Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 50 (Leg 9, Day 2) – "You gonna get into prison with that attitude."

In the recap for yesterday’s episode, we see Matt & Phoebe were excluded from the other teams at the airport. “We’re not here to make friends,” Phoebe says.

After writing down the Ten Commandments on a tablet, teams must make their way to Madelicious Bakery. Before entering the bakery, teams must stop at the Must Vote board.

Jet & Yna are first and they vote for Matt & Phoebe since they were first last Leg and are a strong team. It is currently 5:31pm and they find the bakery closes at 5:30, so they’ll have to return in the morning at 6am.

Roch & Eji arrive next and also vote for Matt & Phoebe since they are the strongest team. They sign-in at 5:43.

Matt & Phoebe get to the Must Vote board and vote for Jet & Yna since they’ve been campaigning against them since Leg 1. They know it won’t matter though since everyone else will vote for them, but it’s worth a try. They sign-in at 5:55.

Kelvin & JP also vote for Matt & Phoebe.

Teams will spend the night at a nearby hotel. But first, Roch & Eji head to the hospital to treat Eji’s cut he got during the carabao racing challenge last Leg.

Meanwhile, GULO! A fight has broken out at the hotel. Phoebe is asking Matt “Who do you think you are pushing Jet like that?” Matt says he can do what he wants to do.

Yna explains that she knocked on Matt & Phoebe’s door and waved to them. Matt responded with “Don’t wave to me.” Then asks why Jet & Yna voted for them just because they’re first, but they never voted for Roch & Eji. Yna originally thinks it’s all fun and messing around until Matt says “Don’t ever lie to my face. Ang kapal ng mukha mo.”

Matt explains his side of the story and confirms he took issue with Jet & Yna voting for them and being “fake” while Kelvin & JP immediately came over to admit voting for them. Matt says unlike Jet & Yna, Kelvin & JP are “frank.”

Jet explains that he came to his Yna’s defense and told Matt never to talk to his sister that way again. That’s when Matt suddenly got heated and started pushing and shoving Jet until people came to break it up.

Phoebe is upset with the way Matt is acting. She asks if he’d get mad if someone called her a liar like he did to Yna. He says No.

“You gonna get into prison with that attitude. Punching whoever you want.”

Yna is very emotional. “Hindi kami sumali sa Amazing Race para itulak-tulak lang kami.” Never in her life has she encountered something like this.

Phoebe is shocked by Matt’s behavior and she thinks it’s just the pressure of the Race. She apologizes to Jet & Yna.

It’s morning and teams head to the bakery and will enter in the order they arrived last night.

Teams must eat pastels until they find one with a red center.

Jet & Yna start eating and are worried someone’s gonna come in and get the red pastel on their first bite. Roch & Eji join them and Roch is very sensitive to sweet things even though she’s a pastry chef.

Yna feels like throwing up because it is so sweet. Finally after their 8th pastel, they find the red one and receive the next clue revealing the Detour.

In Milk It, teams must milk a cow until they fill a pail up to the marked line.
In Herd It, teams must head to the Philippine Ostrich and Crocodile Farm where they must herd a flock of ostriches into a marked corral to receive their next clue.

Jet & Yna choose Milk It since Yna can’t run.

Matt & Phoebe and Kelvin & JP start eating while Roch struggles to swallow the yema of the pastel. Eji cannot eat another pastel until Roch finishes hers.

And on Kelvin’s first pastel, he finds the red center. He and JP choose Herd It.

Jet & Yna arrive at the cows and it smells. This is their first time milking a cow.

Roch throws up. Matt & Phoebe try to block it out and Phoebe gets it after her 5th. They choose Milk It.

Roch is crying, but thankfully Eji finally finds the red pastel. Roch takes a moment before they leave. They initially choose Milk It, but switch to Herd It since it is closer.

Kelvin & JP arrive at the ostrich farm and try to figure out a good strategy.

Matt & Phoebe and arrive at the cow farm, much to Jet & Yna’s dismay. They feel like Matt & Phoebe kill the mood. And since they think Jet & Yna are only being plastic to them, Jet & Yna will just not talk to them.

Roch & Eji arrive at the ostrich farm and are happy Kelvin & JP are still there.

“Tinatakot ko din sila, syempre, alam mo naman, napakalakas ang boses ko. Ang ingay ko. So dinaan ko sila sa ingay ko.’

Kelvin & JP have all their ostriches into the next pen except one stubborn one. The ostrich finally gets inside and Kelvin & JP are in first.

Jet & Yna fill their pail with milk and they finish the Detour in 2nd.

Roch & Eji finally get their ostriches in to the pen and they are in 3rd.

Matt & Phoebe, for now, are in last.

Episode Thoughts

Yay! It feels great to finally get to watch an episode of TARPh after one week. I do feel a little lost though, it seems like so much went on in the last week. =(

Anyway, this was a very full episode. And that is awesome.

First, what’s with the time-in though? I remember they did that in Cebu, I think it was. What’s the point? Hours of Operation are supposed to bunch teams together. Thankfully the Detour wasn’t as straightforward as it could have been, so that shook up the rankings a little bit.

The pastel eating was what I hoped the puto task was going to be. It was okay here, but it reminds us how there have been too many luck tasks this season just to fill the Legs.

And the Detour itself was great. Milking cows is a TAR staple and it’s about time they did it on TARPh. But that ostrich herding was amazing! Ostriches are much more fun than sheep. Did you see how the ostriches would just skip around and run away and almost charge right at the camera? That was hilarious. And if it weren’t for teams rolling around in mud, I think ostriches would be more insanely fun than catching pigs. Of all the “herding” tasks on TAR ever, I think this might have been my favorite. It would’ve been more awesome though to have more than just 2 teams doing it though.

Speaking of, the tasks are much better now than they were at the start of the Race. And I guess that’s started to get to the teams.

What is it with the end of the Race and overnight stays and big drama? lol I think it was the penultimate or the 11th Leg of season 1 when the whole “house meeting” happened on the beach when everyone called out and ganged up on Sheena & Gee. And now with this overnight rest, we see a random fight between Matt and Jet! (Unless I missed something in the last week.) Crazy!

Now Matt definitely shouldn’t have gotten upset like that, but in a way I agree with him in the sense that the voting strategies this season have been odd. I guess that’s a byproduct of the voting U-Turn/Yield on every Leg, but it really has been weird to see the decision making of some teams going to the Voting Board.

One funny quote, I guess from yesterday’s episode, was Phoebe saying they aren’t here to make friends. THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING ALL THIS TIME!!! lol Especially after Phoebe said herself earlier in the Race that she wants to make friends so they can do well on the Race.

What happened to the big alliance? 😉

But I wish we had more of this during the Race in the earlier Legs. No no, not physical altercations. Seeing teams be very competitive instead of playing nice.

Episode Quotes

Jet: “Baka sipain tayo sa mukha.”

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