Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (1) 21 – "Why you gotta treat me so cold?"

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (1) 21 – When Evil Stirs


It feels like it’s been forever, so Tyler recaps the first half of Dino Charge by way of writing into his father’s journal. He says there is no longer a need for Power Rangers since they defeated Sledge and there is no possible way anyone survived the ship crashing into Earth.

Impossible! That would be illogical!



It’s apparently been weeks since the crash and the end of the Dino Charge Rangers. But Sledge’s ship is still absolutely full. Everyone is still perfectly alive and well except for Sledge who Wrench can’t even resurrect because there’s not a single piece of him left. And yes, the resurrection machine was unharmed in the crash.

But first, Snide emerges from what is supposed to be Heckyl’s cell and declares himself Master. A Spikeball says Master Sledge is their leader, so Snide just kills him.

Snide begins to cringe and it turns out he is Heckyl. Rather, Snide and Heckyl are two halves of one whole. Snide is able to talk to Heckyl via pocket watch.


Heckyl orders all the prisoners released and snacks for everyone. That includes Poisandra, Fury, Wrench and Curio who have apparently just woken up for the day.

Heckyl’s got a reputation, including committing genocide on one of the prisoner’s planets. But to make up for it, he says anyone who can bring him an Energem will rule the universe by his side. Also, anyone who stays must pledge their undying loyalty to him. Otherwise, they are free to go.

Poisandra wonders if they should leave.

But that decision is made for her when Heckyl uses the first alien to decide he wants his freedom as an example by killing him.


Koda excitedly receives letters from the mailman. The first is from Shelby who has started summer school and is enrolled in business classes upon encouragement from her parents.

Ivan notes that they’re pretty shorthanded at the cafe, but it’s okay since Kendall is interviewing a new waiter today.


And that applicant is Heckyl. Kendall remembers him as her knight in shining armor. She excuses herself to go check on some kitchen shenanigans. Heckyl peeks at the two letters to see Shelby is in school and Chase is in New Zealand.

Snide tells Heckyl not to waste time and just kill Kendall already to take her Energem. But Heckyl insists on strategic moves instead.


Meanwhile at the nameless school, Shelby is with Colonel Truman her dad who tells her to focus on her studies and have fun in class. But Shelby is more interested in the fossil she found. That is, until she gets drugged by a mist and a sinister laugh.


Over in Auckland, Chase suffers the same fate while flirting with girls. And Riley gets misted while filling a pail with water at his family’s farm.


Tyler is singing while driving through the forest, but he gets a flat tire. He gets out and finds his tires have been pierced with icicles. He tries to call Miss Morgan, but seems to get misted before he can tell her.

Kendall heads to the command cave where Koda says he can’t contact Riley. Just to be safe, they decide to check on Tyler.


They head into the forest using the GPS coordinates from the phone call. Kendall, Koda and Ivan decide to split up to cover more ground.

Kendall and Ivan come across Tyler’s jeep in a block of ice. They can’t believe this since Sledge was destroyed. Though, now they’re not so sure.


Before they can process it any more they too are misted. Koda hears them and hurries over to find Kendall and Ivan frozen in ice.

Iceage appears and tries to freeze Koda as well, but Koda manages to use a rock to block the ice and give him the opportunity to slide out of his sweater. Iceage decides to take the two Rangers he has so far and deal with Koda later.

Koda drives himself back to the command cave (hopefully without getting anyone hurt along the way) and tries to contact the others to no success.


Suddenly, someone comes sliding down into the command cave. But it’s only Tyler. He says Iceage almost got him too. Koda tells him the others haven’t been answering.

Koda feels guilty because he wasn’t able to fight off the ice as it brings back bad memories for him. He recounts how Kendall and Chase found him in the ice and used a Dino Blaze Charge to melt him out.


Keeper pops in and Koda apologizes. But Keeper says it’s alright since the others have bonded with Energems, they will stay safe even in the ice like Koda did. That is, unless they are killed by the monsters first.

