Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 10 -"We're gonna beat 'em. Period. Dot. The End."

Recap: The Amazing Race 27, Episode 10 – “Bring the Fun, Baby!”


It’s late afternoon and teams must now travel by tuk-tuk to Kachora Bazaar. The first clue also warns of a U-Turn. Justin & Diana want to U-Turn Chris & Logan after Chris told them the truth about Tiffany & Krista’s Zimbabwe U-Turn. They think Chris & Logan rub people the wrong way. (Huh?! #LookintheMirror)

Speaking of, Chris has been throwing up all day.

Justin & Diana arrive at the bazaar and open the first clue revealing the Road Block: Who’s full of hot air?

TAR2710 TAR2710

For this Road Block, teams must blow up enough balloons to fill a large net which they will place on the back of a bicycle and deliver it to a wedding planner in exchange for their next clue.

Justin, Joey and Logan do the Road Block.

While Justin tries to keep the lead, Diana gives the locals, kids and adults, USA tattoos. He finishes the Road Block and he and Diana head to the Goyal Book Store.

Tiffany starts the Road Block as Joey returns. Logan sets off on the bike as James Earl starts the task. Chris is not feeling well.

TAR2710 TAR2710

Justin & Diana arrive at the bookstore and Phil is there to welcome them and introduce the first ever 3rd U-Turn of a season. (Also first ever board before the actual Detour?) They decide to U-Turn Chris & Logan.

TAR2710 TAR2710

They open the Detour clue: Bring the Groom or Bring the Fun.

In Bring the Groom, teams will help bring the groom to the wedding in style. One team member will hold na heavy candelabrum while the other will push the heavy generator powering the lights.

In Bring the Fun, teams must deliver a popular carnival ride to the wedding reception and have eight children play on it to receive their next clue.

Justin & Diana choose Bring the Fun while Joey & Kelsey choose Bring the Groom.

The sun has set in Agra.

Back at the Road Block, Tiffany sets off on the bike. But kids start punching at the balloons. She reaches the bridge and gets into traffic when suddenly some guy grabs and rips the net open. The balloons all fall, but Tiffany gets the clue from the planner anyway. James Earl hopes to catch up.

TAR2710 TAR2710

Chris & Logan arrive at the U-Turn and see their faces. They say they are definitely not inviting Justin & Diana to Miami any time soon.

Tiffany & Krista get to the U-Turn board and are a little confused at first at who U-Turned who. Anyway, Tiffany & Krista get high fived by kids and they fist bump in the air on their way back to the tuk-tuk. But the mob gets out of hand.

Things are also getting crazy at the Detour as the leading teams roll through the streets and scare horses and cows.

Justin & Diana maintain their lead. They finish the Detour and open the clue directing them to find Phil behind the tent. They officially check-in as team #1 and win $5000 each.

Joey & Kelsey deliver their groom and step on the Mat as Team #2.

Denise & James Earl arrive at the U-Turn and think Justin & Diana did it to save them. Even though Justin explicitly explained he wanted to help his friends Joey & Kelsey and Tiffany & Krista. Oops.

TAR2710 TAR2710

Speaking of U-Turned teams, Chris & Logan finally arrive at the wedding. And after some confusion about what a “ride” actually means, they finish it and hurry over to the other side of the Detour.

Just arriving at that Detour are Tiffany & Krista. The environment is flustering them as people are crowding around and laughing while they struggle with starting the generator.

TAR2710 TAR2710

They finally get it and start going just as Chris & Logan arrive. Seeing the girls give Chris & Logan hope. Denise & James Earl are in last, but are determined.

Jerks continue messing with Tiffany & Krista as they struggle with the Detour. The TAR bodyguards knock ’em out of the way. They finally reach the wedding party.

TAR2710 TAR2710

Tiffany & Krista give the groom a kiss before escorting him to the bride. They head to the Mat and check-in as Team #3.

Chris & Logan finish and catch up to Tiffany & Krista at the Mat to officially check-in as Team #4.

Both teams are still at the Mat when Denise & James Earl arrive. They know they are last and done. And unfortunately, Phil confirms it.

TAR2710 TAR2710

Episode Thoughts

Wow! Now that was an insane episode! Definitely one of the most exciting and maybe memorable episodes in the HD Era of TAR.

First let’s get to the bad. A 2nd linear! Leg in the same city. Of course Justin & Diana would win it. And placements would basically stay the same. They placed a U-Turn here to ensure someone would be eliminated. And that it would be at the hands of another team. That’s not what U-Turns should be about.

And after such a linear Leg, this is the perfect spot for a Non-Elimination. I think for modern TAR, Non-Elimination Legs should be on Legs where there are no equalizers. The simpler Legs of contemporary TAR just really stifle competition.

That said, the episode itself was still exciting and enjoyable. Huh?!

