Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 37 – Unreasonable Quiz

ToQger 37

Wagon has prepared some intensely delicious bento for the ToQgers today. But Tokatti can’t decide which one he wants. Conductor and Ticket pop up and say if Tokatti can’t even decide on lunch, how is he going to be popular with the girls? Indeed, Mio says, Tokatti is too wishy-washy and indecisive.

Tokatti takes that criticism hard, but Akira calls and interrupts their lunch and sulking to say he’s found another Junction.

ToQger 37

The ToQgers join Akira on the Drill Ressha as they enter the Shadow Line. Right notices Akira is accompanying them today when he normally doesn’t. Akira doesn’t explain as they arrive and disembark.

The ToQgers see this is unfortunately not Subarugahama. Akira says if not, then they should quickly go back. The others of course want to save this town first, but Akira says they can do that later. Subarugahama is most important. The ToQgers don’t understand.

ToQger 37

“But there’s no time…” Before the ToQgers can question Akira’s odd behavior lately, the Overseer of the town arrives. He is Knight and is accompanied by his trusty horse Justaway.

Kagura thinks Justaway is cute. But Right quickly henshins. Hikari reminds Right about the time limit and asks the others for their Resshas. Mio and Kagura hand him theirs and he henshins to join Right in the fight.

Knight is very fast, too fast for Right and Hikari. Right de-henshins as his time expires and Hikari transfers to Pink to save him.

ToQger 37

Tokatti is unsure whether to give his Ressha to Right or to henshin himself. His indecisiveness leaves him out in the open and Akira runs over to knock him out of the way of Knight’s attack.

Knight sends Tokatti and Akira flying off the cliff and hurls Right towards Kagura and Mio.

Hikari transfers to Yellow and uses the Signal Hammer to help them escape.

Over at the Castle, Nero thinks about Zett still not fully absorbing Gritta. Realizing Madame Noire must already know, he wonders what she is plotting. A Kuro comes to whisper that they’ve found Schwarz so Nero refocuses his attention to his original mission.

Right, Kagura, Hikari and Mio are hiding in a playground. Mio brings up how weird Akira has been acting. Hikari has noticed too.

They decide to go out and find Akira and Tokatti first.

Tokatti is by the river when he wakes up. Akira surprises him with his glasses.

Tokatti apologizes for being a bother and a loser for not being able to make quick decisions. Akira agrees that he is wishy washy. Tokatti is resigned to the fact that he is indecisive and can’t make decisions.

Decisions? Akira flashes back to his deal with Schwarz. The condition to retrieve Drill Ressha? Akira must join Schwarz’s army. When it is time, Akira must rush to his side and fight as his right hand man, like before. But if the ToQgers get in the way, there is no choice but to have them as enemies as well.

ToQger 37

Akira struggles to agree with the conditions. Schwarz says he knows Zalam is a man who keeps his word.

Akira tells Tokatti they must leave here and find another Junction. But Tokatti says they cannot just leave this town’s people in trouble. Fine, Akira says. But in exchange, Tokatti must make a promise.

“One day, you guys will need to make a decision. No matter how hard the choice, when the time comes, you must make a decision. Promise me that.”

ToQger 37

Tokatti doesn’t really understand, but if Akira insists, then sure. He holds out his pinky and teaches Akira how to pinky swear.

Meanwhile, back at the Junction, Schwarz is confronted by Nero. They battle.

Right, Mio, Hikari and Kagura are running on their way to find Tokatti and Akira when they find people who are frozen at a fork. They wonder why. That’s when they hear Knight’s voice.

If they choose the left fork, they’ll be bombarded with bombs. If they go right, they will be bombarded with bullets. Which one will they choose?

They can’t decide on either one and Knight says Time’s up. They get doused with water.

Hikari realizes the townspeople couldn’t decide, so they were trapped here resulting in the darkness.

Tokatti and Akira also come to a crossroads. If they go left, they’ll get eaten by a dinosaur. If they go right, they’ll get bitten by snakes.

Akira thinks, no matter how outrageous the choice is, you must still make a decision. Tokatti thinks about dying by dinosaur or by snake, but time’s up so they get doused with water.

It is important to make decisions, Akira says.

