Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 47 – Conciliation! Everyone's Resolutions!

Ghost 47

Adel just wrecks Takeru, Alain and Makoto. Alain and Makoto are forced to dehenshin. But Takeru says he wants to save Adel. They have another memory share.

“Do not enter me!”

“Don’t you want to connect with your family?” Takeru asks. They flashback to happier times, especially Adel with his dear mother who loved him so much.

Adel remembers being so distraught when his mother died. He screams that he no longer needs family. Takeru says he’s jealous that Adel has mommy memories. But it’s okay because he had his father and Makoto-niichan and Akari and Kanon since he was little to keep him going.

Adel turns it around and says not all of Takeru’s memories are happy. They flashback to Papa Tenkuuji’s death. And it turns out Ryu’s murderer is… Adel?!

Ghost 47

Takeru pulls out of Adel’s body. Adel is fascinated by this revelation. He remembers that day clearly.

Adel admits it was he who killed Tenkuuji Ryu.

Ghost 47

Takeru is beside himself. Adel says Ryu died because he was weak. Takeru pulls his sword out and charges toward Adel. But Adel grabs Takeru’s hair and knocks him aside before leaving.

Back at the temple, an angry Onari wants revenge for his predecessor’s murder. Onari doesn’t care that he’s a monk, but he wants Adel to pay. Akari scolds him and says he should think about Alain and Takeru’s feelings. But Onari says Adel has played around with humans too much, not to mention murdering Papa Tenkuuji.

Ghost 47

Alain bows his head to Takeru and apologizes for his brother. Takeru tells him to lift his head, says it’s alright and is sorry for losing his cool with Adel earlier. Takeru says he’s fine, when he’s obviously not, and leaves.

Akari suggests they persuade Adel to remove the tablets from his person so they can destroy the Ganmaizer and poke the Great Eye. They’ll get to work on opening the Gate.

Takeru is meditating and gets a visit from Musashi and the Gang. They admit knowing Adel was Ryu’s murderer and promise to stick with Takeru until the end.

Ghost 47

Alain is not sure what to do.

Over in the G World, Adel is amused by this new realization with Takeru’s father. Aria suggests Adel is jealous of Takeru because he uses the loss of his father to drive him forward and gain power. Plus he’s not a loner.

Aria tries to say Daddy Adonis loved Adel, but Adel makes her shut up and become one of his worldly zombies.

Ghost 47

Next morning, Onari is vigorously training. Narita and Shibuya talk about how it’d be difficult not to hate Adel for murdering their father.

Down in the lab, Akari tells Kanon to get out of the way while Makoto’s in the cemetery praying. That’s when cloneMakoto arrives and reveals their minds are connected through their Eyecons.

Alain sees the two of them. cloneMakoto runs away.

Makoto asks Alain not to let Takeru know about this and vows to risk his life for Takeru after he risked his life to resurrect Kanon. And that also saved Makoto from doing some very bad things.

cloneMakoto watches the whole conversation.

Back in the G World, Grampa Sennin is a ninja trying to sneak into his hidden stash to retrieve a driver and Eyecon to help Akari. Yurusen pops in.

Ghost 47

Alain walks to the park and sees Grandma Fumi’s granddaughter at the takoyaki cart. He thinks about what Takeru has done for him all this time and decides he will defeat his brother and settle this family matter within the family.

Adel returns to his round room and seems to regret zapping his sister earlier. The Ganmaizer sense his hesitation and offer to make his stronger, but he just swats them away.

In the lab, Akari notices Takeru in deep thought. She interrupts him and says she knows exactly what he’s thinking, that he’s conflicted about what he should do with Adel.

Onari barges in and asks if Takeru has decided whether or not he’ll kill Adel. Whatever the decision, Onari says, it will come from Takeru’s heart. Takeru is not sure if he’ll be able to control himself next time he sees Adel, but Onari and Akari promise to stop him.

Ghost 47

Grampa Sennin finds the monolith in the castle. Yurusen says he doesn’t have to do this since no one expects anything from them anyway. But Sennin is intent on helping. He henshins to Dark Ghost.

cloneMakoto, Kanon and Alain come down to the lab. Alain wants to know what the plan is and cloneMakoto tries to reassure Takeru, much to his own surprise.