What’s been interesting this season is that they’ve had plenty of linear Legs, yet most of the episodes have been very enjoyable and fun. And that’s thanks to the teams. Whether it’s their drama, hilarity or dumb mistakes, they’ve helped elevate otherwise poor Legs and tasks.

The idea though of a night leg in India is fascinating. The chaos and putting the teams in sketchy situations. Now I want to see a night Leg in Manila! lol

But the teams were obviously pretty worried about the insanity around them.

It was definitely rude of the people to mess with Tiffany at the Road Block. But I guess it would’ve been too cruel for her to go back and do it all over again. Also, I don’t think they had any more nets left anyway lol

But then later in the Leg, it appeared to come dangerously close to some TAR4 “Don’t touch my boobs” moments. There were obviously plenty of local and TAR security around them, but as we saw in the episode, people still were able to get really close. It almost felt like how crazy it gets on the Philippines’ Eat Bulaga when their huge stars Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards go out into the crowds. In other words, mayhem.

It was very interesting contrasting the nice innocence of the kids with the sketchiness of the crowded spaces in the darkness. That all definitely added to the weird fun of the episode.

It was definitely tough seeing my top 3 teams in the bottom and sorta-fighting for last even though you knew exactly where each stood. No clever editing here.

But I loved seeing the teams all sweaty and dirty and frustrated and tired and exhausted. Now THAT’S! a competition. Actually challenging teams is something TARUS has not done in recent years. This kind of Leg was pretty normal in the pre-TAR12 seasons. Not so much in the HD Era. Which is why a crazy episode like this is so memorable and exciting.

I didn’t realize there have only ever been, at most, two U-Turns per season. How strange! Still, it was kind of a cheat since they basically split the usual, what would have been, Double U-Turn.

And finally, OMG! CAMERAS IN VIEW!


YESSS!!! I’ve been saying a long time that TAR needs to loosen up on not showing crew in shots. TAR China showed there was no problem with doing that. And TARUS started being more loose with TAR25. It was pretty awesome seeing cameramen and other crew clearly visible throughout this Leg. First, it shows just how much work goes into the Race since we saw the cameramen running side-by-side with the teams. But also, it adds that realism to the show. It makes the show feel less overly-produced. And in a Leg like this, showed just how crazy things can be.

So overall, maybe my favorite episode of the season so far. Last week was an Emmy episode, this might be another choice as well.

My Subjective Team Rankings


So sad to see Denise & James Earl eliminated. I think they might have been the best parent/child team since Gary & Mallory. And that was ages ago. Granted, we haven’t had many parent/child teams since. The only one I can remember is Hoskote & Naina who could have been awesome if they weren’t eliminated in the 1st Leg. There was Laurence & Zac who didn’t seem all that interesting. And then of course one of the worst teams of all time, Dave & Connor.

So Denise & James Earl were definitely a breath of fresh air and lots of fun. Definitely great to root for as well. Denise definitely pulled her weight and did great in the Race. Her and James Earl’s story of acceptance was the least interesting thing about them. And that’s a good thing. Instead of harping on it as their only interesting trait, they had plenty of other things about them that were interesting and fun to watch. They definitely fought hard.

Chris & Logan are just fun. If TAR wants to update their couple template, just look at Chris & Logan. They bicker and fight and snap at each other, but they also Race hard and they proved this Leg that they definitely deserve to go all the way. It was great to watch them step it up and do well, even with a U-Turn and even with their hilarious bickering every other second. Imagine if they lessened that bickering? They’d probably win!

Tiffany & Krista also provided great laughs this Leg. They definitely toughed it out this Leg. It was a hard situation for the other teams, what more for two beautiful young women. But they handled it fine and were able to still Race hard. They should have a shot at the million.

Kelsey & Joey and Justin & Diana are just not as interesting. Their two-way Race was probably the least enjoyable parts of this episode. Boring and uninteresting. I guess maybe it’s because I don’t particularly care for either or want to root for them. But still, their 1-2 finishes are not good for the Race at all.

Episode Quotes

Denise: “We’re gonna beat ’em. I’m puttin’ my foot down. Period. Dot. The End.”

Logan: “Why don’t you get as far away from me as possible? Because you’re just negative.”

Logan: “This sucks.”
Chris: “Honey, no more ‘sucks’. We just do it.”
Logan: “Well, you’re being an ass.”

Chris: “I’m done being an ass.”

Denise: “I don’t like being out here at night.”

Diana: “I don’t think kids will be a problem.”

Justin: “We have to use other people’s kids to get the joys.”

Denise: “This is a messed up wedding party! I’m glad I’m not the bridesmaid.”

They’re back!

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  1. Just watched the episode. The preview in the next episode seems interesting. Who do you think will be the Final 3?

    1. I dunno! It seems very interesting. Either it’s a fake out and Justin & Diana do make it to the final Leg. Or they made some huge mistake and they just miss it. It could really go either way! Who do you think?

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