The alarm sounds as Iceage starts rampaging in the city. Tyler has an idea, but it would entail both he and Koda being frozen in ice. Koda is too afraid, but Keeper believes in him. Tyler asks Koda to teach him how he escaped the ice.


They hurry into the city and find Iceage. They do a running morph and Iceage immediately freezes them.


He takes the iceblocks and reunites the whole team. Snide appears and sees the two morphed Rangers so he decides to take their Energems first.


Snide slashes at the two iceblocks, but it turns out only the suits were frozen.

It appears Tyler and Koda have used the Substitution Technique Ninpou as they pop out of nowhere and send Iceage flying.

They use Dino Blaze Chargers to unfreeze their friends.

After a short reunion, they turn their attention to Snide and Iceage as they morph together for the first time.


Snide has Tyler on the ground, but he has to leave when it’s Heckyl’s time to come to the body surface.

Kendall unleashes some puns and an attack that weakens Iceage and allows the others to finish him off.

Back up on the ship, Heckyl orders to fire the magna beam which absolutely takes the Rangers by surprise since they thought it was destroyed in the crash.

No matter. The Rangers hop into the Plesio Charge Megazord and then the Pachy Rex Formation of it to easily take care of Iceage and two Vivizords and two embiggened Spikeballs.

“Why you gotta treat me so cold, Rangers?”


The Rangers head back to the command cave and are happy to be back.

Kendall thanks Koda for what he did to save them since she knows about his PTSD with ice.

Koda says he thought ice was his biggest fear, but it’s actually the fear of losing his new family. Koda hugs Kendall.

Philip randomly walks into the command cave and Keeper welcomes everyone back. He too thought they wouldn’t be needed anymore.

The Rangers continue the recap about what’s going on and say they need to find the aqua Energem (and its Ranger) as well as the silver Energem.

Episode Thoughts

See!!! You could’ve checked out the crash site first before going back to your normal lives, yeah?

Not a shred of Sledge left, but everyone is unscratched and the ship’s still in working condition. I see.

I enjoyed this episode like I’ve enjoyed Dino Charge so far. But I still can’t help but not like how they ended Episode 20 which in turn dictated how this “Super” premiere would play out.

I just had to laugh every time they pointed out how surprised they were about their job not being over yet. And it’s apparently been weeks since the crash.

I can see how that finale and this premiere would work in the scheduling sense. But it’s only been a couple of weeks since the midseason finale. I think the summer hiatuses have been longer than the time between that finale and this premiere. So there really was no need for recaps or reintroductions and easing into the story.

I maintain that the better cliffhanger would’ve been the alarm sounding just as they were making plans to go back home. And this premiere would have just picked up right where we left off. They could’ve still used everything about the frozen plot and Iceage.

Of course the best solution would’ve been to just have all 40 episodes air in the same year. But even with this split, them simply not checking out the crash site and assuming everyone was dead and gone is just illogical. (Lookin’ at you Riley and Kendall, the most logical thinkers in the gang.)

I mean, you’d make sure the crazy gunman at the mall was either dead or captured before you let people back in and resume business right? Or make sure the cantilever section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is structurally sound after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake before letting cars drive over it, wouldn’t you?

I might go so far as to say it was pretty stupid of the Rangers to go about their merry way like that.


At least it was awesome to see that Koda/Kendall/Chase scene. And of course James Gaylyn.

And it’s very awesome to really meet Enter-lite aka Heckyl (and Snide, but more Heckyl). He’s a very charismatic murderer.

That actually sounds really bad. lol But he should be a very interesting villain.

And another nitpicky thing… what’s with the new font? They should’ve introduced it last year instead of changing it halfway. What is this, Go-Busters? =P

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): Brave 24: Burn! The Seven Kyoryugers

So a very different episode. But I might actually even like it a little more than Dino Charge. *GASP!* Maybe. A little. I don’t know.

