed this one. This is how you do a new toy introduction. Last Saturday’s Dino Charge episode was so flat and out of place with its introduction. This Zyuohger episode was the complete opposite. A great, exciting and action-packed episode.

Now, I’m still annoyed at how they’re developing Misao’s story. There’s really a great story there about friendship, especially for the kiddies. But they’re playing him off as annoying and weird. Not good at all. Hopefully the little progress we saw this episode with Sela understanding him will continue. Though he already told them how he’s been alone most of his life, which is why he was so susceptible to Ginis’ control. But I guess the Zyuohgers didn’t really care to listen since they hate him so much. (Seriously, WTF.)

The Cube Whale CGI was really great all episode. And I loved that mecha battle in the lake. I don’t remember the last time, if ever, seeing a mecha battle in water like that. It reminds me of how amazing those set designers are for creating those little, mini-landscapes and cityscapes. Very awesome.

Should be interesting to see what Bangurei does next. And Ginis’ plans will be interesting to see as well.

Overall, a great, exciting episode.

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