Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 19 – "Finding a hero is harder than I thought."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 19 – Wishing For a Hero


Everyone’s back in Amber Beach and they’re now trying to find someone to force the Purple Energem on. To do this, they’ve set up a hidden camera-type of situation at a faux construction site and threaten to smash Kendall’s head in with an entire pallet of cement. They wait for someone to be a hero, but it isn’t working out so well. The Energem doesn’t react to any of her “heroes,” especially when they’re all jerks, douchebags or just want to get in her pants. And that’s if people even try to save her at all.


They call it a day.

But Fury has been watching and is intrigued that the Purple Energem is unbonded. Wish Star arrives and is ready to get to work, but Fury wants to tell Sledge about the Energem and send Wish Star back to jail. Wish Star is not having any of this and freezes Fury by using a wish card.


Kendall and the guys are walking back to the command cave and come across a gypsy and her wish cards. Wish Star has cast some spell over those wish cards though.

The gypsy invites them to wish for love and money. Riley and Kendall are definitely not superstitious, but Koda says he’s “super-squishiness.” He and a love-hungry Chase write their wishes down.

Tyler and Shelby arrive as Koda and Chase finish writing their wishes. Koda believes his wish came true since Shelby brings him a burger. And to everyone’s surprise, a pretty girl with a skateboard approaches Chase, admiring his kiwi and loving his accent.

Tyler, Shelby and Ivan immediately write their wishes down.

Up on the ship, Fury tells Sledge about the Energem. And Sledge decides they should help the Rangers find their purple hero. He knows just who to send down. Fury is not so keen on letting this guy out of solitary confinement. And neither is anyone else.


But Sledge is set on using Heckyl. He’s not that dangerous, Sledge says, “we’ve all destroyed galaxies.” He tells Wrench to open the door. Everyone shivers as two Spikeballs try holding on to the chains of this dangerous fiend walking out of the dark cell. This frightening thing… that looks like a human?!

Heckyl tries being “cute,” but Sledge gets right to business. The deal is Heckyl gets the Purple Energem and he’ll be set free.

Heckyl kills the two Spikeballs and proposes his own deal: He’ll get the Energem, but he and Sledge will work as partners to rule the universe.

Sledge wants no such thing. But Heckyl zaps all the cellblocks open with a little zap. Alright, alright. Sledge gives in to Heckyl’s demands.

Heckyl pulls out his Enter glasses. Sledge says he’ll need those shades if he fails because he’ll throw him into the sun.


Next day, everyone’s at the cafe. Tyler asks if everyone’s on for a picnic today. Shelby is of course down, but Kendall and Riley have to continue finding a way to force the Energem onto someone.

Koda can’t make it because he has diarrhea. Ivan can’t go because he’s covering Chase’s shift while he’s off with his new lady. So that means it’s just Tyler and Shelby. Alone. That was Shelby’s wish.


They head to the park and watch baby ducks. Then they play with big bubbles, but one of them pops right on Shelby’s face. Tyler tries to help get the soap out of her eyes, but he instead squirts all over her face. Water, that is.


They decide to eat, but all their food has ants on ’em. Including the sandwich Tyler’s just taken a bite of. They find the ants are all over their body too.

“Talk about a terrible date. I mean, uh…”

Before they hash out their feelings though, Tyler thinks he sees his father! The man runs away and Tyler tries chasing after him. But Tyler instead finds Wish Star.

Shelby arrives to help and Wish Star leaves.

Tyler confirms seeing his dad again was his wish. Shelby realizes both their wishes came true, but both went bad. Something’s up.

Back at the cafe, Ivan sits with Kendall.

“Finding a hero is proving harder than I thought.”

He tells her that finding a hero even in medieval times was very hard as well.


Anyway, Kendall wonders where everyone is. Ivan tells her about Chase and his lady friend and Shelby and Tyler being alone. They giggle at the idea of Shelby and Tyler on a date. But Kendall realizes that must have been Shelby’s wish. And Koda’s burger wish was granted too.

She asks Ivan what his wish was and he says it’s the same every knight has, to save a damsel in distress. And he does when his co-worker at the cafe falls off the ladder.

Kendall decides to go wish for a Purple Ranger.


Down in the command cave, Koda’s shtummy still hurts. Ivan comes in and says he must have hurt his back when he saved the damsel. And Chase comes in with a broken heart and a broken skateboard. Tyler and Shelby arrive and they all realize the wish cards are cursed. Ivan tells them Kendall is on her way there now, so they all hurry to stop her.

