Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 4, Episode 9 – "I think one of my ovaries burst."

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 4, Episode 9 – For Those About to Rock


Teams are now heading back to Canada and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia with $300 on the BMO World Cashback MasterCard. Plus a Double U-Turn is ahead.

Once in Sydney, Cape Breton Island, teams will hop into 2016 Chevy Malibus and drive themselves to Canadian Coast Guard College. During this Leg, teams must turn on the Teen Driver Report Card feature and the team with the least number of kilometers will win $5000.

At the Coast Guard College, teams will head out to sea in a coast guard vessel and follow a set of directions using nautical terms to direct their driver to one of two rescue locations. One racer must pull the victim onto the vessel and bring them to the ambulance.


After the rescue, teams get the Detour: Feel the Rhythm or Feel the Burn.
In Feel the Rhythm, teams must learn a Highland dance.
In Feel the Burn, teams must complete three Highland Games events: caber toss, farmer’s walk and stone’s throw.

Jillian & Emmett, Steph & Kristen and Frankie & Amy choose Feel the Burn.

Joel & Ashley and Rita & Yvette are in the second group of rescue vessels. Rita & Yvette have no idea how to follow the directions, so they just follow Joel & Ashley to their location, but that is incorrect. They have go back out into the water.

Once they get the correct body, Rita & Yvette must now complete their Speed Bump.


For their Speed Bump, Rita & Yvette will be given two sacks of Christmas letters from the cadets and must take them to the Christmas Island post office. Once there, they must stamp every letter with the Christmas Island postmark.

While the first three teams choose the Games, Joel & Ashley start the dancing which Rita & Yvette also choose once finishing the Speed Bump.

Steph & Kristen finish the Detour first and run over to the Black House Historical Site for the U-Turn board.

Steph & Kristen decide to U-Turn Joel & Ashley and can now head on over to Louisbourg National Historic Site. Jillian & Emmett decide to U-Turn Rita & Yvette. Frankie & Amy finish the Detour and are very happy with the U-Turn results.


At the Historic Site, teams change into costumes and must roll six gunpowder barrels to the commander. They will then fire a real cannon to receive the next clue.

Back at the dance Detour, Joel & Ashley pass on their 3rd attempt. They run to the U-Turn and see their faces. As they head to the Highland Games, Rita & Yvette pass the dancing on their 2nd attempt. They are shocked to find they are also U-Turned.

Jillian & Emmett easily finish the rolling first and head to the Pit Stop at Louisbourg Lighthouse where they are welcomed by The Men of the Deeps. They officially check in as Team #1 with Jillian missing a shoe. But they win a trip to Mexico City. Steph & Kristen take 2nd. Frankie & Amy are 3rd.

Joel & Ashley are Team #4 so that means Rita & Yvette are last and eliminated.

Jon calls the final 4 teams back and announces Jillian & Emmett and Frankie & Amy both won $5000 from Chevy.


Episode Thoughts

This was definitely one of the better Canadian Legs. But it did play out very linear. The opening rescue task definitely facilitated that by only allowing at most three teams at a time. The Detour then continued that since both sides required teams to get in line. And by the final barrel rolling task, things were pretty much settled.

I think they should have the one U-Turn-per-Race rule. I don’t like seeing teams U-Turn twice. For example, I love Sukhi & Jinder, but they shouldn’t have had a chance to U-Turn that 2nd time after their first wasted, unaired U-Turn. Having teams get unlimited U-Turn power (in non-voting situations) favors strong teams who most likely will always stay in front. Pretty unfair advantage I think.

As for each specific task, they were all recycled TAR tasks. But they were physically difficult and in a nice location, so that helped.

Overall, an okay Leg, but certainly better than a couple of the others.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Again Joel & Ashley are my picks to win right now, but I’m getting less and less enthusiastic each week. And I have no idea why. Rita & Yvette were completely wasted this season. Such poor editing for them.

Frankie & Amy also have been edited strangely. Absolutely no story or character to them after the first few episodes.

Jillian & Emmett and Steph & Kristen‘s domination of this season has officially become very old.

Episode Quotes

Steph: “I can’t with my finger.”

Jillian: “Your feet are too big!”

Ashley: “I think one of my ovaries burst.”

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