Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 28 – The Space Pirates Return

Zyuohger 28

Marvelous interrupts the pre-episode game announcement to announce this is the 1999th episode of Super Sentai.

Uncle Mario is dressed as a parrot today. Micchan arrives at the treehouse and mentions this is the 2nd time he’s seen a parrot today. The tails go hard and they head out.

Bangurei is downtown continuing to headscan people. When he spots a bowl of curry, he sits down to eat. But Marvelous interrupts him. They fight. Marvelous morphs as the Zyuohgers arrive.

Zyuohger 28

They watch as Marvelous introduces himself as a space pirate. Not knowing yet if he’s friend or foe, the Zyuohgers decide to morph and fight Bangurei, but he leaves.

The Zyuohgers turn their attention to this interesting visitor. Marvelous demorphs and they are surprised to see he is human. They ask why he’s here and he says he’s searching for treasure. Navi flies in. Micchan says that’s the parrot he saw.

Navi mentions the Link Cube, much to the shock of the Zyuohgers. Marvelous says a legendary treasure is hidden inside it.

Zyuohger 28

Leo has a slip of the tongue and Marvelous gets them to lead him to the Cube. Bangurei revives Dorobozu and tells it to follow the Zyuohgers. Up on the Sagitariark, Naria tells Ginis she is suspicious of Bangurei and that he insulted his greatness. Ginis doesn’t think that’s the case.

The Zyuohgers bring Marvelous (and Micchan, for the first time) to the damaged Link Cube. Marvelous reaches right in and grabs a large, gold-colored Cube.

Zyuohger 28

Marvelous and the Zyuman4 play some keep away with the Cube until Amu tickles Marvelous and the Zyumans get it.

The Zyuman4 reveal their true forms and assert their rights to the Cube.

The Cube suddenly transforms into a projector with a message from Ketos, the ancestor of the Zyumans. He proceeds to tell them the history of Zyuland.

In his time, Earth was attacked by an evil monster. He was the only one who stood up against it, but he was no match. He thought he was done for, but the Cube emerged from the ground, embodying the planet’s power. That allowed Ketos to morph into ZyuohWhale and defeat the monster as well as give birth to Cube Whale.

Zyuohger 28

After defeating the monster, Ketos became the Great King over the Zyumans. And he named this power the Great King’s Mark. He then created Zyuland so the Zyumans could live in peace. The Great King’s Mark was the core of the Link Cube and helped develop the King’s Marks.

Ketos says the Great King’s Mark is full of Earth’s power as well as his memories. And he hopes that it will bring peace to their era as well.

The Zyuohgers are very touched by the history lesson. But Tusk notes that he’s never heard of this from any of Zyuland’s historical records before. He wonders why such a historical fact was not passed down. The others don’t care, at least they know now and have the Great King’s Mark. Navi agrees.

Bangurei pops up knowing everything about what they’ve just learned. Yamato realizes Bangurei is on Earth to hunt Cube Whale.

The Zyuohgers morph and take on Bangurei and Dorobozu. Navi leaves to take care of some business as Marvelous morphs and surprisingly fights the Zyuohgers to take the Great King’s Mark.

Marvelous says he will take whatever he wants. Yamato calls him a selfish jerk. It’s a free-for-all.

Zyuohger 28

Marvelous morphs to Gaoranger then Gekiranger and beats up on Leo and Amu. Yamato and Micchan both upmorph as well and that makes Marvelous morph to… Go-Busters?!

Seeing Marvelous upmorph four times makes Micchan sad since he can only upmoprh three times. Marvelous kicks Micchan in the stomach.

Zyuohger 28

Elsewhere, Gai is begging the ToQgers on his knees for their Ranger Keys. They say Yes.

Marvelous goes Jetman and flies away with the Great King’s Mark. Yamato downmorphs and flies after him. Bangurei resurrects Bowguns and Amu gets Misao to hop into Tousai Zyuoh.

Bangurei leaves as the Zyuman4 finish off Dorobozu.

Zyuohger 28

The Zyuman4 try to go after Bangurei, but they instead find the other Gokaigers with Navi. They battle.

The Gokaigers have the upper hand at first, but the Zyuohgers unleash their beasts. The Gokaigers are forced to Gokai Change. Ahim goes Kyoryuger, Doc goes ToQger, Joe goes Ninninger and Luka goes Go-Busters. The Zyuohgers don’t care and the battle resumes.

Marvelous and Yamato also continue their battle in the air.

Zyuohger 28

Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode. Like I mentioned last week, I wish I were more excited to see the space pirates again. But I find myself feeling very “Meh.” Like, it’s cool and all, but I’m not jumping out of my seat squealing, you know?

The plot of the episode feels a little random as well. Like, that Great King’s Mark has been inside the Link Cube all this time? Did they not go back to the Link Cube and search around when the Zyuman4 first arrived? That shiny gold Cube inside should’ve been pretty easy to see.

I suggested Bangurei had been looking for the Gokaigers last week. A more logical story would’ve been Bangurei and the Gokaigers searching for the same treasure or something. Which is what would bring both to Earth. Instead, the plot feels a little haphazardly thrown together.

We’ll see how the bigger 2000th episode will play out.

At the very least, it was cute to see the backs of the ToQkids even though they were obviously not the actual child actors.

I also appreciate seeing both the Gokaigers and Zyuohgers getting their time to shine during fights. While I definitely want to see vet teams kind of get that respect, I also don’t want the current teams to be beaten badly or treated horribly either. So it was good that after getting their butts handed to them, the Zyuohgers were able to rise.

Overall, it was a solid episode.

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