Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 11 – Animals Assemble

Zyuohger 11

Before he passes out, Yamato realizes who this man could be. The others watch as Gift shuts down to recharge.

Zyuohger 11

The others struggle to head back to the treehouse. Tusk notices the man pass by, but they quickly run over when they see an unconscious Yamato.

They bring him inside and he wakes up, but he doesn’t tell them about seeing the Bird Man. Uncle Mario is relieved Yamato is okay. The others bandage themselves up.

Yamato finds a feather in his pocket, so he is sure that the Bird Man saved him again.

Zyuohger 11

Later that evening, Yamato thinks about the others wanting to return to Zyuland and wondering why he didn’t tell them about Bird Man. Maybe he’s hoping the guy who saved him twice now is not a thief.

Uncle Mario sees Yamato is still awake so he makes him some special hot milk like he did when Yamato was young. He knows Yamato has something on his mind if he can’t sleep.

Yamato sees Uncle Mario’s new eagle carving titled “Eagle of Truth.” He asks why it’s red when that’s not their true color. Uncle Mario says truth is whatever an artist believes it to be. Unlike scientists who aren’t allowed to let personal feelings influence the truth.

Next morning, Yamato decides to tell the others about Bird Man. He apologizes for not telling them sooner and hands Tusk the feather to use for tracking Bird Man.

Yamato says he will stay here and rest since he’s still injured. The Zyuman4 leave.

Zyuohger 11

Yamato watches the news reports of Gift awakening. He decides to go out on his own. Uncle Mario tells him to rest at least another day, but Yamato says he has something he needs to do.

The Zyuman4 find Bird Man and confront him. Since he has a human form, they know he has the King’s Mark. He admits that he is intentionally keeping it from them so they can cut the connection to “that world.”

They demand he give it back. Leo tries to fight him, but Bird Man just knocks them all to the ground. They all go Zyuman form and battle.

Naria announces the resumption of the game, but is interrupted when Yamato arrives.

Zyuohger 11

Yamato henshins, resolute in defending this world on his own. Naria summons some Moebas to reward Yamato for his recklessness.

Yamato unleashes the beast and easily takes care of them before turning his attention to Gift.

Zyuohger 11

Bird Man, meanwhile, is completely Zyumanhandling the Zyuman4 who finally henshin and unleash their beasts. That allows them to get back on equal footing. Bird Man is surprised to see what the King’s Mark is capable of. Leo delivers a big blow and the King’s Mark goes flying out of Bird Man’s pocket.

Yamato does his best to try and fight off Gift, but Gift suddenly swats him away. Yamato is sent flying through several buildings and into a huge explosion, forcing him to dehenshin.

The others see downtown in flames. They realizes Yamato planned to fight Gift alone to allow them to return to Zyuland. They struggle with what to do next.

Yamato is not giving up. He rehenshins and to Gorilla this time. But Gift again just swats him away.

Zyuohger 11

Yamato still won’t give up. The others arrive, much to his surprise. They scold him for fighting Gift alone and tell him that they will get the King’s Mark next time. They’re here, not because they’re forced to be. But they’re here because they want to be. They will not leave their comrade behind.

Yamato is touched and the Zyuohgers reunite. They henshin.

Zyuohger 11

Together, they manage to knock Gift onto the ground before hopping into their Zyuoh Cubes. They reaffirm that they are a team who will always stick together.

Zyuohger 11

Suddenly, six squares open up in the sky. They can all fly through! Two more spots open up and Cube Eagle, Shark, Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Kirin and Mogura are all able to combine!

For the first time, the Zyuohgers are able to form Wild ZyuohKing!

Zyuohger 11

Naria watches as Gift’s attacks do nothing to the Zyuohgers. Wild ZyuohKing withstands it all and the Zyuohgers are able to deliver a huge Zyuoh Dynamic Strike to take care of Gift.

Naria can’t believe these lower life forms were able to defeat Gift. Ginis is just very amused.

Bird Man flies away after also watching the big events.

Back at the treehouse, the others fill in Yamato on their confrontation with Bird Man. They are sure they will find him again, especially this time with Yamato with them.

To thank Yamato for risking his life for them to return home, they force shopping duty on him.

Zyuohger 11

Episode Thoughts

Alright, that was a pretty good episode. I feel like it was a nice Yamato-focus. I’ve definitely been very interested in Yamato’s story and we got to see great moments from him as a leader as well as a little bit more of his relationship with Uncle Mario.

I didn’t like the Zyuman4 basically going to sleep and dumping chores on Yamato who basically almost died just so they could go home, abandon Earth and allow Ginis’ Most Dangerous Game to wipe it out. That was a huge downer of a last scene after a solid, exciting episode.

One other thing that stood out though was the Zyuman4 struggling with whether to take the King’s Mark or to go help Yamato. With Bird Man on the ground, hurt by their attack, they could have easily just grabbed the King’s Mark before leaving to help Yamato.

Even if Bird Man was able to lurch forward to grab it, the Zyuman4 could’ve at least tried to grab it before hurrying off. It was weird.

The more logical way to have that scene play out would’ve been to have Bird Man still holding the King’s Mark and the Zyuman4 deciding to leave instead of continuing to fight him.

As it was, it really was a strange way to create that dilemma.

Anyway, it was great to finally see all the Cubes combine. The drumroll has always been amusing, so the extended version here was definitely fun. And drone shots for the mecha battle! Not really, but the wide shots gave off the same effect as drones. It was a fresh element for the mecha battle.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode mostly for Yamato’s character stuff. Seeing him fighting and not giving up is always a great way to build up our hero.

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