Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 15 – Agony! The Stubborn Escape King!

Ghost 15

While a brand new Gundari flies into Tokyo, Takeru, Akari and Onari are setting up a special takoyaki party for Kanon-chan.

Ghost 15

Makoto-niichan and Kanon-chan arrive. She thanks Takeru again, but he’s just happy she’s better.

Grandma Fumi who runs the takoyaki cart is very happy to see Makoto and Kanon all grown up. The four kids had always come to enjoy Fumi-baa’s takoyaki. Today, she will be treating them for old time’s sake.

Ghost 15

Yurusen enjoys some takoyaki which feels familiar/wonders what this family stuff is all about. (What?)

Ghost 15

While everyone else is having fun, Takeru sees Makoto-niichan sitting alone staring at the Eyecon he hasn’t been able to use: the Houdini Eyecon. Takeru suggests Makoto-niichan befriends Houdini and tells him about needing to speak to the luminaries like he did Ryoma.

Ghost 15

Meanwhile, Aran has revived Jaberu and asks him what he knows of the luminary Eyecons. Javert says other than what happens when 15 are gathered, he knows nothing. He was just ordered to gather them. Alan orders Jabel to gather the Eyecons for him this time, but not to go acting on his own.

At the lab, Takeru tries to figure out how to talk to Musashi. Yurusen says Takeru should follow Onari’s example since he seems to be able to talk to Goemon-dono.

Ghost 15

Akari wonders what Makoto-niichan might be up to about wanting to settle things while Takeru wants to know more about the Ganma hell.

Grampa Sennin and Yurusen pop in wearing demon pajamas. Akari shines spider lantern to make them visible with Onari seeing Gramps for the first time. Sennin clues them into Houdini being the next luminary before he poofs away.

Shibuya and Narita hurry down to tell them about the Gundari. Hearing it’s a dragon, Onari says he’ll be the one to take care of this.

Makoto and Kanon visit Fumi-baba to thank her for the delicious takoyaki yesterday. Just then, Alan approaches them.

Ghost 15 Ghost 15

Kanon happily calls over to “Alan-sama” who smiles back. But he says he needs to talk to Makoto.

Aran threatens to separate Makoto and Kanon for good, but Makoto says he will live with Kanon, Takeru and their friends as a human. Alan is disappointed.

Javert pops in and both he and Makoto henshin to fight. But Javerue has no trouble overpowering Makoto, even when he goes King Tut.

Makoto gets buried in rubble as Kanon comes running with Takeru who immediately henshins to Newton.

Takeru knocks Jabel away long enough to dig Makoto-niichan out. But Jabert quickly attacks and forces Makoto to dehenshin. Takeru goes Boost and then Goemon allowing him to get the upper hand, but Alan arrives and tells Jaberue to stand down.

Ghost 15

Very well. But before Javelue leaves, he takes Kanon-chan with him.

They frantically search around the city for Kanon, but don’t find her.

That is, until Javert sends a messenger Eyecon to Makoto. Makoto is determined to make the Houdini Eyecon work with him. Instead, Houdini puts Makoto in chains and takes control of his bike.

Ghost 15

Takeru and Akari watch as Makoto-niichan faces off against the controlled bike. He tells them to stay back as this time, he will save Kanon himself.

Makoto is finally able to hop onto the bike as Takeru promises not to interfere.

They head to where Javel is keeping Kanon. Makoto and Javelu henshin and fight once more.

Takeru stops himself from henshining to keep his promise to Makoto-niichan. Akari says that’s stupid, especially since Makoto isn’t 100% right now. Takeru says he believes in Makoto-niichan as he grips the Musashi Eyecon, not knowing how much it’s glowing.

Makoto is again getting overpowered. Bored with the fight, ジャベル summons the Gundari and hops in/fuses with it. Onari arrives, having been following the Gundari.

Javerr knocks Makoto around again and collapses a building on him, burying him under more rubble.

That’s it. Takeru finally henshins and straight to Boost. But it’s a little difficult to fight off the flying dragon. So Takeru calls Yurusen to send Captain Ghost. Yurusen complains about Takeru calling so much and doesn’t get out of the way in time as Javelt sends a blast their way. Yurusen gets whacked into the sky.

Ghost 15

While Takeru, Akari and Onari try to keep themselves safe from the huge explosions, Makoto wakes up in the rubble and again asks Houdini for help. He seems to be in the mood this time and helps Makoto burst out of the rubble and break free of the chains.

Ghost 15

Makoto-niichan can finally use the Houdini Eyecon and henshins. His bike turns into the Houdini parka which allows Makoto to fly. He flies up to save his sister before turning his attention to Jaberu.

Javeru is very amused, but Makoto uses Houdini-like trickery to defeat him.

Ghost 15

Takeru and Makoto thank each other for everything. Alan watches from above.

As Makoto and Kanon walk away, the Musashi Eyecon suddenly lights up and sucks Takeru in.

Ghost 15

Takeru meets with Musashi who suggests he talk to the other luminaries with the same sincerity. Musashi says he will of course continue fighting with him.

Back at the lab, Grampa Sennin talks to himself/addresses Papa Tenkuuji and tells him his son has taken another step forward.

In the Ganma world, someone holds a Necrom Eyecon.

Ghost 15

Episode Thoughts

It was a good episode.

I enjoyed the flashback to when they were kids and the nice little moments with Fumi-baba. Very ToQger-like. It’s good to continue establishing their relationship as children. Especially since it appears a lot happened in “hell.” And it must be some crazy stuff if Kanon and her “Alan-sama” are all smiles while Makoto is still very emo about the whole experience. He wants to be human, eh?

I hope Grandma Fumi pops up from time to time just like the mailman does.

Javert/Jaberu/Javel/Jahberoo randomly popping back up was a little strange. So, does he not die or what’s going on there? Since we don’t really know what Ganma actually are in the first place, I guess anything is possible with them.

It’s definitely great seeing more of AranAlan and his personality/background. Not knowing anything about scans or following casting and all that, I assume AranAlan will be Kamen Rider Necrom. So that should be fun. It’s a little bit of deja vu though since Specter was introduced in a similar way and Necrom/Alan might end up in a similar way too; Enemy Rider turned BFF or something like that.

But it will be an interesting dynamic to have a Ganma Rider in this story, even though Jabeloo was basically that as well.

So, a good solid episode. A typical one you’d see in the first ten, but of course, it’s like we’re in a delayed first 10 episodes mode right now after the big reset.

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