The monolith starts to open thanks to Sennin’s efforts. He tosses Yurusen through to tell the lab people that they need to work on opening the Gate from both sides.

The real Makoto arrives and tells cloneMakoto to get away. Both Makotos tell everyone to stay behind while they take care of their fight. Takeru, Onari and Kanon follow them to the cliffs.

Ghost 47

Kanon is not sure which Makoto is which as they both henshin and begin to battle. They both seem to share the same sentiment for Takeru. Kanon runs over and tries to get them to stop.

But the Makotos just end up wrecking each other and putting Kanon in danger. One of the Makotos saves her from falling rocks and everyone assumes he is the real one.

The other Makoto dehenshins and has no idea what he’s doing. The Makoto that’s left wonders why friendship is suddenly so important to him.

Grampa Sennin sends a heart to the monolith and the Gate opens. Alain decides to jump in. Akari runs over to tell the others.

Ghost 47

Episode Thoughts

So, are they doing that two episode crossover thing again this year? Because from the end of episode bumper, it made it seem like Episode 48 is the non-epilogue finale finale. And this 47 certainly did not feel like a penultimate episode.

I don’t understand. How can this all be so underwhelming?! This felt like a lead-up to a midseason climax. Not the season finale.

At least Drive last year had a clear escalation in the last couple of episodes. Even if it was 40 episodes too late.

I think this episode best exemplifies what this season has become; a bunch of random, unconnected subplots and events with no clear focus. The only continuing storyline is Takeru either going *poof* in two days or becoming a real boy again.

But Takeru’s resurrection has even taken a back seat to such random subplots as Adel’s mommy and daddy issues and the reason Papa Tenkuuji died. Like, I didn’t even know Ryu’s death being unsolved was a thing. I don’t think it ever was. (Disregarding the events of the Drive/Ghost movie.) And now it’s front and center and the main catalyst for the next episode (which may or not be the finale, who knows).

I’ve repeatedly said there’s some nice story hidden somewhere in this season. There’s an interesting thread of life and death and what it means to be “alive.” That’s “alive” in the sense that Kanon and Takeru’s souls were floating around in Eyecons or as a ghost. And “alive” for Alain who was deprived of pretty sky and flowers and takoyaki. Adonis wanted to eliminate death after Aria his wife died.

But none of that was ever the focus. In fact, Ghost has become so unfocused after such a solid start.

Anyway, it’s three episodes too early for a post-mortem on Ghost I guess. So I’ll stop there for now.

But again, this episode just showed very well how this season really fell off the tracks this last third.

Elsewhere, I seriously get confused by Aria’s actress playing Mommy Adonis too. It’s like, I’m not sure if I should expect some kind of twist there or not. Especially when they just throw in random things and hope a story appears.

It was weird that Takeru completely ignored Kanon when talking about who helped him get through the bad times. But I was amused when Akari told Kanon to get out of the way when she was working. I was also amused by Grampa Sennin’s/Yurusen’s meta “We’ve been annoying and useless.” comment. True dat Yurusen! Hmph.

Anyway, the final battle is supposed to be between Adel and whoever. Though we still don’t know what Adel is even trying to do.

One thought on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 47 – Conciliation! Everyone's Resolutions!

  1. The whole deal about Papa Ryu’s death being an “unsolved case” is an annoying re0thread of Papa Eisuke’s plot in Drive. But, hey, for all Drive’s Tomari’s arc actually went somewhere. This one totally came out of nowhere and seems to be going nowhere.

    And speaking of going nowhere, the whole Makoto vs. Makoto subplot is an infuriating example. It just meanders there aimlessly.

    Also, notice how they seem to have totally forgotten the whole “We can’t see Takeru” plot they introduced last episode? It’s just gone for no real reason.

    As for Reon Kadena playing both Aria and their mom, I guess that’s due to cost cutting. measures. You know, just let the same actress play mom and daughter because resemblance and all. But hey, they could have at least gotten a younger actor to play Adonis in those flashbacks. It looked like Papa Adonis is a freaking DOM when he married Mama Aria’s mother.

    And I honestly don’t get the whole point of Grandpa Sage transforming into Kamen Rider Dark Ghost aside from purely to blatantly promote the movie. It just comes out of nowhere.

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