Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 38 – Resurrection! The Souls of Heroes!

Ghost 38

Kanon covers Alain’s sore back with Salonpas after his intense leapfrog training session with the bird people. Next to him, Makoto finally wakes up and leaves.

Ghost 38

Down in the lab, Grampa Sennin explains the Mugen Eyecon is now the only thing powerful enough to use against the Ganmaizer. Takeru doesn’t believe that.

Ghost 38

Over at the castle, Adel announces his decision to fuse with the Ganmaizer and they hop down to Earth. But Edith says he will not allow him to have his way.

Takeru and the rest of the gang head to the forest to check on a reported demon rampaging. But it’s actually just a frustrated Javert. Takeru henshins to Boost and fights with Javert to get him under control.

Javert is forced to dehenshin and curls up into a ball. Suddenly, a Ganmaizer gate is starting to appear so Takeru and Akari run over to check it out. Onari stays behind to try and talk to Javert, but he tries to run away.

Ghost 38

Onari chases after Javert, but they both end up rolling down the hill.

Back at the castle, Aria finds Edith and demands to know what the hell is going on. Edith says nothing of use.

Ghost 38

Takeru finds Adel waiting for him. The Ganmaizer approach Takeru and Adel challenges him to use his ultimate power that shows he has surpassed humanity. Takeru insists the luminaries can still fight so he just goes Grateful instead.

Ghost 38

Takeru summons the luminaries and all 15 pop out. Takeru takes on Adel while the luminaries try taking on the Ganmaizer. But the Ganmaizer easily have their way, forcing the luminaries back into their Eyecons.

Adel, likewise, is able to get the upper hand on Takeru and forces him to dehenshin. The Eyecons all burst out and scatter on the ground. Adel is annoyed that Takeru won’t use Mugen, so he decides to just kill him. The Ganmaizer fuse with Adel to create a new form.

Ghost 38

Takeru finally goes Mugen and tries to counter Adel’s attack with a God Omega Drive, but it doesn’t really work. Adel heads back to the G World.

Back in the lab, Grampa Sennin says he never said the luminaries were useless, but that Mugen is the only thing that can match the Ganmaizer’s evolution speed. Takeru again asserts that he believes the luminaries are still up to task.

Ghost 38 Ghost 38

Downtown, Makoto and his doppelganger battle and Makoto reaffirms that he does indeed remember what his name is. Adel watches from the castle and then smiles at his collection of Makotos.

Jairo, wondering about his own purpose in life, asks Adel if he can take care of Mugen. Adel tells him to go ahead, if he can.

Ghost 38

Onari tries giving Javert some mouth-to-mouth action. And it does the trick as Javert pops up and regains consciousness. But he’s still sad at how weak and pitiful he is now. He wants to know the meaning of life, but he’s also hungry. Onari gives him food.

Onari tells Javert that he should devote his life to finding its meaning. That’s why he trains and opens his life to new things. In doing so, a path to meaning opens up.

Still in the lab, Takeru gets the luminaries to all pop out of their Eyecons. He asks if they’re mad, but Musashi speaks for all of them when he says he is proud of Takeru’s growth and where he is now. That’s why their roles in this fight are over.

Yurusen pops in to alert Takeru to Jairo’s arrival.

Ghost 38

Akari tags along as Takeru faces Jairo who wastes no time in absolutely manhandling him. Jairo demands Takeru use Mugen, but Takeru instead takes out the Ore Eyecon only.

Takeru henshins and runs straight into Jairo’s attacks. They fight some more. Takeru tries to call Musashi, but nothing happens. Jairo kicks him and all the Eyecons fall out of Takeru’s cloak.

Jairo slaps Takeru’s stomach and he dehenshins. Takeru hugs Jairo and tries speaking to the luminaries. He tells them how much they’ve helped him grow and overcome every obstacle.

Jairo and base Ganma absolutely assault Takeru, but he continues his plea to the luminaries, saying they too can grow and become stronger. He is with them, so they should be with him too.

Musashi leads the way, touched by the words. He apologizes to Takeru and says they should fight until the end.

Takeru takes Musashi and henshins.

Onari tells Javert that because Takeru has lost his way in the past, he is able to grow and move forward.

A newly energized Takeru goes scorched earth with the help of every single one of the 15 luminaries each getting in their kicks. He takes care of all of the basic Ganma before going Grateful and turning his full attention to Jairo.

Ghost 38

Together, they deliver a Mega Omega Formation finisher to finish off Jairo for good.

Before Javert walks away, Onari tells him that they can chat anytime he wants.

Back in the lab, Takeru has a nice training session with the luminaries.

Ghost 38

Episode Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode even though I feel like I’ve seen it several times already. The luminaries off pouting or refusing to fight with Takeru, but he’s just so gosh-darn nice that they can’t resist.

It was very familiar, but somehow was still very enjoyable for me.

I enjoyed seeing Takeru get knocked around, unhenshined. It was like one of the few times we’ve really seen him in trouble or struggling, even though you know he wasn’t going to die or anything. It was kinda brutal, which is something that I think has been absent for a good part of the season even with such high stakes like life and death, literally.

It was really jarring to see Javert slip into the comic relief role that really, Grampa Sennin and Yurusen would be filling in such an episode. But I do think Javert’s fall from grace could’ve been a great subplot. He disappears for episodes at a time even though his own doubts could’ve helped to be another example of the Ganma “rebelling” against their previously held beliefs.

And then Gramps actually being serious and providing relevant information without any kind of cutesy antics. Talk about jarring! lol But it was good and a nice way to focus things for this episode.

I like how Akari doesn’t believe something like demons could possibly exist. Because none of the stuff she’s actually seen already this season is any less crazy? lol

Finally Aria makes an appearance. And that little preview of her possibly getting ready to henshin? Yes please!!! I just hope that doesn’t mean she’s going to die next week when she hasn’t even done anything other than her awesome model walking.

Adel’s Ganmaizer form looked a little underwhelming upon first impressions. It was a very pretty looking flower king of thing. It’s relevance to floating tablets in the sky, I have no idea. But we’ll see where that goes, especially after Edith and Aria’s cameo appearance this episode.

Not much to talk about with the Makoto-niichan stuff since they’re just inserting those scenes to pretend there will be actual foundation for the eventual climax of that subplot. But it’s alright.

Anyway, I still enjoyed this episode. Parts of it were a clusterfrak of toys, but it was at least fun overall.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 38 – Resurrection! The Souls of Heroes!

  1. That little subplot with Javert was interesting BUT (and this is a big BUT) also felt unnecessary. It was like:

    Ghost writer 1: Hey, what do we do with Javert’s character now?
    Ghost writer 2: Javert?! Oh fuck! we totally forgot about him!!
    Ghost writer 1: Quick! write something, anything!
    )After a minute of scribbling)
    Ghost writer 2: This will do. At least he won’t bother us for the next episodes.

    Really, it’s as if they just inserted this one to get Javert off the plot immediately.

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