Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 32 – Reminiscence! The Hidden Heart!

Ghost 32

Takeru watches the memory of his father, Saionji, Grampa Sennin and Igarashi. Grandpa Sennin says the invasion by the Ganma will take place in 10 years.

Gramps continues to explain that the Ganma world is protected by 15 guardians known as the Ganmeizer. The invasion cannot be stopped unless they are defeated, though they are indestructible.

Papa Tenkuuji summons Musashi and says they must enlist the help of 15 luminaries in order to counter the 15 Ganmeizer. He asks Grampa Sennin to believe in humans.

Ghost 32

Meanwhile, Shibuya becomes upset thinking about his mother comparing him to his dad. While he runs back inside, his mother leaves the temple.

Onari’s been feeding the adult kids some food, but he notices they seem to be getting younger. Shibuya notices his mother’s gone, so he goes to find her.

While Alain can’t contact his sister, Igarashi continues his story which Takeru watches in real time. The crew had chosen 15 luminaries and placed their souls in the Eyecons.

Ghost 32

Papa Tenkuuji takes a blank Eyecon and decides he will give it to his son. Igarashi thinks it’s dangerous to involve children in this fight, but Papa Tenkuuji believes in his son and that he has limitless possibilities and can surpass him.

Gramps says if Ryu can believe in Takeru, then he will too.

Ghost 32

Shibuya finds his mother at the tree memorial and tries to talk to her about father. But basic Ganma appear and attack. Alain hurries over to help.

Igarashi continues that they created a Driver to draw out the Eyecons’ powers. They thought their preparations for the Ganma were done, but Saionji betrayed them which resulted in Oniichan and Kanon getting sucked into the G World.

Papa Ryu and Igarashi were shocked, but Saionji said it was just part of his deal with the G World.

After Papa Tenkuuji died, Igarashi basically lost all hope and ran away. He feels very guilty, but Takeru reassures him. Igarashi also realizes Takeru being able to see people’s memories is one of those infinite possibilities Ryu was talking about.

Ghost 32

Onari comes down to tell them about the continued deaging of the adults while Narita tells them about the mother and son going missing. Takeru runs out.

Akari says they must do what they can. She tries to find a way to destroy the source of that plasma which caused the deaging, likely one of the gates.

Shibuya heads to the ramen shop tying to find his mom, not knowing she has fallen asleep under a table. Takeru arrives and tries talking to Shibuya about his feelings.

Ghost 32 Ghost 32

Shibuya explains that his mom compared him to her father who was a very manly man prince. But he just wasn’t as tough. And because of that, he went to train at the temple and didn’t see his mother for three years.

Mom wakes up and runs out of the shop when she sees the two creepy guys.

Across town, Makoto and Alain henshin to try and destroy the plasma gate. But Jairo appears once again to try and kill his former student.

Akari and Igarashi figure out some science thing and Akari decides to collect a plasma sample.

Takeru, Shibuya and Narita follow Mom to the tree only to be met by some Ganma. Takeru goes Boost while the three try to get to safety. Only, they run into some Ganma as well.

Shibuya thinks about his mother telling him to be a man and he decides to do just that. He tells Narita to take care of his mother while he picks up a stick and fights the basic Ganma himself.

Ghost 32

Mom encourages Shibuya. But right as he’s about to get killed, Takeru hurries over to save him.

Makoto and Alain are still fighting Jairo. Jairo forces Alain to dehenshin. But before he can finish Alain off, Makoto goes extreme limit and sends Jairo back to the G World.

Ghost 32

An alarm sounds in the Prayer Room.

Meanwhile, King Tut talks to Takeru and lends him his power. Takeru goes Grateful and he and King Tut send pyramids all over the city. That brings all the kids back to their normal adult size.

Ghost 32

Shibuya runs over to hug his mother. She doesn’t remember a thing that’s happened, but she is happy to be with her son again.

Takeru smiles because he remembers that Mom wanted to open a ramen shop, not because of her husband prince, but because Shibuya loved her ramen.

Thinking about mothers, he hears a female voice thanking him.

Anyway, Igarashi tells Takeru he believes in him and his friends. He gives Akari a notebook of all his and Ryu’s notes on the Ganma, hoping it will help in the fight.

Ghost 32

Episode Thoughts

A good episode and a great conclusion to last week. It was a nice little story for Shibuya. And I assume it plants the seeds for meeting Takeru’s mom in the future. Again, I hope we get some nice backstories for the other characters as well.

Speaking of backstory, we got a lot of it thanks to some exposition from Igarashi and Takeru’s convenient memory hopping. I guess we have a little explanation on where these driver and Eyecon powers come from. But still not a lot of info on what the Ganma are and their deal.

At least, we’re still moving forward and I expect that momentum to continue moving forward to the end.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 32 – Reminiscence! The Hidden Heart!

  1. Shibuya’s story does feel like a bit of a throwaway at some points, mainly due to him being not that much of a participant in the overall story.But, eh,

    They seem to be trying to catch up with their backlogs in the main story, what with that infodump. Not as bad as Drive, but really noticeable.

    BTW, the Kamen Rider Amaxons web series is actually pretty good. You might want to check it out.

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