Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 34 – The Legendary World Ninja Jiraiya Appears!

Ninninger 34

Ariake no Kata has some Supparage attacking Koda and other locals to help with her skin care treatments. Ariake no Kata reintroduces herself before they drive her away.

Suddenly, the Ninningers are attacked by a mysterious ninja… Jiraiya!

Ninninger 34

Jiraiya jumps down and fights the Ninningers. Takaharu, Yakumo and Kinji take Jiraiya on as he laments how these evil ninja have taken over while he was gone. Nagi, Fuuka and Kasumi realize there must be some misunderstanding so they use Gold Technique to drop some basins on their heads and stop the fighting.

Jiraiya recognizes this as an Igasaki-style Ninpou and apologizes for mistaking them as Iyazoi-style ninjas.

Ninninger 34

Jiraiya dehenges and explains that he heard of the Iyazoi ninjas. Jiraiya introduces himself as Yamaji Toha of the Togakure school. Kasumi looks him up online and finds scenes from the original Showa Era series.

Masakage talks to Kibaoni to get permission to summon Advanced Youkai. Kibaoni lends his power and reminds Ariake no Kata to not give Masakage a hard time while he’s away.

The Ninningers head home with Toha where two men from a committee to preserve ninja honor in light of the Iyazoi ninjas talk to Father about the need for all ninjas to follow a new set of rules. Rules that the Ninningers haven’t really been adhering to as they are ninjas that do not hide.

The rulebook shows that the Chairman of the committee is Jiraiya. Turns out the men really want Jiraiya to be their chairman and Toha has been trying to avoid them. He asks Takaharu to help him escape.

The two men chase after them, but Takaharu and Toha are too fast.

Toha explains that he’s not the type to manage other people. Instead, he’s more keen on being on the frontlines to fight.

Across town, Masakage uses dumbbells to bring Advanced Youkai Konaki Jijii to life.

Ninninger 34

Konaki Jijii begins attacking downtown by making older people, literally, heavy burdens for the younger folks. Takaharu and Toha hurry over and both henge.

Konaki Jijii uses his power to get Toha onto Takaharu’s back just as the Ninningers arrive to help and drive Konaki Jijii away.

Ninninger 34

Back home, the two committee members ban the Ninningers from using Ninjutsu for a month after seeing them violating pretty much ever rule just now. They don’t care that a Youkai is on the loose.

Kinji gets an alert about Konaki Jijii so they head out while Tsumuji says he’ll trying talking to the committee again.

The Ninningers find Konaki Jijii, but can’t henge as they see the two men watching nearby.

Ninninger 34 Ninninger 34

The cousins not being able to henge allows Konaki Jijii to attack them with his ninpou. Fuuka carries Kasumi and Nagi carries both Kinji and Yakumo, but they fall to the ground.

Konaki Jijii also shoots at the two committee members as Takaharu and Toha arrive. They work together to outsmart Konaki Jijii’s attacks and destroy his dumbbell hands which unloads the heavy burdens off everyone.

Ninninger 34

After being down about his age all day, Toha says even if he can’t rampage like he used to, he’ll do what he can to help the younger ninjas. He says the Ninningers can use Ninjutsu all they want. He will accept the Chairman position and take responsibility for them.

A Shuriken burns Takaharu’s butt and it turns into a new Ji Shuriken. Takaharu attaches it to his Ichibantou and it summons Jiraiyu’s Jiko Shinkuken old sword.

They all henge and wear Konaki Jijii down. They prepare for a Final Strike when suddenly, Shishi-Oh appears on Takaharu’s wrist. He’s back!

Takaharu goes Chozetsu and Toha lets him borrow his sword. Konaki Jijii’s first life is done and Masakage embiggens him.

The Ninningers hop into Gekiatsu Dai-Oh to finish off Konaki Jijii for good.

Ninninger 34
Back at the dojomanse, Toha tells the Ninningers that his new role is to help protect the young ninja so they can continue his work. And to start, he gets rid of the dumb rulebook and tells them to rampage well.

He reminds them that Ninpou is tempered through the heart and body as a martial art that exists to protect justice. They cannot ever let their Ninpou give in to feelings of negligence or pride. And they must never give in to fear.

Episode Thoughts

A fun little episode. I don’t really know much of the Metal Hero Series other than the glimpses of nuGavan in Go-Busters and Super Hero Taisen Z. Also that Shaider was huge in the Philippines which spawned GMA’s unfortunate Zaido soap opera toku. And of course VR Troopers.

So this was a nice little intro to Jiraiya as I had no idea the Metal Hero Series also had a ninja.

The unmorphed fight was great and it would’ve been awesome to see that scene be longer. Same with them carrying each other on their backs as a sight gag.

No plot developments this episode, but I did enjoy the little crossover and it was just light, fluffy fun. And of course, Hello Yoshi Sudarso! Living the fanboy dream! =)

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