Knight arrives. Akira says he’ll handle this while Tokatti goes to look for Right-tachi. Tokatti wants to help Akira, but Akira tells Tokatti to go. Tokatti turns and runs, but he stops.

Schwarz and Nero are still fighting, but Schwarz says they will fight as much as Nero wants when the right time comes.

Knight is still too fast for Akira. His 30 seconds are up and he de-henshins but he transforms quickly to his Shadow form.

ToQger 37

Tokatti is thinking. Making decisions. He turns and starts shooting at Knight who has got Akira on the ground. Tokatti faces off against Knight.

Knight says Tokatti can’t do anything when he can’t even hold a henshin for 30 seconds. That doesn’t matter, Tokatti says. He’s made the decision to stay and fight with Akira-kun.

That’s your decision? Akira asks.
“No,” Tokatti replies. “I just don’t want to sacrifice something for something else. My decision is not to make such a decision.”

Akira understands. Just then, the others come running to join them.

But how? Right says they forced their way through the explosions. They were very hot, Kagura adds.

But Knight scoffs, they still have a time limit. So what, Hikari says. That means they’ll just have to defeat him within 30 seconds.

The ToQgers henshin and attack Knight. But before Knight can speed off with Justaway, the ToQgers each block his path. He jumps down, but Tokatti is there to meet him with a Tokatti Slash.

Tokatti shoots at Knight and pushes him toward a waiting Akira who grabs at Justaway.

ToQger 37

Akira yanks Justaway away from Knight and then sends him to the farm in the sky. Now Knight has lost his speed.

ToQger 37

Right tosses Hyper Ressha to Tokatti and he becomes Hyper ToQ-2gou. The others de-henshn and toss Tokatti Diesel Ressha-tachi to use in the Daikaiten Cannon. Akira places Drill Ressha on and Tokatti delivers a Hyper Drill Ressha finisher towards Knight.

ToQger 37

The town is freed from the Shadow Line and is restored. But Knight has embiggened.

The ToQgers hop into Cho-Cho ToQ Dai-Oh while Tokatti pilots Hyper Ressha Tei-Oh.

ToQger 37

Despite Knight’s attepts to run, the ToQgers catch him and help set-up a Hyper Ressha Tei-Oh Giant Flash finisher.

ToQger 37

The ToQgers walk back to the Resshas when Akira stops them. He bows and apologizes for not trying to save the town initially. Don’t worry about it, Right says. Mio and Kagura smile and are happy Akira seems like he’s back to normal.

Hikari asks Tokatti what he said to Akira to change his mind. “No, I didn’t really say anything,” Tokatti answers.

Akira says he’s off to find another Switch Point Junction. He stops next to Tokatti.

ToQger 37 ToQger 37

“It’s fine for now, but remember to keep your promise,” Akira says his in mind as we walks away.

Tokatti remembers their pinky swear as Akira walks away.

ToQger 37

Meanwhile, Zett tells Gritta that he won’t erase her. Not yet.

Episode Thoughts

OMG. This episode. Will Akira’s place to die actually end up at the hands of the ToQgers!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG. That is totally a Kobayashi thing to do. And I love it! And hate it! lol

I know it’ll be painful and sad and emotional, but damn if it won’t be epicly tragic and amazing.

I mean, I’ve seen OOO and Shinkenger and Go-Busters, so I have a rookie feeling at what Kobayashi might do here, based on this episode. And I will definitely look forward to it. ToQger‘s biggest appeal to me is the emotional connection these guys have with each other, which in turn gives me an emotional connection to them. Just the whole story of wanting to find home and their friendship is just awesome to me and very enjoyable for me to watch.

I see all these “ToQger meh” and “OMGEWEWEW TRAINS” comments about the season, but instead of trying to fiercely (over-)defend the season, I’ll sit here and enjoy what I’m sure will be an emotional train ride to the end. This is the kind of story I want and enjoy the most. It’s hilarious and fun, but there”s plenty of heart and exciting drama and action.

I don’t know if toku fans want just all-out ridiculousness or every year mindblowing Gaim-level torture or just a 1993 nostalgia orgy, but I think ToQger has hit the right targets when it comes to balancing all the elements I look for. And that’s what’s important to me, regardless. =)

How about Justaway?! Fun. And it was great to see them use Disel-tachi on the Daikaiten Cannon!

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