Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 2 – Shocking! Invention King!

Ghost 2

Takeru sits wondering why his father planned for all this to happen. Akari suggests Takeru go to the hospital, but Onari doesn’t agree. They both pull at him and he decides to go invisible to escape to the lab.

Grandpa Sennin is there reading Takeru’s luminaries book. Takeru asks for a little more clarification about his mission.

Sennin explains how to find the luminary ghosts in order to get the Eyecons. First, you need an item of the luminary. Second, you need a person who has strong feelings toward the luminary. And third, Takeru needs to draw the eye.

Takeru points to the monolith in the lab which his father had studied for a long time. Is it somehow related to the Ganma and Eyecons? Sennin doesn’t know.

Both Takeru and Sennin go invisible as Onari comes downstairs looking for Takeru.

Ghost 2

Sennin tells Takeru the next ghost that might appear may be of Thomas Edison’s. Takeru makes himself visible again and Onari learns of Sennin’s presence. Sennin blows some smoke at him and Onari hurries upstairs with an idea on how to find the Eyecons.

How does Gramps now? He just does.

Across town, the mysterious trench coat man gives an eye paper to some mad scientist-looking man.

Next morning, Onari is telling Shibuya and Narita that they will be investigating strange phenomena and incidents that happen around town. At the university, a professor asks Akari to looking into some unexplained power outages.

She finds the strange happenings are centered around Sonoda Motors now Sonoda Invention Lab. Inside, the scientist from last night, Sonoda, is working on something as a Ganma watches over him and lays some knowledge into him.

Ghost 2

Akari enters, but Sonoda just yells at her to leave. Takeru and Onari arrive thanks to the investigative skills of Shibuya and Narita.

Sonoda continues yelling at them until Takeru acknowledges his quote from Edison is correct. Sonoda shows Takeru his Edison collection including the light bulb Edison used in his experiments.

Takeru sees the Ganma and demands to know what he’s making Sonoda do. He tries to get Sonoda to understand, but the scientist doesn’t care and would give up his life to become famous for his experiments.

Hearing this makes Takeru upset. “Life shouldn’t be taken so lightly!”

Sonoda yells at them to leave again and the Ganma decides to help them along.

Ghost 2

Takeru henshins and they take the fight outside to a children’s playground. Takeru protects the kids playing there and goes Musashi to try and defeat the Ganma.

But Yurusen flies in and says that’s not a good idea. And sure enough, Takeru’s two Musashi swords easily attract the electricity coming from the Ganma who easily escapes.

Takeru returns to the lab where Sonoda has disappeared. No worries though because Onari says he can take care of that.

Ghost 2 Ghost 2

Takeru and Akari take a walk. Takeru is sad when he sees a group of high school students having fun and enjoying life. He was just like them only a week ago, but now…

Akari tries to cheer him up and says she’s sure he’ll be able to come back to life.

“Easy for you to say!”

For the first time, Takeru expresses his uncertainty in finding the Eyecons and accomplishing his mission. Akari says she may not believe in ghosts, but she believes in Takeru.

Akari asks him to remember the courage test from when they were kids. Takeru was very cool and brave back then. He even promised to protect her. She teases him and pushes him into the fountain, helping to lighten the mood.

Ghost 2

Back at the temple, Takeru meditates and reaffirms belief in himself.

He diligently trains next morning as Onari says he’s found Sonoda’s location. Akari comes with and they find Sonoda just as he’s completed his so-called transfer device that will put him on the same level as Edison/bring Edison back to life/something.

He switches it on, but turns out the Ganma worked it so the device actually creates a huge Ganma Hole.

Ghost 2

Sonoda says he can’t stop it now once it’s been activated, but Takeru encourages him to not give up. Sonoda’s light bulb shines bright and Yurusen urges Takeru to draw the eye. This is it!

Ghost 2

Takeru henshins, knocks the Ganma out of the way and draws the eye which unleashes hoodEdison from the light bulb.

But the Ganma takes the power and turns into some big bouncy transformer. He jumps out with Akari falling on top of him. Takeru pursues on his bike, but gets knocked off.

Ghost 2

The Ganma drops Akari, but a big pirate ship arrives to catch her and safely set her down on the ground. Yurusen explains that the ship is Captain Ghost and belongs to Takeru.

Yurusen tells Takeru to combine with Captain Ghost to form the Iguana Ghostriker. While the Iguana takes care of the Ganma, Yurusen tells Takeru to plug the Ganma Hole with a huge eyeball.

Ghost 2

Yurusen disappears with Captain Ghost and Takeru finally is able to go Edison to finish off the Ganma for good.

Ghost 2

Aran and the mysterious man are again watching from nearby.

Takeru gives the Eyecon to Sonoda, but he hands it back as token for opening his eyes.

Takeru heads back to the lab looking for Grandpa Sennin, but instead sees an old phone which turns out to be a direct line. Gramps is not interested in talking right now though as he’s busy.

Upstairs, Onari and Akari argue over what happened today. But Takeru comes up and tells them he has decided to become a ghost hunter to help him defeat the Ganma and find the Eyecons.

He asks both Onari and Akari to help him and they agree.

Ghost 2

Episode Thoughts

Omg so loud! lol

Seriously though. Why must everyone be screaming?! It’s really annoying me for some reason. Maybe since it’s the only thing that I don’t really like so far, I’m paying more attention to it.

But I guess the screaming comic relief from Onari and Akari (and any guest character for the week) is being used to balance the possible grim/macabre theme of Takeru being dead.

At the same time though, I absolutely loved the scenes where Takeru is kinda hurt by everyone else being so easy going about life or taking life for granted. Him getting emotional about his present situation and especially Akari actually calming down and being serious for a minute was awesome. If I had to choose, I’d rather have more of that and less of Onari and Akari sight gags. They can do funny without the over the top-ness of all that.

At least Takeru is the normal one which is most important I guess. You of course want the main, title character to be likeable and not annoying.

Good case of the week. Edison seems like a random person to draw power from. (Power? Maybe not so random after all lol) But I guess that’s why I prefer the TVN use of “luminary” over OT’s “hero” translation since Edison isn’t really someone you’d consider a hero in the same sense as a Musashi, but he is a luminary in the sense that he was a great man with a huge contribution to the world. I guess that goes along with one of the themes of the season: shining your light and making your life worthwhile. I guess. =) Good message.

Ghost ships, iguanas and dancing cloaks are all amusing as well.

Overall, a solid episode. Ghost is moving along well so far.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 2 – Shocking! Invention King!

  1. Yep, Onari is still grating to the ear. But i really love the interaction that is starting to shape between Takeru and Akari. It kinda reminds me of the Kouta-Mai relationship and was arguably one of the things lacking in Drive. I hope that she isn’t just the obligatory love interest/sidekick and actually becomes a more significant character later (again, in the same way Mai did).

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