Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 27 – Do or Die! Ready for Infiltration!

Ghost 27

Takeru and Alain are in the G World. Takeru assures Alain that they will be successful in everything they set out to do today.

Meanwhile, Igor instructs Onpu Ganma to move forward with the next part of the plan. But Igor wonders how the last part of his plan was foiled. Akari!

Akari has found that everything about the Ganma is like nothing humans have ever seen! But she feels it’s still based in science and KMS Igor is behind it. Anyway, they’ll all just have to do what they can.

Cubi wants to paint. But Onari wants to teach him some human etiquette.

Back in the G World, Alain tells Takeru to stop shouting as they walk through the castle corridors. Takeru apologizes and asks Alain for a quick rundown of his family.

Aria is still with daddy Adonis who is basically defending Adel. Adonis says Adel is just continuing his ideals and asks Aria to take care of both her brothers.

Ghost 27

Speaking of, the shocking sight Adel saw in the Prayer Room was… himself? A white spandex-wearing Adel is joined by other spandex-wearing Adels who morph from the floating monolith tablet walls. They introduce themselves as the Ganmeizer, the force that protects this world.

Now that a threat to this world has appeared, they will eliminate it. Adel is very happy, thinking he now is in control of the power and can achieve perfection.

Ghost 27

Alain points Takeru to where Makoto-niichan’s capsule is. Takeru runs ahead.

Quick cut to the lab where it’s insanity and Cubi learns about “slump” and then a quick hop over to DeepConnect where Onpu Ganma is conducting an invisible orchestra.

Anyway, Takeru finds he is lost and that he is alone. He screams out for Alain which instead attracts the Ganma patrol. Oops.

Around the corner, Alain says sorry and leaves Makoto to Takeru while he goes to talk to his sister.

Takeru henshins to Grateful and easily dispatches the Ganma with the help of Ryoma and Himiko. Takeru is worried about Alain, but he continues on to Makoto. Only, Makoto’s capsule opens on its own and he awakens.

He runs to Edith’s room to grab his Eyecon. But he also notices a smoking Eyecon as well. Before he can pick it up, Edith appears.

Ghost 27

Edith recounts how Makoto promised to help him. But if he won’t do it, he’ll ask Takeru to help instead. And he will help with the assistance of this smoky purple Eyecon which contains a truly immense and dangerous power.

Makoto says he will use it as long as Edith leaves Takeru alone. Edith asks if Makoto is ready to handle the inner depths of his soul to use this power. Makoto accepts. Edith lets him have it.

Makoto picks the Eyecon up and it turns into a Deep Specter Eyecon. He leaves and Edith seems satisfied.

Back at the temple, Onari is surprised to see Javert stumble into the courtyard. He collapses to the ground and Onari runs back inside. Javert is resigned to the fact that this is where he’s going to die.

Ghost 27

Adel orders his Ganma security to eliminate his useless father.

Alain is with Aria. She suggests he speak with their father first.

Alain leaves and ends up in the big capsule room. He notices one glowing. He goes over to it and is shocked to see the body disintegrate, just like Takeru said.

Ghost 27

Onari is back outside and puts a SHIKI sticker on Javert’s forehead, much to his confusion. Onari says compassion is most important in Buddha’s teachings.

Onari gives Javert some onigiri. He likes it, but warns Onari that he’s probably going to regret helping him. Onari laughs and says he’s experienced many things in the past too, but the kindness of others has helped changed him.

Ghost 27

Takeru finally finds Adonis and explains that he’s here with Alain. After Adonis warns Takeru of the force field, Takeru pulls his sword out and simply destroys it.

Alain arrives just in time and reunites with his father.

Adonis is happy to see his son is alive, but Alain has some big questions. He asks his father why this supposedly perfect world has death and conflict. What has he believed in this whole time?

Ghost 27

Alain remembers his father’s heart advice and asks what he meant by it.

They hear the marching of the Ganma soldiers and Takeru says they should hurry out of here. Alain starts to apologize for ditching him earlier, but Takeru smiles and says he’s just happy the father and son are reunited.

Adonis says he’s happy Alain has found a great friend.

Takeru says it’s really time to go, but Adonis refuses. Just then, a shot from the soldiers!

