Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 27 – Which One is Real?

Zyuohger 27

Bangurei is continuing to memory scan people around the city while drinking wine, annoyed by Yamato being so awesome.

Tusk and Sela are walking from home from some equally awesome sales at the grocery store. (“You’re going to make an awesome housewife.”) That’s when their tails go and Bangurei appears, ready to play with them.

Tusk and Sela morph and fight, but Bangurei just swats them away and forces them to demorph. He tells them not to worry because he isn’t killing them. He just wants to play with their bodies.

(No, not like that.)

Zyuohger 27

Later, Yamato, Leo and Amu arrive and find their Cubes scattered near their unconscious bodies. Tusk and Sela awake to find some strange contraption attached to them… and that there is another pair of themselves.

Bangurei pops in and says he has created the copies from Sela and Tusk’s memories. And the things on their bodies are bombs which will explode in 30 minutes unless they destroy the impostors.

After a quick look at Cubaru and Azarudo talking about how weird everything’s been lately…

Everyone’s back at the treehouse trying to find a way to figure out who’s the real Sela and Tusk. Both pairs are able to morph.

One pair of SelaTusks change into their Zyuman forms to make distinguishing between them easier. Yamato has an idea. How about a quiz show?

Zyuohger 27

The human SelaTusks are against it at first, but they have no choice.

First question: What did Uncle Mario feed them for dinner first time they arrived? Both SelaTusks answer Nattou. Correct!

Next question: What did Yabiker yell to manipulate them? Both SelaTusks answer Pararira! Pararira! Correct again!

Micchan excitedly arrives with some somen noodles and is shocked when he sees the two SelaTusks. Leo calls him a pain in the ass, but they let him know what’s going on.

Zyuohger 27

Micchan has the 3rd question, but not before Amu says that he’s annoying. A now sad Micchan asks what he ate when they went to the cafe. Both SelaTusks answer Parfait. And that’s correct.

Micchan is so happy that they remembered such a thing.

Question #4: Which hand did Hanayaida use to pull up a steel tower after embiggening?

The human SelaTusks think that’s an absurd question. The two Zyuman SelaTusks know the answer immediately and right it down. Human SelaTusks make a guess.

And the correct answer is Left, which the Zyuman SelaTusks get correct.

The score is 6-4, but now it’s sudden death round! The correct answer will give them 4 points this time.

Zyuohger 27

Question #5 is from Amu. She asks them what promise Sela and Tusk made her last night. Human SelaTusk hit their buzzer first, but have no idea what the answer is. It pains them that they cannot even remember that simple answer.

Time’s up. The Zyuman SelaTusk team answer that it’s a trick question. They never made a promise to Amu.

Looks like the impostors have been found out. Human SelaTusk are afraid for their lives so they run for it. The Zyuman SelaTusk say they must be found so everyone runs out.

Human SelaTusk are at the playground and wonder if their friends will really kill them. They can’t believe it and have one more flashback before they are found.

Zyuman SelaTusk have one last question for the human facers. What did Leo say before they fought Gift? Human SelaTusk have no idea. Zyuman SelaTusk do know the answer.

And that settles it. The impostors are… Zyuman SelaTusk. Only the ones created from memories would be able to answer every single question correctly.

The real Sela and Tusk are so grateful to their friends.

Bangurei, who has been watching the whole time, is excited for the real show to start. His plan all along was to break their connections by seeing them kill someone who looks like their friends.

The Zyuman Sela and Tusk laugh and wait to be killed. But Yamato says they will not do that. The reason they wasted time on the quiz was to just buy them time to find a way to save everyone, not just the real SelaTusk. Even if they are impostors, they couldn’t possibly kill them with their own hands.

The bombs begin to beep. Human SelaTusk join the others to try and figure it out. Zyuman SelaTusk say to just kill them already.

Zyuohger 27

But that touches Zyuman SelaTusk. They begin to cry thinking about how they will never feel real friendship. They take the bombs off of themselves and decide to kill themselves for the sake of the real friends.

That unlocks the bombs from SelaTusk. The Zyuohgers are livid that Bangurei would play with their friendship like that.

Episode Thoughts

Okay, so this was a strange episode. Not just because it was a clipshow, but because it presented contradictory views on friendship.

I’ve annoyingly pointed it out each week since he first appeared, but them continuing to be annoyed by Misao and calling him a pain in the ass is very off-putting. It reminds me of the Samurai Rangers repeatedly mocking Mia’s cooking. It’s very mean-spirited and definitely in terms of being a kid’s show wanting to teach the kiddies good things, it’s not a very nice thing to teach them. Right?

In Power Rangers Samurai at least, Mia gets the last laugh, in a way, when she says in a sort of “F-ck you all” kind of way that she’s going to a culinary academy. Not because she wants to please the others, but since she was always genuinely interested in cooking.

I really don’t understand why Zyuohger is writing Misao and his relationship with the others this way. And I can only think it’s just lazy writing to mine some sort of laughs from the situation. (I definitely don’t see what’s funny about it.)

Then we have this episode that’s supposedly about how their friendship is so sacred and unbreakable… yet they love making fun of their new friend who never had friends before. Umm… okay.

So pointing that out, it makes this episode very problematic. And that is definitely a true pain in the ass.

I did get a huge laugh out of Misao’s reaction here:

I found it hilarious for some reason. Like a huge “WTF?!” frustrated, shocked, “What is life?” scream.

Anyway, I feel like I should be more excited about seeing our good friends the Gokaigers again. But maybe Megaforce really left a stain on it for me. Or just that ToQger came along and became my gold standard for Sentai. Recently, I’ve started seeing Goseiger in a more positive and fond light than Gokaiger, interestingly enough.

But it still should be fun to see the pirates again.

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