Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 51 (Leg 9, Day 3) – "Let's just enjoy this while we're here."

Back to the big gulo the night before. Matt explains that he didn’t care for the way Jet confronted him and it would’ve been a different story if it didn’t happen the way it did. Especially since outside of the Race, it’s Phoebe that gets “high-blood” most of the time and not Matt.

Derek says despite the “small confrontation,” both teams “decided to stay” in the Race!

And back to the Race… After finishing their respective Detours, teams must head to Cagayan De Oro River where they will hop into a raft to navigate the white water rapids until they are able to grab their next clue which they will find hanging under a bridge downriver.

On the way to the River, Roch & Eji remind their driver not to speed or they’ll get a penalty. Jet & Yna manage to catch up to them and they follow.

Derek is still at the river to give us a live update as Team #8 aka Kelvin & JP arrive first.

They start down the river and are careful to keep an eye out for the clue.

Roch & Eji start down the river next and Roch is excited to check this off her bucket list. Jet & Yna are 3rd and they already made sure not to be afraid since they know this is likely safe.

Kelvin & JP spot a bridge with clues hanging down from it and they both get ready to jump up and grab one, but they don’t.

It is Roch & Eji’s turn, but Eji cannot reach. Jet & Yna arrive and Jet manages to touch the clue as he jumps, but does not grab it.

Teams don’t have to return to the starting line and instead can walk their rafts to a flagged point nearby to reenter the river.

Kelvin & JP go for their 2nd attempt and JP grabs the clue. They leave the rafting site just as Matt & Phoebe arrive. The Dating Couple realize they are last.

Roch & Eji go for their 2nd attempt and Eji helps stabilize Roch who will jump for the clue, but their plan does not work.

Jet & Yna are on their 2nd attempt and neither of them are able to grab the clue. Jet even falls out of the raft. Eji also falls out of the raft on their next attempt.

But Jet finally grabs the clue on their 4th try and Eji on their 5th.

Matt & Phoebe get the clue on their 1st try and they enjoy the rest of the ride down the river even though they know they are last.

Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a solid episode. I’ve been hoping for a white water rafting task on TARPh! Great to finally get one, but I only wish they did this with more than just four teams.

So this was a good task. Even if teams didn’t have to go all the way to the starting line, grabbing the clue itself wasn’t that easy.

Also great opportunity to bring out the drones again! Love those drones.
And wow! Derek gave a live in-Race update this episode like Phil’s been doing this season on TAR25. It was nice. Though Derek referred to Kelvin & JP by their team number instead of their names. lol Made me realize TAR has never referred on-air to the numbers production gives the teams that help track them easier. I wonder if that can be incorporated into future TARs, maybe do random U-Turns and stuff lol

Revisiting the confrontation again at the start of the episode was interesting since we got the added narration from Derek that the teams decided to stay in the Race. So, are we to believe the teams had an opportunity to quit because of that confrontation/altercation?! Interesting.

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