Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (5) 25 – "There is nothing to talk about."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (5) 25 – Roar of the Red Ranger


Heckyl is not too “jazzed” by Fury’s plan against the Rangers. Eavesdropping on the convo, Singe comes in and presents his own plan. He will get Ninja to infect the Rangers’ weapons with a computer virus.

Meanwhile, Tyler takes his friends into the forest. He shows them a box he and his father would put a memento in whenever they camped here. Even with his father missing, Tyler has continued the tradition.

He sees the baseball he got on his 8th birthday. His father was going to leave an expedition just to make it to his party, but he never did.


But it’s okay. This year’s memento is a hat from the cafe as a memento of all the new friends he’s made.

Tyler and Shelby meet Kendall for some target practice. After Tyler’s run, they discuss how he’s a little off the mark. But while they’re talking, Ninja quickly zooms in to infect Kendall’s computer.

Ninja leaves and Kendall borrows Tyler’s Energem to collect the data. Shelby asks Tyler if anything’s on his mind to distract him.

Tyler shows her a map of the cave his father disappeared in. There have been new cave-ins since and a part of the caves is now filled with water. But he thinks he can swim through and make it.


Shelby thinks it is too dangerous for Tyler to be risking his life just for a clue. Maybe he should accept the possibility that his father may not have survived.

This upsets Tyler and says Shelby not only doesn’t know his father, maybe she doesn’t know him as well.

Tyler runs away and Ninja suddenly attacks. Tyler gets slammed into a tree and is a little groggy. But suddenly, the Aqua Ranger appears to fight off Ninja who flees.

Tyler comes to and the Aqua Ranger is gone.


Back at the command cave, Kendall explains the T-Rex Super Charger to Riley. She gets him to activate the weapons program and unbeknownst to them, it uploads the virus into the Charger.

Tyler stumbles in to tell them what happened. Keeper asks if Tyler knows the identity and whoever it is they must ask to join them. Tyler thinks Rusty might know.

Kendall sees the Charger is complete and says they should test it out. The Rangers head out, but before they leave, Shelby asks Tyler if they can talk.

“There is nothing to talk about.”


The Rangers are out in a field and Tyler engages the Charger. But it suddenly overwhelms him. Koda appraoches, but Tyler just roars and attacks. He jumps onto Kendall. Riley and Ivan try to stop him, but Tyler just swats them away and they demorph.

Tyler hops jumps away like a T-Rex. The others head back to the command cave and Kendall finds the virus on her computer.

Logically, Riley says, they have to wait until sunrise to look for Tyler. That will give Kendall time to create a new hypnotize Charger that might help control him.


The Rangers head out next morning with the Charger and a clean T-Rex Super Charger. Shelby thinks Tyler could be at his box spot campsite. And sure enough, the Rangers catch up to Hunter who is chasing after Tyler.

Koda senses Ninja nearby and he trips him. The Rangers morph and take on both Hunter and Ninja while Chase goes to find Tyler.


Chase sees the memento box has been dug up and just then Tyler attacks. The hypnotize Charger does not work at all. But the Aqua Ranger pops in. He tells Chase to stay back.

Aqua tries to get Tyler to wake up.


“I’m not your enemy. It’s me. I’m your dad.”

Aqua demorphs and sure enough it is Papa Navarro. And he doesn’t look a day over the photo from the memento box. Chase explains that the Energem must have stopped his aging.

Dad apologizes for not making his birthday and that gets Tyler to break the virus. He demorphs.


The father and son reunite.


Riley calls Chase for backup so the three of them head back. Tyler and dad morph.

Hunter leaves and lets Ninja take care of the rest. But Chase gives Tyler the new T-Rex Super Charger and he upmorphs.


The extra firepower allows Tyler to take care of Ninja. Heckyl orders the Magna Beam and Ninja embiggens. The Rangers hop into the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation to finish Ninja for good.

Heckyl is ready to kill Hunter, but Singe says he has a new plan that will have Hunter serve as bait.

Back at the campsite box spot, Dad tells Riley about finding the Energem. Tyler apologizes to Shelby, but she also apologizes to him.

“You should never give up hope. Especially for the ones you love.”