But it’s too late. She’s already written down her wish when the Rangers come yelling over to her.


Kendall goes to cross the street, but a truck comes speeding toward her. Luckily, she’s saved by a brave… Heckyl?!

He winks at her and tells her to watch where she’s going. But Kendall immediately believes this is her granted wish. He starts to walk away, but she stops him and asks him to hold the Energem.

The Rangers yell at her not to do it. But they are all suddenly shot at. The Energem falls to the ground and Wish Star picks it up.


Heckyl runs off. “The Rangers mustn’t know who I am. I will not ruin my plan for one single Energem.”

Fury arrives with a wish for Wish Star to explode. That knocks the Energem out of his hands and into Fury’s who flies back up to Sledge.

Wish Star decides to try and impress Sledge anyway by killing the Rangers who morph.

Wish Star has run out of wish cards and they finish off his first life. Sledge embiggens him and the Rangers, minus Ivan, hop into the Ankylo Pachy Megazord. Ivan is in the Pterazord to help when Vivizords appear. But everything is settled quickly.


Up on the ship, Wrench uses the Energem to power up Sledge’s blaster. Heckyl shows up. But since it was Fury who got the Energem, Sledge orders Heckyl back into solitary.

Heckyl is not going to go back so easily. He turns to Sledge and uses his hand powers. But Sledge uses his new souped-up blaster to counter. That sends Heckyl back into solitary confinement with the door closing shut behind him.

“You will pay, mark my words.”


At the command cave, the Rangers regret making their wishes. Keeper says wishes don’t always come true. The only sure way to accomplish anything is to continue trying and never give up.

Kendall says Sledge could use the Energem to build a weapon of mass destruction.

Riley says the only logical thing to do is instead of waiting for Sledge to find them on Earth, they should take the fight to him. On his spaceship.


To Be Continued!

Episode Thoughts

Oh! Okay. Alright. I see you Dino Charge. This was definitely a penultimate episode of a season-type of episode. And it definitely set up the midseason (yes, I consider both Super and non-Super halves as one whole season) finale very well.

But man, so much original footage! ¾ of the episode was all New Zealand and they didn’t even morph until that last quarter of the episode! Amazing! Just seeing that was great. It might get old and tiresome comparing and harping on Samurai and Megaforce, but Dino Charge has just been so different. And in the best way possible. You can actually tell there’s thought going into writing the episodes and the stories. But I’ll save the praise for the midseason review next week.

For this episode, it was lots of fun but was also still important to the overall story.

First with the fun, the wishes were nice bits of comedy. It’s a typical set-up for Power Rangers and Sentai and it definitely worked very well here. We got some great character moments from everyone.

But the big developments in this episode were certainly the introduction of Enter, I mean Heckyl. And the idea of finding someone to bond with the Purple Energem for fear of it falling into the wrong hands, which it did.

First to Heckyl. I did read about the comparisons to Enter of Go-Busters around the internets after the episode first aired internationally. I can definitely see the similarities in personality. But the outfit is most certainly inspired by Enter with that coat and those goggles. My Go-Busters uber-fanboy-self hopes that the Go-Busters suits somehow pop up next year. I know it won’t happen. But really, just the fact that Judd Lynn seems to have taken inspiration from Enter and Go-Busters is enough for me.

On a side note, I wasn’t at all upset that Go-Busters wouldn’t be adapted, especially after Samurai and Megaforce. But seeing what Judd Lynn has done with Dino Charge, I kinda wish we did get Power Rangers Go-Busters. =( But it’s okay. =)

Anyway, I hope they have something big planned for Heckyl. The teasing of him inside solitary confinement from a few episodes ago was really good. It adds to the feeling that Dino Charge has an ongoing story.

Moving on to finding a Purple Ranger, I don’t really know about their plan to basically force it on someone. Haha. Seems kind of cruel. Trying to burden someone with the responsibility. Not everyone wants to be a Ranger, after all. But for me, I guess already knowing what happens, all the stuff with them looking for a hero was alright. Plus, we got to see the most of Kendall in one episode I think. *wink*wink*

Overall, a fun, enjoyable episode and a great lead-in to the midseason finale.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): Brave 20 – Unlucky! Tanabata’s Windfall

So I actually remember watching this episode. Basic premise was the Kyoryugers made wishes on Tanabata Day. But anyone whose wish came true would die tomorrow. A little bit more dark than Dino Charge. But actual death is a common theme on Sentai. I think the plot worked okay in Kyoryuger since the biggest development in the episode was about Daigo’s father I guess.

