Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 46 – Duel! Words from the Swordsman!

Ghost 46

Everyone vows to do what they can while Takeru is invisible. Meanwhile, the now-senient Ganmaizer want to evolve. They order cloneMakoto to study how humans convert feelings into power. Because Tenkuuji Takeru is the key to everything!

Yurusen helps Akari replicate the scene in the lab from 10 years ago. Takeru is very touched. He goes onto a rooftop to watch people getting connected to the Demia network when suddenly he gets a headache from all the voices.

Ghost 46

The two creepy kids appear and then combine into one person to tell Takeru he’s the key. They disappear. But Adel feels other beings poking the Great Eye.

Ghost 46 Ghost 46

Takeru is suddenly transported to Sonoda-sensei’s lab. Then to Nagamasa office. And finally Yoko’s Yuki’s apartment. Takeru sees how he’s been able to touch so many lives for the better.

Ghost 46

Takeru leaves, but a cute thing flies around Yuki’s apartment.

Back at the temple, Makoto comes back from training with the Eyecon. But both Kanon and Alain feel this is not the real Makoto. Onari says that’s impossible, this is the real Makoto. But it’s cloneMakoto and he feels the real one approaching so he leaves.

Bills-san suggests they broadcast their warning to the world from the DeepConnect broadcast studio. Great idea!

The real Makoto walks in and everyone realizes the impostor was just here.

Ghost 46

Takeru returns to the rooftop and is met by Sonoda, Nagamasa and Yuki. But they’ve been possessed by the Ganmaizer so they can study their emotions. They morph into the Ganma forms and Takeru henshins.

Makoto comes face to face with cloneMakoto in the forest. Clonekoto says he will connect everyone’s hearts. But before they can battle, real Makoto sees Takeru is in trouble. He hurries over to help and is able to actually see Takeru, despite being in data form, according to the Ganmaizer.

That gives the Ganmaizer exactly what they need and disappear.

They both dehenshin and Takeru goes invisible again. Makoto says he wlll be able to find Takeru, no matter what happens. Everyone believes Takeru can connect with Adel and come back.

Adel has summoned the rogue Ganmaizer back to his round room. They are defiant in wanting to study Takeru and friends instead of killing them. That angers Adel and he releases the tablets from his body. He will not allow the Ganmaizer to evolve.

Takeru wonders what everyone else is doing so he uses his mind to see. Everyone’s doing what they can to help him, same as earlier. Akari and Yurusen are still setting up the lab while everyone else become television producers and directors.

Takeru suddenly gets a headache again and not sure if he can fulfill his promise to Akari. He is losing hope. But Musashi sucks him into the Eyecon to tell Takeru to believe in himself and his heart.

Ghost 46

Bills starts the live worldwide broadcast, but it’s too late. 90% of the world already has the Demia contacts. Adel hijacks the feed and tells the world that they will all be inside of him. He is the world and they will all become him.

Ghost 46

Every single person starts to take on Adel’s face much to the horror of Javert, Cubi and Hikoki Ganma. Igor is excited until he too starts to morph into Adel. He cries for Adel not to do this, but he soon becomes a Demia zombie like everyone else.

Ghost 46

The Ganmaizer appear in the studio to kill them all. Makoto and Alain henshin while Onari, Kanon, Narita, Shibuya and Bills-san run for it. They ditch Bills-san when he too starts going Adel.

Ghost 46

Musashi transports Takeru to the beach to duel Juzo him in a sword fight and teach him about how life and death works.

Takeru never backs down from a swordfight. Musashi has Takeru pinned to the ground and tells him to be the sky so he can listen to everyone’s voices.

Takeru listens to the ocean and the wind and the lone bird and is then able to hear the sword come straight on his face. He got it! Takeru is back on the rooftop and realizes he has to listen to those voices in his head instead of thinking of them as headaches.

Ghost 46

Makoto and Alain are struggling against the five Ganmaizer. But Takeru arrives just in time. He henshins to Mugen and together they fight. Takeru believes in himself again and the three of them are able to destroy the Ganmaizer.

Or not. Fifteen Adel Ganmaizer appear along with the real Adel who is ready to engulf the world.

Episode Thoughts

A rather typical Ghost episode. It’s almost like we aren’t gearing up for the finale.

I realized with all these Adels that Cubi’s drawing/transformation power must have been infused into the Demia network to allow for everyone to become an Adel. But it’s not like the show put any effort into actually developing this plotline, so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

Takeru’s been down a lot lately and the luminaries have all perked him up to get him to believe in himself. So I wonder what will ultimately give Takeru the power to stop Adel from getting people inside of him. Like, he’ll believe in himself x100? With the help of his friends of course. And that will include Javert and Cubi and Cubi’s traveling buddy.

And also Yoko. Yay Yoko! At least I enjoyed getting to see her again. But the three random victims of the week remind me of Wizard’s final episodes when Mayu, Yuzuru and Masahiro popped up to help out. But then they actually were part of the overall season, if I remember correctly. At least, they were integrated into the plot towards the end much better.

Here, we’re just pulling up random people to cheer Takeru up. Even Juzo from Shinkenger. (Who was also fun to see pop in, actually.)

Also these last few episodes, we’ve seen the Ganmaizer gain some sort of consciousness and self awareness. And so that’s another possibly awesome plot that had no adequate development whatsoever.

Overall, a pretty typical episode that fits in very well with what we’ve been given these last couple of weeks.

3 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 46 – Duel! Words from the Swordsman!

  1. I don’t even get what the point of Adel turning everyone into his clones is. He has so little characterization that even the egotistical maniac character archetype doesn’t work in trying to explain his motivations.

    Also, Musashi should have played a much larger role in Takeru’s narrative than this.

    I also like Yoko, bu8t yeah, she is just too random to tie properly with the current arc.

    Sigh. I just hope Kamen Rider EX-Aid (the new series) would be worth it despite the cheesy designs.

    1. I love Shinkenger, so it would’ve been very cool to have seen human Musashi a couple more times during the season. Be Takeru’s mentor and only have each of the hero luminaries pop in once instead of repeating each “I’ll lend you my power” twice.

      I wonder. Sometimes the goofier or simpler the designs for Sentai or Kamen Rider, the more serious the story? That would be interesting for Ex-aid.

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