Rusty is there and says he knew Dad was a Ranger for ten years. They just didn’t know there were other Energems.

While the others head back, Tyler and Dad play some catch.


Episode Thoughts

So I will say that this was really underwhelming. Not only the Aqua Ranger introduction, but also finding Tyler’s dad after it was his main storyline for 24 episodes. You’d think combining those two climaxes would result in an amazing episode. But this just seemed like any other regular Dino Charge ep.

Kendall’s introduction is definitely still the best extra Ranger intro of the season. But I feel like this episode should’ve been much more exciting than it turned out to be.

It certainly wasn’t a surprise who Aqua Ranger was, even if just based on what we saw this episode. But the show kinda botched the build up to Tyler finally finding his Dad. It felt rushed and underdeveloped even though Tyler mentions him regularly.

Speeding through and not even really explaining why Papa Navarro wouldn’t let his son know he’s alive, while Rusty knew everything when Tyler visited him, make him seem very sketchy. And I doubt they’ll really get into what he’s been doing for ten years anyway.

It was an underwhelming episode for what it was supposed to be.

And Ninja? Hunter? Such creative names, eh?

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): Brave 26 – Surprise! The Gabutyra Human and Brave 27 – O Matsurincho! Red’s Super Evolution

Already watched 26 for last week’s episode, but again this is my first watch of Episode 27. Though I do remember seeing pics, gifs and discussion of Daigo ripping his shirt off for no reason after its original airing. lol

Completely different stories from Dino Charge. I mentioned last week how I preferred Endolf’s introduction over Singe’s. And this week, after such an underwhelming Dino Charge episode, I definitely still prefer Kyoryuger‘s two episodes more.

I get now why Dino Charge‘s episodes felt so rushed. They tried cramming in two episodes worth of footage into one (and a half) episodes while also including the return of Papa Navarro. So in that case, Kyoryuger‘s episodes definitely flowed much better. The episodes basically focused on Daigo getting his new power-up, even if the reasoning behind it is typical Sentai. And again, Daigo goes topless for no reason other than for the thirsty fangirls and fanboys. lol

With Dino Charge, Kendall just popped the new Charger out of the computer. They are SUPER Charged now, after all. So there’s another introduction that kinda deserved a better build up. And I only notice it after watching Kyoryuger.

I still don’t know the outcome of Daigo and his father, so I can’t compare that yet.

I haven’t normally preferred Kyoryuger over comparable Dino Charge episodes, but this is definitely a case where I think Dino Charge maybe either tried to do too much or didn’t put in as much effort as needed.



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4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (5) 25 – "There is nothing to talk about."

  1. What if Tyler was a were-T-Rex in the previous episode?

    What if they changed the plot and Tyler was a possessed by the T-Rex spirit in A Date with Danger, will it get good reviews and he was saved by a unknown ally which later revealed to be Torin (instead of Tyler’s father)?

  2. I liked the episode okay, but I do see where you’re coming from. It would’ve been kinda cool to see Tyler gone rogue for a little longer and/ or, as the poster above suggested, as a were-T-Rex or something. Kinda like RJ and him being a werewolf in Jungle Fury. I suppose the explanation/backstory stuff with Tyler’s dad will happen next week, kinda like how they did with Ivan, IIRC.

    I feel like Power Rangers could be so much more than it is right now, but Nickelodeon and the higher-ups at Saban seem to be holding it back. Giving the seasons 40 episodes (and no more of this “Super” stuff) and letting the producers of the show have a little more freedom would be a step in the right direction. I mean, Chip Lynn has done great stuff with Power Rangers before, and he’s doing great with what he’s being allowed to do right now, but I just feel like this show could be more than what it is. Again, I don’t blame Chip for this. I just think he’s being held back by studio higher-ups. Maybe this will change in the future, but for right now, anyway, it looks doubtful.

    See you next time!

    1. I agree. I (despite what many other PR fans might think lol) think the franchise made great steps forward during the Disney Era only to get pulled right back by Saban Brands and Nickelodeon’s prohibitive scheduling. It’s good Chip Lynn is not as much of a yes-man to the higher-ups as Jonathan Tzachor was. But definitely the franchise has so much potential as series. (I see the movie as a completely different thing =))

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