Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 3 – Bullseye! The Arrow of Justice!

A Robin Hood-like person forces their way into a vault of gold bars and receives orders from The Mysterious Man.

Anyway, back at the temple, Takeru remembers the Ganma from last episode mention humans being used to attain a goal. He asks Grampa Sennin what that means, but he just neighs like a horse before implying Robin Hood is the next luminary hero Eyecon.

Ghost 3

Onari calls Takeru upstairs to watch a news report of the Robin Hood character, who calls him/herself Little John, and their “unseen power” which they used to steal money and give to the poor.

The reporter, Shirase Mari, notes this is like a modern day Robin Hood.

Akari explains that the stolen money was from the councilman’s slush fund. Onari believes the “unseen power” is the work of a Ganma and it’s time to bring out the Supernatural Phenomena Investigators (or SPI from now on). Onari even has business cards ready to hand out.

Takeru says he has someone to go talk to while Akari says she will continue researching what Takeru’s father was working on.

Takeru goes to leave, but stops when Shibuya and Narita come in with their first SPI client evah. This is the same man whom The Mysterious Man told Little John to target next.

Onari tells Takeru he’ll take care of this.

Ghost 3

Takeru decides to find the reporter, Mari, and asks her about why she referred to the thief as Robin Hood. He hands her a business card.

Mari explains how the thief left their own business card naming themselves “Little John” who is of course one of Robin Hood’s men. She relates how her father was killed by the rich and powerful right before eyes. Takeru can relate.

So you understand why there’s needs to be this kind of justice, Mari says. Takeru replies that he will pay back his father’s debts, but he’ll do it the right way. She calls him naive.

Ghost 3

Akari is in the lab when an eye symbol suddenly pops up on her computer and the power goes out. The eye on the monolith glows before the lights come back on her computer shows research and data on Shiranui, A method on How to Make a Ghost Visibile.

Ghost 3

Onari is at the client’s home when the alarm sounds. Little John struts her way through the mansion with a Ganma in tow. The Ganma kicks Onari in the butt as Takeru arrives.

Takeru henshins and faces the Ganma, but Little John has already taken a bow and arrow from the art collection.

They take their fight outside and Takeru goes Musashi, but the Ganma manages to get away.

Ghost 3

Back at the lab, Akari is working on the potion from the data and just needs one more ingredient. Grampa Sennin decides to help her out and place exactly what she needs on the table. She adds the ingredient and it explodes in glitter.

But that explosion now allows her to see Gramps, in the flesh!

Grampa Sennin leaves and Takeru arrives to get the good news from Akari.

Onari has been running around in the forest and calls Takeru when he’s found Little John’s hideout. But Little John has found him too! Onari is attacked and the phone hangs up.

Ghost 3

Takeru and Akari have no way to trace Onari’s location. But actually, they can! Yurusen pops up and says they can use the Condor Phone to help them.

Ghost 3

The phone turns into a condor and leads them exactly to where Onari is now tied up.

The Ganma is about to kill Onari, but Takeru and Akari arrive just in time. Condor Phone knocks the Ganma away.

Little John reveals her identity. It’s the reporter Mari. She explains that she tried to do things the right way, but…

Ghost 3

Takeru tires to get her to remember in her original feelings of wanting to fight back, but without this “unseen power” business. The Ganma stays in Mari’s ear until she starts glowing.

Yurusen explains that this light is the influence of the Ganma. The Ganma drive humans to madness until a ghost is summoned in exchange for their life. That’s how the Ganma get Eyecons.

Ghost 3

Yurusen tells Takeru to hurry and get the new Eyecon, but Takeru refuses and says he doesn’t want it if it’s at the expense of someone’s life.

Takeru tries to explain that this isn’t justice, but the work of a Ganma wanting to use her life to get what they want.

Mari shoves him to the floor and her resolve to continue down this path grows stronger. The Ganma is excited, but Takeru doesn’t give up.

He hugs Mari and a few seconds in a white room allows her to snap out of it. The light is gone.

Ghost 3

Akari pulls out her Shiranui contraption and blows the glitter potion to make the Ganma visible. This is the first time Onari and Akari have seen one and now Mari sees what’s been helping her all this time.

Takeru encourages Mari to use her visible journalism power to fight for justice. And her realization lights up the Robin Hood bow and arrow. “Ah! So this is how you do things,” Yurusen comments as Takeru henshins.

Takeru draws the eye over the bow and arrow and the Robin Hood Eyecon appears.

Ghost 3

The Ganma takes the fight with Takeru outside. Takeu goes Edison, but still can’t get the upper hand against the Ganma.

Takeru then goes Robin Hood with Condor Phone forming his bow and arrow. The Ganma seems to have an impenetrable barrier.

Ghost 3

Akari and Onari run behind a tree and watch as Takeru struggles with no help from Yurusen. That’s when Onari notices a crack opens up in the Ganma’s barrier whenever he throws his axe. Takeru exploits that crack and shoots an arrow straight through to take care of the Ganma for good.

A black and blue jacket-wearing person seems to be secretly filming the whole thing.

Ghost 3

Meanwhile, The Mysterious Man and Aran are also watching. The Mysterious Man says this was definitely unexpected, but Aran is losing his patience.

Back at the temple, Takeru compliments Akari for figuring out a way to see the Ganma. Onari bows, wanting to apologize…

But Takeru also thanks Onari for his nice advice earlier.

Onari says Mari has turned herself in and now that they’ve solved the case, the SPI should be getting more cases soon.

In the meantime, Shibuya and Narita come in telling Onari they’ve found the guy he asked them to look into.

Ghost 3

Episode Thoughts

Another solid episode. Everyone’s calmed down and getting right to business which I enjoy much more. It’s good to see both Onari and Akari actually getting their hands dirty and working with Takeru on solving stuff and helping out.

That Robin Hood (Little John?!) character at the beginning was obviously a female. So her identity was pretty obvious early on. Mari’s story was okay overall and it served its purpose in introducing the Eyecon.

They’re burning through the Eyecons pretty fast. So it should be interesting to see what kind of twists and turns are involved moving forward.

And the Ganma’s have a goal?! OMG! Imagine that! A villain group has goals! (Sorry Roidmude Idols. =))

One thought on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 3 – Bullseye! The Arrow of Justice!

  1. MOAR! I need moar!

    Okay, I am realy liking this now. This early, they already seem to be building some bigger mystery about the eyecons and the Ganma (something Drive spectacularly failed in its story). Gramps Sage is obviously hiding something about the true nature of eyecons and Yurusen’s side remarks adds more to that.

    And whatdya know? this early, Takeru dose a bit of a Madoka with that whole “guardian angel of light” bit. So, the”victim of the week” story will explore some moral conflict related to the particular hero/luminary personified in that eyecon. I like it! certainly better than going after random cases, tee hee hee! And the whole “summoning a ghost at the cost of one’s life” angle just adds another interesting twist to the weekly quests.

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