Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 33 – Miracle! Infinite Thoughts!

Ghost 33

The Gang heads back to the temple after successfully making people old again and Igarashi giving Akari a notebook. But all Takeru can think about is his father believing in him and in his infinite potential.

Before Takeru can tell Akari the reason he thinks he can see people’s memories, a huge fireball comes flying out of an eyegate. The three Riders go running over to the impact site where they find…

Ghost 33

…two tight spandex-wearing Adels Ganmeizers.

Takeru, Makoto-niichan and Alain henshin to Grateful, Deep and normal, respectively. But Takeru and Makoto experience strange surges coming from the Ganmeizers. Takeru realizes they are the source of their power.

The Ganmeizers attack and send all three of them flying over the cliff. With the two weakened, Alain takes the lead and charges toward the morphed Ganmeizer. Akari, Shibuya and Narita watch as Alain just gets swatted into the cliff face.

Adel is excited. Grampa Sennin is worried.

Ghost 33

Akari shoots at the Ganmeizer to help give the others time. Before the Ganmeizer can kill the three on the cliff, Takeru sends Nobunaga-san to protect them. That allows the three to get up, but the other Ganmeizer inserts itself into the Flame one which allows itself to turn into huge fireballs.

Fire everywhere.

Alain sees the flowers burning all around him and remembers Grandma Fumi saying the world is a treasure. Seeing the treasure be treated this, an enraged Alain charges toward the Ganmeizer.

Takeru and Makoto notice Alain is revving up an ultimate attack he attempted once before. But that was when he was just an Eyecon and not in a physical body. Takeru rushes over to stop Alain with Houdini chaining him up and yanking him to safety.

Takeru attempts an Omega Drive kick to the Ganmeizer, but it doesn’t even leave a scratch.

Ghost 33

The Ganmeizer, back in spandexAdel form, opens up an eyegate and starts sucking in all the luminary souls who try to help protect Takeru. But all the luminaries end up captured, forcing Takeru to dehenshin.

Takeru still has his father’s Eyecon with him. He gets up to use it, but the Ganmeizer sends a huge attack his way.

Takeru falls to the ground, but he’s not yet down for the count. He tries getting up, but just then, his father’s Eyecon bursts into pieces.

Suddenly, Takeru disappears.

Everyone is in shock. The frame holding Cubi’s painting of the fam falls to the floor. Glass everywhere. Onari and Kanon know something bad has happened. Grandpa Sennin can’t believe it himself.

The Ganmeizer proclaims first target has been eliminated, so he moves on to the others. Makoto goes Deep and manages to send the Ganmeizer back to the Prayer Room.

Ghost 33

Adel marvels and laughs at how the Ganmeizer being able to revive so easily is the embodiment of perfection. Aria continues walking through the dark underground corridors pondering the meaning of her life.

Back at the lab, the crew mourns Takeru’s 43rd death. Onari tries to keep their hopes up. Alain and Makoto even think he might be an Eyecon like they were before. But Akari says that’s impossible since his body disappeared when he was first killed.

Ghost 33

Yurusen pops in and confirms that there is no chance Takeru comes back this time. He offers his condolences before flying off.

Akari decides to go see if any bits of Takeru are left at the death site. Alain and Makoto leave to destroy the rest of the gates. Onari says he, Kanon, Shibuya and Narita must do what they can to help as well.

Grandpa Sennin pops in with Yurusen who repeats that Takeru is really dead this time. Gramps says that’s why the rest of them don’t want to accept that reality.

Alain blames himself for Takeru dying, but Makoto says that won’t help at all. Akari searches the quarry while Onari cleans Papa Tenkuuji’s grave and the boys clean the temple floor. Kanon fixes Cubi’s painting frame and hangs it back on the wall.

Ghost 33

Makoto and Alain reach another eyegate and prepare to face the Ganmeizer who predictably appears to stop them from destroying it. While Makoto tries to get his revenge, everyone else is in tears remembering their happy friend Takeru.

