Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 3 – "If I give you the peso, do I get the beso?"

Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 3 – Bros Being Jocks


We start with a flashback to the beginning of Leg 2 where Dana & Matt were already being snippy with each other at the airport in Mexico City. They hope to slow it down for this Leg.

The third Leg begins with teams making their way on foot to Plaza San Diego. Tyler & Korey arrive first and find that they must now head to Castillo San Felipe de Barajas and search the catacombs for their next clue.

TAR2803 TAR2803

And that clue reveals the Detour: Tickets or Tejo.
In Tickets, teams must act as conductor on Cartagena’s buses and earn P20,000.
In Tejo, teams must play tejo and hit three targets.

Tyler & Korey’s driver is lost so Brodie & Kurt arrive at Tejo first. They quickly get the hang of it and finish. Teams must now make their way to Calle San Juan de Dios and find the mochila vendor for their next clue.

TAR2803 TAR2803

Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley finish the Detour next.

Back at the catacombs, Erin has a little trouble underground since she’s claustrophobic, but they get out quickly.

While Dana & Matt head to Tejo, Zach & Rachel choose Tickets. They hop on the bus, memorize the bus stops and try to get people on.

TAR2803 TAR2803

Erin & Joslyn and Scott & Blair also choose Tickets.

Brodie & Kurt find the next clue and it’s the Road Block: Who’s left holding the bag?

For this Road Block, teams must choose a mochila bag and search the Old City for two more bags by the same designer.

Kurt decides to do the Road Block. He finds his first bag as Tyler starts the Road Block.

Back at the Detour, a guy recognizes Zach from the YouTubes. They take a selfie and he helps Zach & Rachel out with some pesoses. Meanwhile, Blair offers “Besos for pesos” and the locals just all hop on.

TAR2803 TAR2803

Sheri & Cole arrive at Tejo as Brittany & Jessica just finish.

Across town, Ashley and Dana start the Road Block. But Kurt has just finished.

Brodie & Kurt can now make their way on foot to the Pit Stop at Baluarte de Santiago. They officially check-in as Team #1 and win a trip to Greece.

Tyler & Korey settle for 2nd.

Darius & Cameron are playing Tejo while Erin & Joslyn and Scott & Blair have excitedly collected the P20,000 they need.

TAR2803 TAR2803

Rachel tells Zach they have enough money. But when they hop into a taxi to head back to the bus stop, they realize Rachel has been counting the money wrong and they are short. They have to hop onto another bus to get the P5000 they need.

Elsewhere, Burnie & Ashley and Dana & Matt step on the Mat as Teams #3 and #4, respectively.

At the Road Block, Jessica and Cole stay with each other to find their bags together. Jessica already has her three bags, but decides to help Cole out since she trusts him and they’re not in last. Cole tells her it’s alright and she can exchange her bags for the clue.

Brittany & Jessica run to the Mat as Team #5. Sheri & Cole end up as Team #6.

Darius & Cameron move up to 8th place and catch up to Erin & Joslyn as Erin and Darius start the Road Block. Scott & Blair arrive and Scott does the task.

TAR2803 TAR2803

It’s getting dark out. Armed with a map, Erin reluctantly works with Scott. He finally finds his first bag after Erin tells him about the designer tag inside. With Scott being a little slow, Erin ditches him and runs off on her own, but comes back to ask for the map. “No you ditched me!” Scott says to come with him if she wants the map.

Darius also has one bag as Zach starts the Road Block.

“I didn’t mean to leave you back there,” Erin tells Scott as she finally finds her first bag.

Darius finds his last bag as does Erin. Scott still needs one, but tells Erin to go.

Erin & Joslyn head to the Pit Stop to finish as Team #7.

Darius heads back to the original mochila vendor and thinks he needs to find “Adriana” which is the name of the designer of his bag.

Scott & Blair step on Mat as Team #8.

Zach has his three bags and gets his clue. He tells Rachel that he heard drumming and music so that must be the Pit Stop. But it isn’t.

Darius heads back to the original vendor, still looking for Adriana. He leaves again, only to come back and finally hand the bags to the lady from earlier.

TAR2803 TAR2803

It’s a footrace to the Mat. Zach & Rachel step on it first and expect Phil to tell them they are last. But Phil points to the actual last team behind them.

Darius & Cameron are officially last and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. This was a horribly linear Leg. When TAR has two Legs in the same city, they’ve got to find a way to get teams on more equal footing at the start otherwise they can only depend on teams making mistakes to provide any sort of competition or drama.

It definitely didn’t help when the Detour was horribly unbalanced despite both being good tasks.

And please no hashtags in the clues. Come on now.