And watching this episode again, I see why the Dino Charge episode was mostly original footage. There was almost no useable Kyoryuger footage except for 1/3 of the last morphed fight and the zord battle.

So that actually helped Dino Charge because they were able to write whatever story they wanted without needing to twist the Sentai footage around.

Other than featuring our two Red Rangers’ fathers in different capacities, the episodes were very different. And I think both worked with respect to their series.

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6 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 19 – "Finding a hero is harder than I thought."

  1. Great episode and an excellent set up for the finale!
    The wait for next week will be long, even worse, I heard next week will actually be the Christmas special instead of the finale 🙁

  2. Awesome episode! I loved the upped stakes feeling this episode. Haven’t felt that in a Power Rangers show in a while. Too bad we have to wait TWO WEEKS for the actual finale! Curse you, Nickelodeon! You just couldn’t wait to show the Christmas special, could you? Why do you torment us with this kind of awful scheduling???? Ugh.

    As for Heckyll, I think he could be the secondary main baddie for this season. Or at least one of them. As for his appearance, I think he really looks like a monster with a human skin. I could be wrong, though.

    One thing I noted was why didn’t the rangers split up once Fury got the Purple Energem? Half of them go after Fury and the other half battle Wish Star? Did Fury just instantly teleport away or something and they couldn’t follow him? That’s one thing I thought was strange. But other than that, great episode.

    Man, this Christmas special is really going to ruin the momentum leading up to the finale. See you then!

  3. It’s nice to have a non-costumed original human villain, since sentai counterpart didn’t have one (I don’t count Canderilla and Luckyro human form that used in few episodes, since that was disguise).

    Heckyl reminds me of Enter, who wears very stylish clothes, wear goggles around their neck, hand expression, and unique expression in their speech. Only thing he’s missing is laptop.
    I wished his character appeared earlier, since next episode is season finale.
    I guess this sort of count as Go-busters element, that was rumored before show premiered.

    I also find it interesting that he’s the only members of bounty hunter who has humanlike appearance, while everyone else is monster.
    He’s pretty powerful nonetheless, making him extremely dangerous!
    Ryan Carter does a great job with his performance; I almost wished he was the main villain from the beginning instead of Sledge, who’s kind of stiff. Had Go-busters was adapted, he could done a great job as Enter counterpart.

    I’m going to assume his name was inspired from “Jekyll & Hyde”, a novella written by Robert Louis Stevenson (who also wrote “Treasure Island”).
    It would’ve been funny if his monster form was called “Jyde”. lol

    Something tells me that Heckyl would not only have monster form (which I won’t spoil here), but he could be a ranger… an evil ranger. I smell “11th Energem”.

    It was nice and to see Tyler and Shelby relationship develop in this episode.
    They are indeed one of the best couples I’ve seen in franchise.
    Far more believable and convincing than King/Amy.

    Tyler going after his dad and finds out it was illusion by MOTW, was kind of sad to see.
    I really want to see Tyler reunite with his dad.
    I didn’t care too much about father/son relationship in Kyoryuger, since I didn’t care either of those characters too much.

    Nice to see Heckyl in public, despite his unique attire.
    Since none of the rangers are aware of Heckyl is one of bounty hunters, it was a very clever attempt to get Energem. I like the way he approach woman (Kendall).
    I wonder if we’re going to see him interact with Shelby.

    Keeper speech at the end was very nice.
    Brilliant Riley, for coming up with idea to break into Sledge ship.
    Very resourceful indeed.
    Nice cliffhanger for season finale.

    Great episode to set-up for season finale!
    Although, it did felt bit rushed, but the overall story was pretty good.
    I really liked the rivalry between Heckyl and Sledge, where it’s been a while we’ve seen rivalry between costumed and non-costumed villain.
    Hard to believe it’s the end of first half and it’s already better than ENTIRE series of Kyoryuger (Take that Sanjo! ).

    Bring on season finale! (after upcoming Christmas special)

    1. Yes! Definitely nice seeing a “human” villain. Definitely hope we see him a lot more next year. I wonder if Heckyl’s personality will be like a Jekyll and Hyde-type of thing? That would be very interesting to see.

      They have definitely developed many continuing stories well; Tyler’s dad, Tyler & Shelby’s relationship. Very refreshing to watch.

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