The Amazing Race China 3 Season Wrap-up and Good Ol' Review

Big result spoilers.

As a big Amazing Race fan, I always like to check out the international franchises of the show. (Also since Amazing Race US has been on such a decline in recent years.) Continue reading

The Amazing Race 27 Season Wrap-up


After the failed experiment of season 26, I may have lowered my expectations for The Amazing Race (even more than they already were) going into season 27.

And the show pretty much struggled to meet those already low expectations as the teams Raced through Brazil and Argentina and even Zambia and Zimbabwe. The tasks and Legs were simple, the teams were boring and most of these early episodes focused on a rivalry which didn’t really have any team you particularly wanted to root for.

But then something shocking happened! Around Legs 5 and 6, things started to change. And for the better! Continue reading

The Amazing Race 26 Season Wrap-up


Blind. Bertram and Co. must have been blindfolded when they stuck a bunch of strange ideas onto a wall and threw a dart to see which gimmick they’d use for Season 26 of The Amazing Race.

All-couple, blind dating season it is!

Continue reading

The Amazing Race 25 Season Wrap-up

Maybe the horrific experience of Season 24 is a big reason, but there is no doubt Season 25 is one of the best TAR seasons in the post-TARAS Era and definitely the best, most complete season since TAR17.

Everything came together; a good cast, a solid route, good tasks and good competition. Plus, there weren’t any abhorrent teams who tried to ruin the entire show with their p***-poor attitudes.

Before we have to deal with TAR26’s dumb, unnecessary twist, let’s take a look at what Season 25 has done right and what TARUS should do more of if they are blessed with more Races past TAR26. Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines 2 Season Wrap-up

And season 2 of The Amazing Race Philippines is over! I think most weren’t even sure a season 2 would ever exist. So it was great to hear last December that TV5 had indeed ordered a brand new season.

Let me just say right off the bat before we get to the very long essay below; It is absolutely amazing to have seen The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2. It definitely had its faults, but overall, it was a solid season and it even just existing is something to appreciate.

A big Congratulations to the cast and especially the crew for completing the season. Producing The Amazing Race is definitely a difficult job for anyone, even for creators Bertram Van Munster and Elise Doganieri. Taking on The Amazing Race is a big commitment production-wise, so it is definitely a big accomplishment when a season is completed.

There are definitely many good things to love about this season and unfortunately, many bad things to nitpick as well.

Let’s get it to it! Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines 2 Leg 9 Wrap-up – "Kalingan natin ibigay yung best natin."

Just one hour left! But first, this penultimate Leg.

Overall, it was just okay. I wish it had been a fuller and more exciting penultimate Leg. Not having watched either task at the beautiful Divine Mercy Shrine from Monday, I think the best task of the week had to be the Detour, especially the ostrich side of it.

I’m going to need to see more ostriches on The Amazing Race alongside the camels and donkeys. Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 7 Wrap-Up – "Hindi ako maarte!"

“Hindi ako maarte!”
That quote best exemplifies this Leg. And maybe, these last few Legs really.

The Ilocos, Cebu and now Bohol Legs have been the best TARPH2 Legs so far. And the best episodes as well. Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 6 Wrap-up โ€“ "You should fight all the way to the end."

“You should fight all the way to the end. At the end of the day, competition ito.”

Those were some strong words for RR & Jeck. But I think it was deserved. And that last part can definitely apply to the rest of the teams as well.

The season started out with a huge lack of competition and it seemed like the basic essence of The Amazing RACE was being lost with the way the teams were playing the game.

These last two Legs (Ilocos and Cebu) have really reminded us and the teams what the Race is all about. RR & Jeck’s elimination just highlighted the fact that this is indeed a competition. Which is why their regular defeatist attitude and RR calling everything and everyone “abnormal” was such a disappointment, and sometimes disrespect to the Race, the eliminated teams and those thousands who auditioned for the show. Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 5 Wrap-up – โ€œHindi ako pinanganak para sumuko.โ€

No Pit Stop episode upload, but even without it, I can say that this Ilocos Leg has been the best Leg and week of episodes so far this season.

Everything came together very nicely this Leg; the beautiful locations, the great tasks, actual competition from the teams, fun and drama. That isn’t necessarily something that came regularly in the first 4 Legs. But Ilocos was able to deliver all of that this week. And best of all, teams actually had do things for themselves!!! Woohoo! Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 3 Wrap-up – "Kailangan talaga, effort palagi… Kahit mahirap, 'Go!' lang kami."

So I’m not sure how I can write a complete wrap-up of the Leg considering I didn’t even (or, more accurately, was not able to) watch two and one-thirds of the six episodes of the week.

But there’s definitely still plenty to talk about with the three and two-thirds episodes I was able to watch. Continue reading