It at least made more sense though since it was simply about Yayoi dealing with just becoming a Ranger. So it was a typical kind of story you’d see.

So overall, I enjoyed the Dino Charge episode even if I have a big problem with how things played out over these two most recent episodes.



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4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (1) 21 – "Why you gotta treat me so cold?"

  1. This was a great episode, but most important, the writing was great as always, especially in the end about Koda’s fear, it was not the ice itself, but what happened after that. Last time he was frozen, that was also the last time he saw his brother Taku, so he didn’t want to live that again now with his Ranger friends T_T

  2. I see you haven’t let the whole “check and make sure everything is safe before letting your guard down” thing go still. I understand why, though. Hopefully they will do that in the actual finale. Just try not to harp on it too much for the rest of the season (and yes, I still consider Super/Samurai, Super/Megaforce, and Dino Charge/Supercharge as three different seasons, respectively. Not six. And I don’t consider the MMPR revision a season at all).

    I don’t mind the font change for the second half of this season. Yeah, I agree that they could and should have done it from the very beginning, but personally, I’m not bothered with it. Love the new intro, though.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I am fascinated by Heckyll/Snide. I should have guessed that they were two sides of the same coin (I mean, their names sounding similar to Jekyll and Hyde should have given it away immediately), but hey, what’re you gonna do? I’m very interested to see their dynamic. It seems Heckyll wants to infiltrate the rangers’ ranks and take them out from within, while Snide prefers a more brute, direct approach. The same goal, but two different approaches. As Keeper once said “Is it not possible that two different paths lead to the same destination?”. We shall see.

    I loved seeing them address Koda’s fear about ice this episode. I was wondering if they were going to do that, given that Iceage froze the other rangers and Koda was frozen for thousands of years, and I’m glad they showed that. At first I was questioning how it was that Koda managed to escape from being frozen and leaving just his clothes, and then later how he and Tyler did it with their ranger suits, but then I remembered that Ninja Storm also had the rangers somehow being able to ditch their ranger outfits to fake out their enemies. So I guess there’s some precedent, even if it makes you wonder how they do that.

    Oh, so Poisandra, Fury, Wrench, and Curio DID survive the crash? Huh. Then how is it that they don’t know what happened to Sledge? Wouldn’t they have seen what happened to him? If there truly were no pieces of him to resurrect him with, then he must not be dead, right? I hope they address that in the future.

    Okay, as much as I dislike the background music in the Neo-Saban era thus far, I must admit there were a couple of serviceable pieces of music here and there this episode. But still, the background music (BGM) prevents me from from giving this season anything higher than an 8.5-9 out of 10. Because 99% of the time, the BGM is generic, doesn’t fit the mood, and just. keeps. playing. It doesn’t take a break and it can suck you out of the moment. Even though Power Rangers has had this problem before, at least the BGM TRIED to fit in to what was going on.

    I mean, in Operation Overdrive (a season I rewatched recently. Flawed, yes, but really not the awful monstrosity, in my opinion anyway, that people make it out to be), for example, when the Fearcats were destroyed, the BGM that started playing fit the moment and made it more dramatic. For me, anyway, it pulled me into the moment and kept my attention. If any piece of BGM from the Neo-Saban era were played over it instead, it would have been distracting and I wouldn’t have been as invested. Bad pieces of BGM can make a good scene an okay scene, or at worst, a bad one. Good pieces of BGM can make a good scene a great scene. I don’t have anything against Noam Kaniel personally, and I’m sure he tries his best, but I personally don’t think his music is right for Power Rangers. That’s just me, though.

    Alright, I’ve gone on long enough. Let me know what you think and I’ll see you next time!

    1. Yeah, it’s interesting for me. I know many people have criticized the music, but for me, it’s the least of the problems I have with this Saban Brands Era. lol Maybe if everything else was great, I would be annoyed by the music too. But since there was so much else to criticize with Samurai and Megaforce, I never really noticed the music hehe

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