Makoto and Alain walk to the park and are surprised to see people eating takoyaki. They run over to the cart thinking Grandma Fumi has come back from the dead. But it’s actually Grandma Fumi’s granddaughter Harumi who has reopened the cart. So many people contacted her wanting the cart open so they could remember Grandma Fumi since they’ve kept her in their hearts all this time.

Alain remembers Takeru telling him the same thing. He believes Takeru will also remain in his heart as well. Makoto agrees.

Ghost 33

Harumi gives them takoyaki to power themselves up.

The others snap out of their crying fits and decide to stay strong for Takeru, like he would’ve wanted.

They all reassemble in the lab with a newfound resolution to push forward.

Takeru, meanwhile, floats in space as his soul starts to fade away.

Akari uses the plasma sample to try and find a way to manipulate it with Necrom’s power to reroute the eyegate to another world.

Akari finishes a New cube while the others collect all the toys.

#SquadGoals as the gang head to the quarry with their toys.

Akari hands each of them a piece of Papa Ryu’s Eyecon. They know Takeru is with them as they try this last shot.

Grandpa Sennin and Yurusen watch this futile effort.

Makoto and Alain henshin to draw out the Ganmeizer. The others then release the toys to distract the Ganmeizer while Alain creates an eyegate and Akari shoots her New cube at it. She confirms that the eyegate is distorted. Makoto kicks the Ganmeizer in with Alain grabbing Makoto before he follows.

It’s successful! The Ganmeizer was sent to a completely different dimension.

Ghost 33

Or actually not. The Ganmeizer just pops back out again and attacks.

Everyone’s on the ground, injured. Akari looks up at the sky and sees a moon. She remembers when she and Takeru went into the forest to go observe the moon and he wandered off. She was so scared.

Takeru can hear this memory of Akari crying and angry.

Takeru ended up popping back as Akari was crying and said he only wandered off to get her some pretty flowers.

Ghost 33

Takeru remembers Akari’s smile and then remembers all the other happy times he had with his friends. Akari vows to find Takeru once again and she gets up. That gives the others the will to rise and fight as well. They all believe! They will never give up. And it’s all thanks to Takeru’s precious heart.

The gang clutches the Eyecon pieces. Takeru sees his memories didn’t disappear, they’re still there. They connect to the future, forever.

The gang calls for him. The Eyecon pieces fly out of their hands and Takeru appears once again.

Ghost 33

They all run to a very happy Takeru. Even Grandpa Sennin and Yurusen are happily surprised by the miracle.

Takeru shines bright white and manages to destroy the two-part Ganmeizer. That releases all the Eyecons the eyegate ate up earlier.

Everyone smiles some more.

Ghost 33

Episode Thoughts

Hmm… not as excited about this episode as I have been the last few weeks, especially 31. I guess because we’ve already seen Takeru “die” several times already. And this time, his resurrection didn’t even come with a toy. His friends just willed him to come back from space.

Now if they had developed Papa Ryu’s “Takeru is special” idea a little more, then maybe Takeru being immortal-ish (like the Ganmeizer?!?! lol) would hold a little more weight.

But this episode didn’t even really feel all that emotional anyway. Grandma Fumi’s quick funeral felt more sad and affecting. These last few episodes, there’s been this “Let’s do what we can.”/”We should do our part as well.” attitude by the gang that didn’t feel all that different from them here wiping their tears and moving forward… to do what they can.

So really, this episode offered nothing new that I can think of after first watch.

I admit though, I enjoy Aria just walking around in circles every episode. It’s very random and amusing. But I definitely want to see her kick some ass sooner rather than later.

Five seconds of Adel’s mad cackling each episode would be much more interesting if we knew what the hell Ganma hell is all about.

Grandpa Sennin and Yurusen being goofy bystanders, I guess, lightens them up a little and makes them less suspicious as they have been. Or does it make them more suspicious?

And ZOMG, no mention of Deep Connect now for three episodes I think! At least that’s awesome!

So overall, an okay episode. But a letdown after two solid weeks before.

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