Now I will say that this was the best episode of the season so far. 100x better than the premiere and just a little bit more fun than Episode 2.

The bus Detour was definitely the better, more enjoyable Detour as it got teams actually interacting with locals and immersing them in the local culture and everyday life. That should’ve either been an Active Route Info task or a Road Block even. But again, it was a really unbalanced Detour and almost unfair.

All three tasks were typical TAR tasks: a local game/sport, making money and searching. (Doing TARPHDME has definitely made me realize that most TAR tasks are just variations on a couple of basic templates. lol)

But as has been the problem in recent TARs, while the tasks were good on their own, the Leg was poorly designed and the episode was saved only by teams tripping over themselves or making huge mistakes.

The huge mistakes certainly provided some great, fun moments. But seeing teams bunched into different groups right at the start, and many times even just doing tasks on their own without seeing any other teams, does not make good TV. The forced editing and quick cuts make it more obvious that teams are far apart from each other.

Again though, I still liked the episode itself thanks to the teams and the great bus Detour. The show is still trying too hard with the social media stuff in-show, but it was an overall solid episode in spite of Bertram and Co. almost actively trying for the opposite.

And about Darius at the Road Block, it’s very interesting how rules on TAR are never fully clear. Last season with Denise & James Earl was the first time we saw TAR be very strict with non-participating team members not being able to help their Road Block-performing teammate. Here, Cameron couldn’t tell him the lady was right in front of him, but in the past we’ve certainly seen teams helping their partners and even other teams out at Road Blocks. I wonder if part of this is TAR’s less elaborate (read: cheaper) tasks. Interesting thing to think about.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Scott & Blair are just hilariously awesome. The Detour was definitely perfect for Blair, yes? I think this episode so far shows just how she’s Mallory 2.0 and it’s awesome. Then we have Scott doing another searching task which of course provided for more fun hilarity, not to mention forcing Erin to help him. Hilarious! I can’t help but root for them. They’re very endearing and an enjoyable team.

Erin & Joslyn had a fun Leg. Erin is definitely the star of the team so far. From her freakout at the catacombs to her ditching then apologizing to Scott, she’s definitely providing for a lot of this season’s great fun.

Another week, another tough elimination. Darius & Cameron had a lot of potential and they were able to get themselves back into the Race despite the horrible Leg design (though they did choose the “right” Detour which was 10x easier than the other side of it). But Darius’ huge mistake at the Road Block just shows one wrong move and you could be out of the Race. I would’ve liked to see them Race much futher.

Dana & Matt are definitely delivering with their fun, couple bickering. “Let me live my life!” It’s great fun and they’ve certainly shown that they’re more than capable Racers as well. So they will be great to watch in the coming weeks.

Zach & Rachel moved up this week. Rachel’s big, almost costly, mistake at the Detour definitely allowed us to see more of them when they’ve been pretty invisible the first two weeks. It was great seeing a little bit more of their personalities and am looking forward to seeing what else they can bring in the next Legs as well.

Jessica & Brittany also had a chance to show a bit more to themselves this Leg. Though Jessica staying behind with Cole was definitely some Amazing Race Philippines 2-level of horrible-ness.

Not a lot of Sheri & Cole this Leg. But it did look like Sheri was crying at the catacombs since she too has a little claustrophobia (as we remember from the horrible first Leg). Why in the world would TAR not include that in the actual episode and cut out 10 seconds of other stuff that likely would never be as exciting. Hmph.

Brodie & Kurt are alright. I definitely was not a fan of Brodie’s loudness in the premiere. But him acknowledging it this week and being self-aware makes it a little more reasonable to accept. If he knows he’s too loud and if Kurt is just as annoyed by his loudness as we are, then it’s fine and we can laugh at Brodie basically spazzing at locals.

That little story Tyler & Korey had at the beginning of the episode about Tyler’s crush on Korey and then Korey not being the guy he thought he was was actually great and hilarious. I enjoyed that. Too bad they overdid the rest of their shtick the rest of the episode, especially at the end. But they were alright.

Episode Quotes

Kurt: “Brodie, you’re scaring ’em.”

Dana: “I think I grabbed, like, a rat.”

Erin: “Thank the Lord Jesus for sunshine.”

Blair: “‘If I give you the peso, do I get the beso?”

Cole: “I’m all sweaty, I don’t wanna hug you.”

Scott: “All this money is your kiss blowin’.”

Dana: “Babe, don’t talk to me. Go back into your own world. Let me live my life.”

Zach: “The horse is beating me.”

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  1. The roadblock scared the life out of me. I thought for sure the Kings were going to be out but the Brothers’ continuing race blunders brought a ray of hope to them and the two other teams battling for last place.

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