Ghost 27

Back at the temple, Cubi is in a slump! At DeepConnect though, Onpu Ganma is done with whatever he was doing.

Ghost 27

Returning to the actual important stuff, Adonis has been shot right through his chest. He collapses into Alain’s arms.

Takeru is pissed as frak, goes Grateful and just absolutely wrecks the just-arrived basic Ganma and Ganma captains. He hurries back to the father and son.

Adonis apologizes to his son. He tells him to remain true to what’s in his heart, despite whatever his ideals are. Alain must walk the path he believes in.

Alain has no idea what the hell is going on in his life.

Takeru is bawling. That only confuses Alain more.

Ghost 27

Putting his hand on his son’s face, Adonis tells him he loves hi..OHSH!T Adel just finished their father off for good.

Adonis disintegrates into thin air. Alain is beside himself.

Adel says it’s pretty pathetic to see Alain having fallen so low. Takeru is back to being pissed again. Adel says useless people must be eliminated, so bye dad! Takeru can’t take any more of this crap and says Adel has no heart. But Adel says he does. And in his heart, he knows that he must lead this world and bring about his father’s perfect ideals. He’s a perfect being, after all.

A Ganmeizer appears and starts to burn in flames. That seems to connect with Makoto’s new toy.

Ghost 27

Episode Thoughts

This might have been one of the most insanely edited episodes of a toku, Japanese or American, I’ve ever seen! So strange!

It was a little less wacky on 2nd watch, but there was definitely some whiplash especially when actual dramatic scenes were being abruptly sliced through by random slapstick and goofy faces.

The quick cuts in previous episodes felt like the show’s (mostly unsuccesful) attempts at tension and excitement. Here, it was just odd.

For example, I did think Takeru being so loud was hilarious. Especially since Shun Nishime is so young and has such a youthful, innocent voice. In scenes where he calls for Grampa Sennin or Yurusen, the way he does it is oddly charming and amusing. And it was here too which is why Takeru yelling for Alain when they were supposed to be sneaking around was funny.

Now that would’ve been fine coupled with the dramatic stuff. But everything else, mostly all the stuff at the temple and Deep Connect, just felt out of place and disjointed. I don’t think we needed to return to Deep Connect after the initial update at the beginning. And regardless of whatever story comes out of Cubi being in a slump, all those scenes were also unnecessary past one or two at the beginning of the episode.

Onari and Javert, meanwhile, just helped make the episode a little too overcrowded. And because of it, I think it lessened the impact of the entire last act of the episode.

Story wise though, we got some movement on Alain, basically, becoming human. Daddy Adonis reiterating the fact human emotions are foreign to these Ganma, yet Alain is feeling such emotion, is a step in the right direction.

Since we still don’t know what the Ganma actually are, we can’t be sure Adonis is even really dead. Maybe he has his own gold capsule or something.

We got Edith and Makoto working together, Onari basically saying he was a punk before a monk and the tablet clones, but those are just teases for whatever’s coming up next.

Takeru going wild after Adonis was shot looked very cool. Character-wise, I thought it was a little abrupt at first since Takeru isn’t that sort of guy. But then again, he did freak the frak out when he first saw the capsule room and then when he first confronted Alain. So it’s alright I guess.

And this episode was alright I guess too. Oddly edited and not as strong as it could’ve been, but not offensively horrible.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 27 – Do or Die! Ready for Infiltration!

  1. So, I wasn’t the only one who was confused with the editing choices. But, it also highlights one of my current issues with the series. They are trying too much stuff into these latest episode, which ends up confusing the tone.

    For one, Cubi being on a slump serves no real narrative purpose as of current aside from being a humorous scene. But the thing is, when interspersing humorous scenes between dramatic ones is that the humor should not only serve as a breather, but also gives weight to the dramatic sections. This was one of the biggest problems with Drive and its misplaced slapstick comedy, and is something that Ghost is also suffering from. In contrast, Gaim avoided this problem by making its humor low key and fit within the overall tone of its story.

    On a weirder side note, Papa Adonis kinda looks like Ferdinand Marcos at certain angles. 😀

    1. Yeah, the scenes definitely felt disjointed.

      And Marcos? Now that you mention it, he does look familiar from a Filipino actor standpoint. Maybe a mix of Eddie Garcia and someone younger or something lol

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